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    Secret friend online: the 10 best sites to make yours

    Secret friend online: the 10 best sites to make yours

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 29, 2022 | News |

    Carry out the draw secret friend online can bring more practicality to the participants of the game. With that in mind, we’ve listed some websites and apps that are capable of virtually simplifying this process.

    Traditionally, when deciding to make the secret friend (or hidden friend), all the names of the participants were manually written on a sheet and then cut and folded one by one. Then all the papers were passed from person to person so that each one took a name, which would be her secret friend.

    But times are different and technology is embedded in absolutely everything in our lives. Today, the internet allows the secret friend online and the draws can be done anywhere, without the need for everyone to meet in person.

    Find out below where you can make a secret friend draw online, together with your group, so that everything is kept secret so that no participant finds out who took who.

    Virtual Secret Friend: the best sites

    1. Secret Friend Giveaway

    The first site on the list is Sorteio Amigo Secreto. Its use is very intuitive, when accessing the site we come across two options, the first to create the new draw and the second to check who your secret friend is.

    By clicking on “Create New Sweepstakes” you are asked to create an account on the platform. You can login with your Facebook account or create directly on the website. Just enter your email and create a password.

    To carry out the draw, you must first enter the name of your draw. Then, enter the names of the members and their respective e-mails, as illustrated below.

    You also have the option of adding participants to a group, where they will not be able to introduce themselves to each other. Finally, comes the draw. Each one will be able to access the site and check who has drawn.

    It is also possible to set the event date and set a value for gifts. You can also send an anonymous letter to your winner to find out what they want as a gift.

    2. Secret Friend

    To make the draw on the Amigo Secreto website, you must create an account on the platform and then inform the name of the participants and form your group of the game.

    If you happen to have a disagreement with someone in the group and you don't want to take the risk of removing that person, or if you really want to remove someone in particular, you have the option of referring to the site and paying a fee of R$19 to to be taken into account.

    To nominate one of the three most beloved people, the platform charges BRL 29. Now, to choose the exact person you want to take, it is necessary to pay a fee of BRL 49.

    Each participant can make a wish list and everyone can enter into an agreement and set the minimum value of the gift.

    3. Access

    Through the Acessa website, you can perform the secret friend online. Just go to the website and create the group. The other participants access it in the same way, with a link they receive by email.

    4. Gifwe

    Gifwe is extremely simple to use, to make a giveaway just access the website, create your account, create the giveaway, add your guests and that's it!

    Each one can suggest what they want to receive as a gift and there is also a suggestion of gift values, to have more equality and everyone receives quality gifts.

    A differential of Gifwe is the fact that it allows someone responsible to participate in the place of children, the elderly or even pets, so that they do not need to register.

    5. Go Raffle

    SorteioGo allows a raffle in which you do not need to make any type of registration on the site, just enter the name and e-mail of each participant.

    After carrying out the online secret friend draw, each member of the group will receive the name of their secret friend by email.

    On the site it is also possible to draw numbers and draw names. Click here to access it.

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    Virtual Secret Amigo: the best apps

    1. Secret Friend Online

    With the Amigo Secreto Online app, you can enter the names of the people who will participate and make the selection of names. Then just forward the secret tickets so that the person can see who they took.

    The app is only available for devices that use the Android system. Your download is free.

    2. Little paper

    With the Papelzinho app, only the person responsible for the draw needs to download it. She will have to insert a list with the names and e-mails of each one of the participants, where everyone will receive the result of the draw by e-mail.

    You can program the event date and time in the app. If you want to be the organizer of more than one group, the app allows you to buy infinite groups for a fee of BRL 3,90.

    The app is available for Android and iPhone users.

    3. Secret Friend 22

    The Amigo Secreto app follows the same pattern as the apps presented above, one person is responsible for creating a group and adding participants.

    Each participant will receive the person who selected the lottery by e-mail. The platform offers a paid version that costs R$ 16,90, which allows the person to reduce the chances of someone taking a specific person.

    The app is available for Android and iOS.

    4. Secret Friend App

    The Amigo Secreto App is only available on the App Store To make a secret friend draw online for it, just add a list of users and the platform takes care of sending an email to each one with their drawn friend.

    The app allows you to add the location, date and value of the gift. All information entered will be sent to participants, along with the name of the winners.

    5. Dedoman Secret Friend

    With a different and fun interface, the app has a character that performs the draws based on the registered names and sends to each participant who he took.

    It is only available for Android.

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