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    Pão de Açúcar Card: what are the benefits and how to apply?

    Pão de Açúcar Card: what are the benefits and how to apply?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 26, 2022 | Credit Cards |

    O Sugar Loaf card is a great option for customers looking for a credit card alternative with many benefits and an annual fee waiver. 

    The network offers three types of credit cards. You can request the alternative that best suits your financial planning. 

    In this article, we will show you what options are available, how it works, main features, benefits, among other important issues.

    After reading this content, you will have enough information to find out if this alternative is the best option for your pocket. 

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    Pão de Açúcar Card Plus Itaucard Internacional Visa

    In this first alternative, to increase your chances of approval, it is essential to have a minimum income of R$800. 

    One of the main advantages of the Visa brand is that the customer does not have to worry about an annuity fee, since the exemption is guaranteed.

    The most interesting thing is that it is not necessary to have a minimum consumption to be entitled to the benefit. 

    Another interesting point is the discount that the chain offers in various sectors, such as: wines and sparkling wines; special beers; cheeses; own brands (Qualitá, Taeq and Casino). 

    You are still entitled to free shipping on your purchases. However, the customer must spend more than R$149 to not pay for delivery.

    See below for other interesting advantages of this credit card:

    • Itaucard Advantages; 
    • Invoice online; 
    • Call center; 
    • Travel assistance to provide details regarding the destinations they are interested in visiting in the coming months;
    • Discounts in several stores in our country and abroad, through the Vai de Visa program;
    • Withdrawal and emergency card. 

    Approach and Pay technology is also part of the list of benefits. It brings more practicality and agility to the customer's routine. 

    It works like this: when purchasing products up to R$200, it is not necessary to enter the four-digit password.

    The process is secure and your data is not shared. 

    Pão de Açúcar Plus Itaucard Gold Visa Card

    The next suggestion on our list also contains the Visa flag solution. A minimum income of R$2.500 is required. 

    In the Visa brand, the customer can accumulate one point for every R$1 in purchases.

    There is also the possibility of exchanging the score for discounts on products or airline miles. 

    Find out about other credit card benefits below:

    • 20% discount on wines and sparkling wines; special beers; cheeses; own brands (Qualitá, Taeq and Casino);
    • Free shipping on orders over R$149; 
    • Itaucard Advantages;
    • Approach and Pay Technology;
    • Emergency credit assessment for the next purchase. The service has no fees;
    • Discounts in stores in our country and abroad with the Vai de Visa Program;
    • Withdrawal and emergency card;
    • Price protection;
    • Purchase protection. 

    The customer is also entitled to Visa Checkout. It is a free service in which the customer can purchase products and services over the internet with just one registration. 

    In addition, your online invoice is released through the Itaucard application, on the Itaucard page or via SMS.

    The customer must send an SMS to 4828 with the word “DIGITAL”. 

    If you are looking for “annuity exemption gold bread card”, we have bad news: on this credit card, the annuity fee is 12x R$33,75 or R$405. 

    Pão de Açúcar Plus Itaucard Platinum Visa Card

    This credit card is intended for consumers who have a minimum income of R$5. 

    In the Visa brand, consumers can accumulate one point for every R$1 spent on purchases. You can exchange points for discounts or miles. 

    It's amazing how many benefits the credit card offers to the consumer. Among the most common are:

    • Technology Approach and pay;
    • Invoice online;
    • Price protection;
    • Purchase protection;
    • Call center.

    The list of advantages also includes participation in the Vai de Visa program, withdrawal and emergency card and International Medical Emergency insurance. 

    How to apply for the Pão de Açúcar card? 

    You do not need to go to stores to apply for your Pão de Açúcar credit card.

    The process can be done anywhere. All you need is a computer or cell phone with internet access. 

    The first step is to access the Itaú credit card website.

    Then choose which option best suits your financial planning: international, gold or platinum.

    Finally, fill in the information that is requested by the system. 

    You must inform several data, such as: full name, e-mail, CPF, cell phone, financial income, among others. 

    It is important to make it clear that the Pão de Açúcar card does not contact customers by phone and does not send messages via mobile device or e-mail.

    If you receive any information with this type of content, be careful as it could be a scam. 

    Is it worth applying for the Pão de Açúcar card? 

    Yes. Pão de Açúcar cards are part of the Itaucard network, one of the most important in our country when it comes to credit cards.

    And the Reclame Aqui website shows how positive her reputation is in the market.

    In October 2022, Itaucard's score was 9.0 out of 10, which is considered excellent by the system.

    The company responded to 97.3% of consumer complaints, with a 92.5% resolution rate.

    To give you an idea, 87.1% of customers would do business with the company again. 

    You can also choose the best credit card for your pocket. With a minimum income of R$800, consumers are entitled to several interesting benefits for their routine. And the best: no annual fee. 

    If the customer is interested in accumulating miles, he can choose other alternatives, such as Gold and Platinum.

    Without a doubt, it is one of the best cards on the market. 

    Final report: This content was not sponsored by the Pão de Açúcar card.

    The proposal is to offer an exempt material according to our experience and that of other consumers who use the benefits of this alternative. 

    After discovering the main information about the Pão de Açúcar card, learn how to apply for a credit card from Caixa. 

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