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    Read QR Code on Android: 7 Best Apps to Download

    Read QR Code on Android: 7 Best Apps to Download

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 9, 2022 | Technology |

    Have a cell phone that can QR Code has become increasingly necessary, as this type of code is increasingly present on TV, brochures, pamphlets, restaurant menus, official documents and many other places. 

    If you don't know what it is, the QR Code is a two-dimensional parametric or bar code that is scanned by most phones to forward the user to a website or social network, in addition to several other functions, such as, for example, the to validate documents.

    This happens because after the phone reads QR Code, it is transformed into text, URL address, location, email, phone number or whatever it has been programmed for.

    It is widely used to facilitate access to certain places on the internet or, depending on how it is used, to increase security and confirm the user's identity. 

    As you can come across one at any time and as not all cameras on all cell phones have the ability to read this code, we have separated some applications to read QR Code. They are especially for the users of Android OS devices. Check it out below:

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    Ler QR code online no Android

    1. Barcode Scanner

    Available on the Play Store, Barcode Scanner stands out for its simple interface.

    In addition to the ability to read QR Code, the application also allows the user to read barcodes and Data Matrix. 

    You can also get a lot of information about objects through the code, like price, URL and many others. In addition to reading QR Code, Barcode allows the user to create their own code with their personal data. 

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    2. QR Code Reader

    In addition to the functionality of reading QR Code, QR Code Reader also has the ability to read barcodes, texts, pay bills and make purchases.

    It has a flashlight that guarantees the reading of codes even in the dark and does not require internet access.

    Furthermore, users can also create folders to save codes that have already been read by the app, organized by date and time, which is a great way to ensure security.

    You can download the reader for free from the Play Store.

    3. QR Droid Code Scanner

    In addition to reading QR Code, this application can also read barcodes and Data Matrix with “Quick Response” technology. But it doesn't end there. Users can create their own codes with location information, Waze position, email address, phone number and much more.

    After finishing reading, the user can choose between being forwarded directly to the code or viewing it as a gadget and even previewing the page.

    All codes that are read are still stored in the history in case you need them in the future. QR Droid is available for free on the Play Store.

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    4. QR Reader for Android

    Available on the Play Store, QR Reader for Android has the ability to read QR Code, in addition to other functions.

    Users can create their own codes as they see fit, as well as read links to the internet and even texts. To read the codes, just position the camera and click on the code. 

    With this, you will have the option to be forwarded to the code page or save to your favorites.

    Another thing you can do is share the code directly with your contacts on your smartphone apps and on social networks, in addition to entering a name in the QR Code and/or putting or deleting it from your reading history. 

    5. Google Lens

    Going far beyond the ability to read QR Code, Google Lens is a Google tool that seeks to integrate all of the company's artificial intelligence resources.

    With this, users can perform various functions just using the cell phone camera. In addition to reading QR Code, Lens scans and translates texts and works with animal and plant identification.

    But it doesn't stop there, Lens also displays specific information about tourist locations and directs its customers to items that can be purchased through the “Shopping” tool.

    You can access the Google app from the Play Store.

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    6. QR Code Reader

    If you are looking for a simpler application on the Play Store, the QR Code Reader can meet your needs.

    To read QR Code, just point your cell phone camera at the code and the rest will be done automatically.

    Also, if you want to transform a link into a QR Code, such as a social network, website, email and the like, just paste the link into the application and it will generate a QR Code corresponding to the URL.

    7. QR Code Reader

    Although the name may seem repeated, it is not! We are talking about different apps to read QR Code on your Android.

    The QR Code Reader is one of the simplest on the market and it goes straight to the point. Even with this app promising to be the fastest when it comes to reading QR Code, don't expect anything else. 

    He commits himself to reading and that's all he does well. So, if you're looking for a code creator, text and link reader and similar functions, turn to previous apps that you already know do that.

    QR Code Reader is available for free on Play Store.

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