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    Page not found: the feeling of being off Facebook

    Page not found: the feeling of being off Facebook

    by Camila Porto | Apr 2, 2022 | Facebook | two

    Today's text is an account, in a tone of despair, of a person who uses Facebook for work. On March 30th, around 21pm, while working on Facebook, I received a message that said:


    You may have noticed that you’re no longer an admin of one of the Facebook Pages you used to manage. The Page was claimed by someone who proved that they’re authorized to represent it.

    To find out which Pages you still admin, go to:

    The Facebook team”

    As soon as I read the message my heart skipped a beat. I tried to access my blog and company page on Facebook ( Unsuccessfully. Page not found. I immediately asked my friends on Facebook and groups I belong to for help. I use Facebook, together with the blog, as centralizers of my services, where I sell the Facebook Course for Companies, including. I can't be without Facebook.

    It didn't take long for messages of support, strength, and possible solutions to begin to appear. But, nothing from my page comes back. I went to the Known Issues page, where there are several links to contact forms on Facebook. I sent everyone I thought was compatible with my situation.

    more pages out

    The first hypothesis for the disappearance was the theft of my password. I immediately changed all passwords on all my accounts. But in a desperate search for information, I eventually discovered that more pages were missing. One of them, that of MidiaBoom, one of the best communication and internet blogs in our country. Bruno de Souza's page was also having problems. The page was still active, but it wasn't shown to anyone except Bruno. But at least she jumped from 4 to 9 fans. Good news, at least.


    Together with Bruno we started to speculate on the possible causes of the disappearance of the pages. The first hypothesis was that with the migration of pages to the Timeline format, Facebook got lost and deleted some pages. More people later came forward saying they were in trouble. The second is that the .com/teúdo and Bruno fan page changed to timeline on the launch day, February 29th. However, none of this is concrete.

    Start from scratch?

    One of the things I thought about was starting a new page. But, I'll wait for Facebook to solve my problem. That's why this post was written with this request. Help me recover my page! Almost 3 thousand people were there, interacting, communicating, learning and teaching.

    Can you imagine if this happens to your company, which you spent to customize it, ads, content and, out of nowhere, everything disappears?

    If anyone has a solution, I would be very grateful.

    Here's the clarification for those who tried to access the page over the weekend to follow the publications or sign up for the course. Let's go!

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