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    Random Number Generator: Top 10 Websites

    Random Number Generator: Top 10 Websites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 24, 2022 | Technology |

    Um random number generator It is very useful for registration tests, raffles at events and social networks.

    Anyway, there are a lot of things you can do with random numbers.

    When you need one or two random numbers it is very easy to create them manually.

    But if you need a lot of numbers or you need numbers that follow a certain structure and need validation, using a random number generator is the best option.

    If you google random number generator, you will find a lot of links.

    But we'll make your job easier.

    We've researched and tested several random number generators and the result is a list of the top 10 sites.

    random number generator

    4 Devs: Online Tools

    This site has random number generators with a great diversity.

    It is capable of generating valid numbers for CNH, CPF, CEP, RG, State Registration, Credit Card, Voter Title and many others.

    Sites to use in sweepstakes

    We have separated 4 sites for you to use in the prize draw in face-to-face and online events, and also on social networks.

    The Sorteador is a site for you to carry out sweepstakes that not only has a random number generator, but also a system of sweepstakes by numbers, names and even by file.

    This is an excellent option for you who like to hold prize draws at events.

    Sweepstakes is a basic and fast random number generator.

    drawing now

    Like and, this site makes it possible to generate random numbers in a simple and practical way, which you can even use in sweepstakes.


    A random number generator with a very attractive look and easy to use.

    Sites to generate random numbers

    If what you need is just to generate a sequence of random numbers, then these sites will make your job easier.


    A simpler site, which only generates a sequence of random numbers.

    Like PiliApp, this site is simpler but has better usability.


    CalcProfi is a basic random number generator that also has good usability.

    Sites to generate lottery numbers

    We list the 2 best sites for you to generate the lucky numbers for the main lotteries available in our country.

    Lottery Generator

    A site to generate lucky numbers for:

    • Mega-Sena;
    • TimeMania;
    • Quinine;
    • lottomania;
    • Double Sena;
    • LotoEasy;
    • Lucky day;
    • Super Seven.

    PlayLottery is a simpler and less advertising version of the Lottery Generator.

    Bonus: 3 apps for you to generate random numbers on your phone

    As humanity does not live only on the internet and computer, we have separated 3 apps that you can use on your cell phone to generate random numbers at any time:

    • Easy Draw: Android | iOS

    • Rafi: Android | iOS

    • Number Generator: Android

    Fun fact: the world's fastest random number generator

    Generating random numbers might seem simple.

    But in the digital world this is essential and can become a robust and sophisticated process.

    Researchers from NTU Singapore, Yale University and Trinity College Dublin worked together to create a system capable of using a single millimeter laser, capable of generating 254 trillion random digits in a full second.

    It's so fast that not even a special camera was able to follow the process perfectly and its memory was filled in nano-seconds.

    This is the fastest random number generator in the world so far.

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