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    Prank for WhatsApp: the 20 best to copy

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    Prank for WhatsApp: the 20 best to copy

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 7, 2022 | WhatsApp |

    If you're bored of just texting, viewing and posting statuses on WhatsApp, know that there are great ways to distract yourself and have fun. You can look for a joke for WhatsApp, or even more, the options are many and of different types. There are pranks for status, groups and private messages. Some of the games have templates that you can find directly from Pinterest and even Instagram. So, we thought of some games for WhatsApp and we separated the best options for you, this list contains games and games for you to have fun with your friends and contacts:

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    Games for Whatsapp Status

    Below you will find a list of the best pranks for WhatsApp that can be done mainly on your status. Just post and make it visible to your contacts that you want to play. 

    House, kill or kiss

    Image: Instagram / Reproduction

    Maybe a very controversial joke for WhatsApp, but it depends on the way it is played. However, it can also be a lot of fun. You will post the template in your status and ask a contact to send you a random number, which will be the way you will identify this particular contact in the statuses. Then you will add the number in the template and mark with an X if you would kill, kiss, marry, date, be friends or have a colorful friendship. If you prefer, you can also reply directly to a person and not make replies visible in the status.

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    I'm more than…

    Image: Instagram/@am.ilustra

    This is a simple and practical game for WhatsApp, its main objective is to show your contacts a little more about you. The template that you will share in your statuses will have some options, and you will mark the one that suits you best. For example, the template has “notifications on” or “notifications off” options. If you are the type of person who prefers to leave notifications on, then circle the correct option. Once you're done, just post the template to your statuses so your contacts get to know you better.

    play with emojis

    Image: Instagram/@Kaikgonzalez

    Quite similar to the first WhatsApp prank mentioned in the list, the emoji prank basically consists of asking your contacts to send an emoji. In the template, you will add the emoji that was sent and that will serve as identification, and mark the options of yes, no, maybe or the other alternatives. The categories present in the template are: Crush, you are…, would be and jealous. So, as we can see, this can even be a slightly bolder joke. Because of this, if you also don't want to repost the template answered in the statuses, you can mark the answers and send it through private chat.

    And self-esteem?

    Image: Instagram/@kathzaseski

    This is a prank alternative to WhatsApp that will not only make the platform a little more fun and interactive, but it can also greatly improve your self-esteem. It consists of filling the template with some information and features that you like best about yourself. What's more, the template also has a space for you to challenge other friends to join in the fun. After answering the template questions, just post to your statuses. 

    The plans for the future?

    Image: Instagram/@kathzaseski

    If you are thinking about your future, maybe this game can help you, especially by making your dreams public to your contacts, which can also serve to encourage you in what you are planning. That is, this joke for WhatsApp can end up being a way to force you towards your goals. It works very simply, just fill in the template with information such as the job you dream of, age, where you want to live and a few other things about your goals. You can even use an emoji to add to the template and show how you feel about your future and post it on status.

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    childhood toys

    Image: Instagram/@templates.ofc

    If you want to remember your childhood times, you can make use of this nostalgic WhatsApp prank. The template will have several things you probably already did in childhood, all you need to do is check the alternatives you already did as a child, and if you have something that is not present in the template, there will be a space for you to add more things. In addition, you can innovate and challenge friends to join in the fun. After filling it out, just share it on your statuses and enjoy the nostalgia. 

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    Crush ideal

    Image: Instagram/@brunadesigner

    If you're liking someone or looking for a crush, this is one of the games, along with the template, that can help you make it clear what your preferences and options are. All you need to do is mark the template characteristics of what your perfect crush would look like. The alternatives are: your gender, who you're looking for, favorite eye and hair color, what it takes to win you over and what enchants you the most, as well as personality characteristics. Then just share for your contacts to view, who knows a crush will come out of it.

    What am I currently loving?

    Image: Instagram/@marsondani

    This WhatsApp game focuses on showing your contacts what you are most enjoying doing right now and can also serve to indicate series, movies, books, series and drinks, for example. The template will have space for you to put the name of what you are currently loving the most and share it with your followers, and by challenging them to do the same, you can also check out what they like. That way, this can also be a referral template and you end up increasing your catalog of things to do and follow up on.

    You already…

    Image: Instagram/@Kathzaseski

    This is for you to know what your friends have done or not done, or for them to know the things you have done. It basically consists of a sharing of experience between the people who are participating in the game and the contacts who follow in the statuses. All you need to do is mark in the template whether or not you have already done what is described in it. Among the options, there are some like dancing in the rain, falling in love, watching the sunset, if you've meditated, paid some mico and some others that can be very interesting or funny. 

    Who were you at school?

    Image: Instagram/@loreprazeres

    This WhatsApp game is more useful if you want to know the school history of your family or friends, and it can be the perfect way to expose the things that they did in childhood. The template has some alternatives such as pretending to be sick to leave school, where you sat, who you sat with, if you were suspended, wore a uniform and several other alternatives. All you need to do is answer the alternatives with yes or no and post on your status, and you can also challenge your friends to participate and have fun together. You can also play in WhatsApp private chat or in groups.

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    let's test the friendship

    Image: Instagram / Reproduction

    If you want to be sure how much your friends like you or know you, this is the perfect prank. What's more, this WhatsApp prank can also serve to break the ice. The template is more suitable to be used in statuses, so the tip is to avoid playing with her in groups or private conversations. You will basically just need to post the image in your statuses, it will be up to your friends to fill in the template and check the options that for them have the most to do with you. Then, in private, you can say whether you agree or not, but if you prefer, you can also share the answers in the status for everyone to see.

    And the embarrassment?

    Image: Instagram/@noguerini

    This template is for you to play with the shame that your friends or family have gone through. But be warned that they will also be able to know and have fun with your shame, after all, it wouldn't be fair to just laugh at them, would it? You just post the template in the statuses, but marked with the shame you've been through during your life. Then, just wait for your friends to join in the fun or challenge them to play too and be able to laugh together at the embarrassing situations. A few laughs will definitely come out of this joke, one or the other. 

    What are my flaws?

    Image: Instagram/@_juhcastelobranco

    Well, if you have a hard time admitting your mistakes and you also have flaws, this WhatsApp prank can help you, but even if you don't have this difficulty, some very good laughs can come out of this prank. You can play with your friends or family, the template you will use to play has a list with several defects. You just need to circulate the defects you have and share them in your statuses so that others can also play, but like some mentioned above, you always have the option to challenge some contacts to do that too. 

    Games for Whatsapp Messages

    Unlike the options above, below you will find a list of pranks that you can perform through messages, either in groups or in private conversations. Check out:

    Based on profile picture

    Image: WhatsApp / Reproduction

    If you want to play with this one, be prepared to have your profile picture judged by your friends or not, but don't worry because it will be in a very quiet way. The game consists of sending your friends a series of numbers that correspond to a combination of emojis, which your friends will also have access to. It's up to them to pick a number that best defines you based on the face and pose you're striking in your profile picture. 

    find the key

    Image: Canaltech

    This type of prank for WhatsApp can serve more as a way to test your views and that of your friends or family that you also invite to play. Finding the key may be more suitable for bossing around in a group, being very simple to play with. You will send an image that has several things, and the main objective will be to find a key that is hidden among the objects. The first one to find it wins the game. Here's the spoiler: the key is in the beer glass, but your friends don't need to know that, right?

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    What types of drunks are there?

    Image: Canaltech

    If you or your friends like to drink, then you can have a lot of fun playing this game, and even laugh a little at your colleagues when they are drunk. It is perhaps one of the simplest to play with on this list, all you have to do is send the image to your friends, especially if they are in a group. Then just let them brainstorm what types of drunks each is based on the types depicted in the image. But well, stay tuned, because they might end up pointing out what kind of drunk you are too, and then the joke turns on you.

    Test your math level

    Image: Canaltech

    If you are bad at math then stay away from this WhatsApp prank, it can end up giving you a headache after playing. But it can also be perfect for people who enjoy a puzzle, and this one comes with calculations and problems that require logic. Just send the image to the contact or group you want and wait for them to guess the result of the image calculation. The screwdriver, gear and nut all have certain values, it's up to them to find out what they are. 

    The calculation template is: Screwdriver – 5; Gear – 10; Nut – 1; Result of the last equation – 51. But if your friends are having a hard time, it doesn't hurt to let them rack their brains a little, then you can reveal the values.

    fill the tank

    Image: Canaltech

    This is also a puzzle that can demand attention and logical thinking from the player. Besides, there are two ways to play: You can see who solves the riddle first and that person will be the winner, or try to figure out the solution to the problem together. It consists of an image with a faucet and several tanks interconnected, to play it is simple, just try to unravel which tank will fill first. 

    sincerity game

    Image: WhatsApp / Reproduction

    The sincerity game is a game for WhatsApp that is only for those who put up with sincerity and receive some truths, and it can even cause a little discussion among the participants, but it can also result in several laughs. All you need to do is send the image to the group or person you want to play with. Afterwards, you will ask her to say something that she always wanted to say but never had the courage to say and end the sentence with “that's it, I said it”. But remember, have a little nerve of steel, in this game some unexpected things can arise.

    Do you really know me?

    Image: WhatsApp / Reproduction

    This WhatsApp prank is more to test how much your friends know you and know about you. It's basically an 11-question quiz that you'll send to participants, either in a group or private conversation. The questions are about things like favorite singer or band, football team, date of birth, etc. You can also put the image in your statuses and wait for people to respond. 

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