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    Spider Solitaire: The 5 Best Sites to Play

    Spider Solitaire: The 5 Best Sites to Play

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 2, 2022 | Technology |

    If you are Gen Z (1995 – 2015) it is very likely that you played Spider Solitaire on your computer or at the school you attended. Unfortunately, for some youngsters Spider Solitaire can be considered a “cringe” game, but they don't know how fun this game can be. In this post you will know the rules of Spider Solitaire, indications of websites and applications for you to enjoy the game, some strategies to win the game, benefits of venturing into this card game and some cool curiosities.

    Before starting your game, it is important to understand the rules of the game, which by the way, are very simple. So next, see how to play Spider Solitaire.

    Spider Solitaire Rules

    Spider Solitaire is played with two decks, with a total of 104 cards, it is not played with jokers. Players aim to put together all four organized suits from King (K) to Ace (A), when the sequence is completed it is removed from the table and sent to the foundation. Therefore, the game ends when all the cards leave the table.

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    About the structure of the game, the table is composed of three areas, they are: reserve cards or deck, the foundations and the piles (also known as columns).

    So, at the beginning of the game, the cards are distributed in 10 piles on the table, from left to right, the first four piles have six cards in each one and the remaining piles have five, which gives a total of 54 cards. Remembering that all cards must be face down, with the exception of the last ones in each of the piles, that is, they are visible to the player.

    In the reserve deck are all 50 cards that are not placed in the columns. So, with the cards that are on the table, it is not possible to make sequences, the player can ask for cards in the deck, so 10 cards will be added to the table, one in each column. An initial tip is to be careful when asking for new cards, as they can block the sequences that were already in the columns. You will be able to check out some strategies later on.

    Foundations are the spaces that start empty for the player to send completed sequences there. When the game starts, players can only move the visible cards in each column. To access the cards that are face down, you need to move the visible cards creating sequences in the columns.

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    Straights can only be made in a descending order (from King to Ace). This means that you can put a 2 on top of a 3, but not the other way around. It is also allowed to move sequences between piles, for example, let's say you already have the 2 and 3 sequence so both cards can be moved to be placed on top of a 4. After completing all sequences using the cards from the piles and the deck, the game ends.

    It is worth mentioning that the table structure is always the same, regardless of the type of game that the person is playing. Therefore, it is possible to play Spider Solitaire with one, two and four suit cards. Keep in mind that the more suits you put into play, the more difficult the game will be, since moving the cards between the piles is more complicated and they have certain blocks.

    So, in games that contain cards with more than one suit, players need to keep making descending straights, but in this case, those straights can have more than one suit. However, it is not allowed to shift mixed sequences, whether complete or still under construction.

    For example, the player can move a sequence of 6, 5 and 4 of hearts, but if the sequence is a 6 of hearts, 5 of clubs and 4 of hearts it is not allowed to move the sequence.

    In short, with practice you will get the hang of it, understanding the rules is very easy, the challenge is to assemble the sequences. So, if you want to start playing or have fun with Spider Solitaire again, check out the best sites and apps for you to play with this game.

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    The best apps to play Spider Solitaire

    The Spider Solitaire apps are very similar to each other, basically the only changes are the visuals of the cards and table background, and also the soundtrack. So, for you to enjoy the game, your choice of application will depend on which platform you want to play, whether on a website, on Windows or on your cell phone. That said, check out the best apps to play Spider Solitaire for free

    Spider Solitaire (PC)

    The list opens with the most classic Spider Solitaire of all, the PC version, which is the same as it was for Windows before it stopped being native to the system. To enjoy this application, you need to download it to your desktop from the Microsoft Store. The app is lightweight, weighs just over 200 MB and runs on virtually any PC.

    After downloading and installing the application, players will be able to choose the game modes with one, two or four suits. In addition, it is also possible to follow the statistics of the matches and the record. It is also worth mentioning the beautiful look of the cards and the soundtrack.

    Photo: publicity/Random Salad Games LLC

    Now, if you don't want to download anything, don't choose the type of game, you just want to sit down and play, Paciê has these features. That way, as soon as you open the site, the match starts automatically.

    Despite the practicality, you can still track some statistics, and by clicking on “options” you can choose whether you want to play at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. A tip: if you want to go back to a move you made, just give the command CTRL + Z on your keyboard. In addition, the site has other free games such as FreeCell, Mahjong and Minesweeper.

    Spider Solitaire 365

    Another online option for the Spider Solitaire game is on the Solitarie 365 website. The page's look is very beautiful, the card finishes are also interesting and, most importantly, the page is light, it doesn't require much from your browser, thus guaranteeing the security of the your departure.

    Here you can also choose the game's difficulty, card designs, both front and back, with dozens of combinations. Another positive point is that in addition to Spider, you can play the version of the game with the classic rules (Solitaire) and the Tripeaks mode. If you don't know how to play these modalities, just go down the screen and the rules will appear.

    Spider Solitaire (Magma)

    Moving away from desktops, you can also play Spider Solitaire on your mobile device. Magma's application is very simple, which attracts attention from the beginner to the most experienced player. In addition, the app is lightweight, weighs less than 6M and runs on all mobile devices (from Android 2.1 onwards).

    It is worth mentioning that the application already has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, and receives a score of 4,7 in more than 314 thousand reviews. The app is available for Android and IOS.

    Photo: publicity/Magma Mobile

    Spider Solitaire

    And to close the list, the recommendation is for one more application for mobile phones, but this one is only available for Android. In any case, this app is also highly rated in the app store and already has more than 10 million downloads. One advantage is that it still continues to be updated, unlike the Magma app, which has not received any news since 2022.

    Photo: publicity/Spider Solitaire Card Games

    Regardless of the choice you make, the important thing is to have fun and challenge yourself, especially if you are a competitive person and don't like to lose. With that in mind, here are some strategies that will help you win matches.

    Strategies to succeed in Spider Solitaire

    There is no recipe that will give you easy victories on a platter, even because if it had that, the game would lose its fun, right? But there are some “tricks” that can help you during your game. So, here are some tips that will make your path to victory less complicated.

    The first step to do well is to start the game at the beginner, don't try to venture straight into the intermediate level, let alone the advanced. That way, only when you're well acquainted with the game, winning with some ease, then it's time to take the next difficulty step by going to the intermediate level (with two suits)

    Already inside the game, initially, for you to make your sequences right at the beginning of the game, a good Spider Solitaire strategy is to make the sequences as much as possible with one suit at a time. However, don't forget the general structure of the table and the way it is designed.

    In Spider Solitaire you have to play Doctor Strange trying to see the future, but calm down, you don't have to mess up reality to win a game of Solitaire. This means that it is important to think about future plays and not just the current table, as a move may even seem wrong at the moment, but this can bring greater amounts of play possibilities with the cards that will come from the deck or piles. In other words, also think about the moves to come, not just the ones that are happening right now.

    In some circumstances, shuffling the suits can be a way to free up relevant cards that will make it possible to make or add other sequences and evolve in the game. For this, a good alternative is to bet on the cards that are in the piles, especially the ones you already know the suits.

    And another very important point is to release a column as soon as possible, leaving it there to be able to use this space as support during the game. Remembering, the more columns you release, the better it will be, since these places can be occupied by any card, which makes it a great alternative to organize your sequences.

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    The strategy mentioned is good, but you also need to know how to use these empty spaces wisely, only use this place quickly, the goal is always to leave the empty space free, and only use it when it is really necessary, becoming a kind of support . So, if you leave a card in this place that you won't use in the next 2 or 3 moves, you're closing the space and not taking advantage.

    The game doesn't take the name of Solitaire for nothing, it's really bad when you need a card to end a streak or open up more game possibilities, and it doesn't appear at all. One way to circumvent this situation is by valuing the Kings. That's because those right ones are the most complex in Spider Solitaire.

    These were just some basic strategies, over time you'll develop your own ways to get along and win the fastest matches possible. In addition to fun, did you know that playing solitaire also brings some benefits to players' lives? Check out some advantages of playing this game.

    Why play Solitaire?

    If none of your friends, acquaintances, family members or anyone else for that matter doesn't have time to talk, interact with you, Solitaire practitioners can have fun on their own. The simple rules of the game, plus the high challenge create a scenario where the player can temporarily disconnect from mundane matters and focus only on making sequences of cards. Seriously, the game really makes you just focus on it.

    In addition, with Solitaire it is possible to improve memory, although it is not a requirement to have a good memory to win matches. The memory enhancement issue is due to players being able to unconsciously memorize the colors, suits and numbers of cards and even the sequences that are in the deck after asking to use it once.

    The players' psychological level also increases, since it is necessary to analyze the cards that are on the table and to have to consider some aspects such as suits and numbers. Therefore, analysis and observation makes it possible to identify the cards that are in the piles and deck.

    When this whole process is repeated several times, the player will be improving his mental skills and more and more the operation of analysis and observation will become natural, increasing the speed at which the games are concluded.

    And despite the game being played individually, there is a lot of competitiveness for the player to finish the matches, and when he finishes, he will want to complete it faster and with the least amount of moves.

    So, seeing the evolution in time and in the movements used to complete the matches will be something good and motivating to make you improve as much as I could. Having understood the advantages of playing this cool game, now see, below, some cool facts about Spider Solitaire.


    Did you know that Spider Solitaire is just a modality derived from a larger group of games called Solitaire? This is Solitaire's most famous game mode, but the other games are also worth checking out. That said, here are some curiosities of this great card game:

    • Historians cannot say exactly what the origin of Solitaire is, but they say that this game began to be played with the people of the Germanic region or with the Scandinavians, in Europe. Despite this, the popularity of the game took place in France, in the XNUMXth century.
    • Spider Solitaire appeared for the first time in 1947, but this game mode only gained greater notoriety only in 1998, when it was included in the native games of the Windows operating system.
    • As of Windows 8, the game is no longer automatically installed on the system.
    • Napoleon Bonaparte constantly played the game of Solitaire. Because of this, there is a version of the game in honor of him.

    Now that you're in Spider Solitaire, take some time to practice and have fun, in a few games you'll be immersed in the game and you'll always want to beat your own records. And if you are a fan of card games, you can also take a look at this post that we talk about online poker, who knows if you are interested in other card games. I'll go ahead, if you don't know how to play, don't worry, it's easier than you can imagine.

    And, finally, if you start to like the game or have started playing again, tell a friend, try to challenge him to see who completes the games faster and with the fewest moves used. If you do, you will increase the level of competitiveness, fun and lifespan using this game.

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