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    Anime Online: Where to watch the best productions

    Anime Online: Where to watch the best productions

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 15, 2022 | Technology |

    Speak otaku, ready to know which animes you need to watch? So, settle down and discover the best Japanese animations, those that cannot be missing from your list of watched anime. In addition, sites to watch anime online and some pages to follow news from the otaku world will be indicated.

    So, this post will be divided into three stages, which are as follows: sites to watch anime online, portals specializing in anime-only news so you can always stay on top of situations that happen in the otaku world and, of course, anime indications .

    Platforms to watch anime online

    All the streaming platforms that will be indicated are paid, but it is possible to do the free trial for a few days, which helps to decide whether or not it is worth subscribing to the premium package. So, look at good sites that offer you a vast catalog for you to watch anime online.


    Crunchyroll is one of the streaming platforms that has the most anime licenses. This fact makes its catalog gigantic, bringing classic, newer and even newer anime to fans. However, the license market has undergone a major change.

    In August 2022, the platform was purchased by Funimation, a company in the same industry and owned by Sony. Thus, Sony became the owner of both platforms. Crunchyroll held 34,75% of anime licenses in the west, while Funimation had 50,85%, with the sale of Crunchyroll, Funimation (Sony) came to dominate the market in the west with over 85% of anime licenses . You can check the chart below for better understanding.

    Anime Online: Where to watch the best productions

    Photo: reproduction/AniChart

    It is not yet known what the changes will be (if there will be any change for consumers), but while this subject is still a field of doubt, you can take advantage of Crunchyroll's services, including anime dubbed in Portuguese.

    Therefore, you can use the platform to watch your favorite anime for free, but ads will appear during the episodes. If you want to circumvent this, you need to buy a Premium Plan, which are separated into three packages: Fan, Mega fan and Mega fan (annual) that receive some more benefits. A 14-day free trial of paid plans is allowed

    The platform can be accessed on the web version, desktop, Android, iOS and consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series S/X).


    Netflix is ​​not just a series platform, on the contrary, streaming already has a catalog with a nice amount of anime. In this way, in addition to purchasing licenses for works, the company also produces its own animations and obtains the exclusivity of broadcasting some anime.

    It is worth noting that Netflix's anime catalog is not as large as Crunchyroll's, but it still has very popular works, such as Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, among many others. .

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    So, if you want to watch anime that are on Netflix, you can access the platform via the web, through the app available for Android, iOS, desktop, and video games from Sony and Microsoft.

    Amazon Prime Video

    And to finish this list, you can watch anime on Amazon Prime Video, streaming with the lowest financial cost among the listed platforms. Although it still hasn't managed to reach the same level of popularity in terms of Japanese works as its competitors, Amazon is also constantly investing to try to reach the otaku audience.

    In this way, the platform already has some very interesting works in its catalog, including Dororo, Vinland Saga, InuYasha Hunter x Hunter (2011), among others. The expectation is that over time, streaming will devote even more attention to Japanese animations. It is worth mentioning that you can test the service for 30 days for free.

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    You can access the platform on the web, on your Smart TV, on the desktop, on mobile devices with Android or IOS system, and also in video games.

    Now that you know where you can watch your favorite anime and even discover new works, it's time to stay up to date with the news from the otaku world. So, see the best sites specialized in addressing only topics that involve anime.

    Sites to follow the anime market

    If you are already a card-carrying anime fan or are just entering this world, it is important that you stay tuned with the news that comes out daily in the otaku community. So you can stay on top of the launch of new seasons, create expectations for new titles, in addition to being able to interact with people who have a similar taste to yours in the comments of the posts or on social networks. In this way, check out websites that will help you with all the aforementioned aspects.

    Intoxic Anime

    In Intoxi Anime you will find news of new season releases of the works, speculations, ranking of the highest number of sales of manga and light novels, subjects related to mangaka and even indications of product promotions that are related to the otaku world.

    You can still find full anime reviews and also episode by episode. But as a tip, one of the coolest services that the site offers to internet users is the Season Guide, where all the animes that will be released throughout the year are shown.

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    Therefore, you can see the Season Guide in writing on the website and also on Youtube, with the channel that has more than 1,2 million subscribers.

    Anime Online: Where to watch the best productions

    United anime

    Anime United also follows a similar line to the aforementioned site. But in this case, a little attention is devoted to Japanese game news, dramas and music. In addition, it is possible to see several top 10 and participate in polls.

    On the site you can still listen to the podcast that has been around for five years, with more than 530 episodes. But if you don't like podcasts, you can follow their YouTube channel, which has 537 subscribers.

    Anime Online: Where to watch the best productions

    Anime xis

    To finish the list of this topic, the indication is the site Anime Xis. In it you will always find news posted quickly and very succinctly. A nice point is that the page has an events-only tab, where only events involving people and activities in the real world are reported, for example, facts that brought the otaku world together with the 2022 Olympics held in Tokyo.

    In addition to the news, you can still follow the reviews of some animes, see the gallery of incredible cosplays, pop culture events held in our country and around the world, even the release of beautiful action-figures.

    Anime Online: Where to watch the best productions

    You've just seen how to keep up with the latest happenings in the otaku community. Below you will be able to see the best animes that you need to watch, they are the essential ones that every fan of Japanese animations needs to watch, no matter how old they are.

    Anime recommendations you need to watch

    It is important to make it clear that the indicated anime will vary from the most classic to the newest, the only criterion is the work being good. Also, the list is not a ranking, but the first three indications are the animes you need to start as soon as possible, you've already lost a lot of time without following these masterpieces. That said, get to know the best Japanese animations that cannot be left out of your list of watched anime.

    One Piece

    We open the list with the anime of the “boy who stretches”, a work better known as One Piece. You who have never watched it must be thinking: “this anime is very big”, yes, it is, and how good it is, the crowd is that it lasts at least 10 more years of production. In 2022 this anime will pass the 1000th episode, and it's amazing even with so much time televised the story manages to renew itself, nothing is dragged, the curiosity of the fans only increases with each chapter.

    The story is so incredible that it would be impossible to list all the scenes that are marked in the history of each fan. For you to have an idea, it is possible to get very emotional with a boat, believe me, but calm down, at no point in this post will there be spoilers. Stop everything you're watching and start watching One Piece, even if it takes years to catch up to the weekly episodes.

    Synopsis: The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who has always lived on a small island, and at the age of 17 sets out on a journey with the aim of becoming the Pirate King. Unlike most pirates in this world, Luffy has a kind and companionable personality, and seeks to venture into the most diverse situations. He sets out on his journey alone, but with all his charisma he manages to find good companions who will go to the Grand Line, the most dangerous area in the world. So, Luffy and his crew face powerful opponents in search of One Piece, the most desired treasure.

    Genre: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

    Dragon Ball

    For many Dragon Ball is the best anime of all time, which marked generations when it was televised on Brazilian broadcasters. It's a shame that nowadays not all children can follow the adventures of Goku and the Z Fighters on television.

    However, the episodes are available on streaming platforms. It is also worth mentioning that Dragon Ball GT is very worth watching, which despite not being iconic, is as good as the Z saga.

    Synopsis (from the Z saga): Earth begins to be threatened once again when Raditz, a strong warrior, arrives on Earth and says that Goku was sent to this planet to become a conqueror. Goku doesn't believe it and so begins the arc of the Saiyans. As the story progresses, more and more powerful villains appear, but Goku, Vegeta and all the other Z Fighters fight to protect the land from enemies.

    Genre: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts


    This is another work that became very popular in our country, it was common for teenagers to have lunch watching this anime or run out after school just to be able to follow.

    And just like these real teenagers, Naruto also grew over time. We met him as a child, then as a teenager, and now we're seeing him as an adult, even having children. Well, the important thing is to watch the classic and Shippuden, Boruto is in the background.

    Synopsis: Naruto was born an orphan, throughout his childhood and most of his adolescence he found himself isolated from the people of the village because he suffered great prejudice. All of his initial problems are due to him having a demon sealed in his body. So it was the Hokage, the village leader, who imprisoned this creature in the boy when he was still a baby. Despite all the traumas he has suffered, he has always dreamed of becoming the Hokage and throughout history he goes in search of achieving that goal.

    Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

    The Knights of the Zodiac

    If you've watched Knights of the Zodiac, what's your favorite bronze knight? And why is Virgo Shaka your favorite of the Gold Saints? Now, if you haven't watched it, you're wasting your time, it's a cool anime, full of fights, amazing characters.

    Thus, in addition to the classic saga, it is also worth watching Lost Canvas and Soul of Gold. The omega is not worth it, just keep the image of the good bows of the Knights of the Zodiac from the most popular sagas.

    Synopsis (1st arc): Since mythological times, Athena and her 88 Knights have fought for the Goddess in order to preserve peace on Earth. The story of the classic saga takes place in modern times, when the new Athena is reincarnated in a girl named Saori Kido. And with her appears the new Bronze Saints: Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki. The group must prepare for an upcoming holy battle.

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy


    Unlike the other animes mentioned so far, Bleach has never been successful in our country more broadly, the work is best known only in the otaku community. So, if you enjoy anime in the same style as the works already mentioned, have no doubt that you will also love Bleach, maybe even more than the other animations.

    It is important to highlight the quality of the characters, without a doubt this is the highest point of the work. That way, get ready to meet heroes and villains that will stay etched in your memory for the rest of your life. Just to give you an idea, there's a certain group that is just as amazing as Akatuski.

    Synopsis: the protagonist of this work is Ichigo, a young man who has always possessed a strange power to see spirits. And one night while she was in her room, a woman wearing a black kimono appeared at the window out of nowhere, and she is surprised to know that Ichigo can see her. She says she's a shinigami, and while explaining the whole situation, a monster attacks them both, and the shinigami ends up getting seriously injured. The only way to defeat the creature was for Ichigo to also become a shinigami, and for that it was necessary for him to take half of its power, but he ended up absorbing it all. That was the starting point of great fights, adventures in Ichigo's life.

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Shounen

    Black Clover

    Black Clover is another Shounen anime that mixes Naruto, with Bleach and Zatch Bell, but without losing its own identification. And like any work of this genre, you can expect a lot of fights, intense battles against villains, training, powers and overcoming your own limits.

    In addition, the anime has 170 episodes, and there is still no forecast for a new season, but if you want to continue to follow the story, you can go to the manga, it is very worth it.

    Synopsis: In the world of Black Clover, the use of magic is everything, and those who can't use it right are treated perversely. In this way, the story follows the protagonist Asta, who was abandoned as a baby along with another boy, Yuno. While Yuno was born with great magical abilities, Asta is the only individual in the world without possessing an iota of magic.

    And upon turning 15, people are entitled to a grimoire, an item that increases the powers of mages. Asta gains a rare grimoire, with the ability to repel opponents' spells. And with that, through friendship and rivalry, Asta and Yuno set out on an adventure and set their sights on becoming the Sorcerers King, the most respected warrior in the country.

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Shounen

    Attack on Titan

    When this anime burst, in 2013, it was a true phenomenon, it even managed to surpass the number of manga sales of One Piece, something that seemed impossible. Only with this information can you get an idea of ​​how good this work is. Ah, this is the typical anime where a secondary character is cooler than the protagonist, but not that the main character is bad, it's just that the other one is very good.

    The story has a more adult feel, involving political problems between nations, betrayals, surprises, each bombastic revelation. Of course, besides having a lot of amazing fights. It is also worth highlighting the traits of the animations of the first seasons. The anime is not big, it only has 76 episodes, and the season that will end the story will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

    Synopsis: The story follows the life of Eren Jaeger, a young man who hates the Titans, who swore to defeat them all, but in a battle ended up transforming into what he despises most, a Titan. With the new powers thanks to the transformation, he battles for the freedom of the people, fighting the monsters that invade his city. Along with other warriors, they will tear apart any Titans or humans who cause trouble in their home.

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Shounen, Politics

    boku no hero

    Boku no Hero is a work that became famous in the Brazilian otaku community soon with the manga, it didn't even need the anime. This is something not so common to happen in our country, the most normal scenario is the anime bursts and then people go to the manga. Of course, after the anime was released its popularity soared, even gaining video games.

    That way, you can expect a story with deep characters, it's not just that plot of villains vs. heroes, there are many events that will leave you with your jaw dropped, you'll be angry, happy, scared, hope that everything works out, even if the scenario seems impossible. If you want a non-cliché work, Boku no Hero is ideal for your taste.

    Synopsis: Boku no Hero tells the story of how Izuku Midoriya became the world's greatest hero. But at the beginning of his life, Midoriya dreamed of being a hero, but he was born without any power. In a world where 80% of people have some kind of ability, Midoriya was unlucky to be born as an ordinary individual. However, due to some events he managed to overcome this obstacle to go after his biggest dream.

    Genre: Action, Science Fantasy, Comedy Drama, Superhero

    Sword Art Online

    Couldn't miss an isekai on the list, could it? Perhaps Sword Art Online, also known as SAO, is the most popular work of its kind. But it's no wonder, with a captivating story, excellent characters, a great protagonist, the result couldn't be different from success.

    All three seasons are wonderful, but especially the first half of season 1 and the entire SAO Alicization saga are to be cherished. It is also worth remembering that the film is very good. In addition to the main sagas, Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online is a spin-off of the work that is worth your attention, despite not having Kirito.

    Synopsis (1st season): a company released a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online, in which gamers control their characters with their own bodies using equipment that was named Nerve Gear.

    On launch day, where thousands of players were on the servers, they found that they couldn't leave the game, as the developer decided to keep everyone trapped until someone reaches the 100th floor of the final tower and defeats the last boss. Remembering that they couldn't take the equipment off or they would die in real life. It is in this setting that Kirito's adventures begin.

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Isekai

    one punch man

    And to end the list we have One Punch Man. If you are looking for an anime very different from the normal, this work is perfect for you. Even more if you like comedy stories and nonsense things.

    That way, you can take the name of the work to the letter, really the villains (mostly) are defeated with a single punch from the main character. But don't think it's something poorly constructed, everything has a purpose, the story is well embedded. So get ready to laugh a lot at the scenes and, especially, at Saitama's faces.

    Synopsis: The story has as its protagonist Saitama, a super powerful hero who decided to fight crime just for fun, but ended up getting frustrated that no one could take more than a punch from him. In this way, he is able to decimate all opponents easily, and he goes after one goal: to find an opponent who is worthy of him.

    Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Parody, Superhero

    In this post you have checked out several different subjects to watch anime online from the otaku world, may some recommendation be useful to you. That way, don't stop watching anime just because of the size, when you reach the weekly you'll want it to have more episodes, and you'll realize how a week can be very long waiting for a new chapter.

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