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    Modalmais Corretora: how to open your account and invest?

    Modalmais Corretora: how to open your account and invest?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 31, 2022 | Technology |

    A Modalmais Brokerage It is suitable for customers looking for practicality, agility when investing and personalized service.

    In addition, the company has a Home Broker with recommended solutions for its investor profile.

    From now on, you will have access to a complete guide about this broker.

    We will highlight its main benefits, how to invest safely, how is the company's reputation in the market, among other issues.

    Keep reading and ask all your questions. 

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    Is it worth investing with Modalmais Corretora? 

    Yes. To justify this answer, we are going to present the elements that prove how much this brokerage is one of the best options for investors. 


    The number of advantages offered to customers who choose Modalmais Corretora is impressive.

    Find out which are the most important below:

    • Exemption from fees to invest your money in Treasury Direct; 
    • Absence of custody fee and account maintenance; 
    • Free access to tools that help you invest with practicality and security; 
    • Exemption from fees for FIIs;
    • Brokerage without fluctuations for shares from R$ 0,99. 

    It is important to remember that Modalmais fees are one of the lowest on the market, a great benefit for customers looking for good profits. 

    Modal Investidor platforms is another advantage that cannot be ignored in our list.

    It is a Home Broker tool, free of charge.

    To access it, all you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access.

    It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Variety of investment solutions 

    One of the main benefits of Modalmais Corretora is that the customer has access to several products that meet their needs:

    • Shares – Bovespa;
    • BM&F – Futures;
    • LCI – Mortgage Letter of Credit;
    • LCA – Letter of Credit for Agribusiness;
    • CDB – Bank Deposit Certificate;
    • Direct Treasure.

    Plans available to the consumer 

    Modalmais Corretora: how to open your account and invest?

    Another positive point of Modalmais Corretora is that it offers several plans for customers.

    That way, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

    The most interesting thing is that there are free plans for customers.

    So, it is not necessary to have a value available to guarantee several benefits that are offered by Modalmais Corretora.

    The complete list of plans can be accessed on the company's official website. 

    Quality in service 

    At Modalmais Corretora, the client can ask their main questions about digital accounts, investments and trading platforms with the company's team of experts.

    You can chat with the team in real time through a chat, which is available on the broker's website.

    The company also has a telephone service, which works on weekdays, from 8 am to 19 pm.

    Find out below the options available through “Modalmais Telephone”. 

    • Capitals and Metropolitan Regions: 4000-1085;
    • Other locations: 0800 031 6247;
    • Hearing impaired: 0800 445 4020 (staff available 24 hours a day);
    • SAC: 0800 941 2570 (team available 24 hours a day);
    • Ombudsman: 0800 283 0077 (opening on weekdays, from 9 am to 18 pm. 

    The more service channels a company offers to the consumer, the more credibility it conveys to the market.

    This shows that she is available to solve problems, and is not finding ways to “run away” from the customer. 

    Modalmais Brokerage at Reclame Aqui 

    Reclame Aqui is a great tool to assess a company's reputation on the internet.

    In August 2022, Modalmais Corretora's score was 7.9 out of 10, which is considered good by the system. 

    How to open an account at Modalmais Corretora? 

    After discovering the benefits of this broker, we will present the step-by-step process for the client to open an account with this company. 

    If you search for “Modalmais Corretora open an account”, we have good news: the process is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. 

    Initially, you need to download the Banco Digital Modalmais Corretora application.

    It is essential to make it clear that it is secure and that your data is not shared with other users on the internet. 

    After opening the application, you must click on “Open Free Account”.

    The system will ask for some data at the time of registration. So, pay attention to the documents that are required by the company. 

    When registering, you must create a password. To be approved, it needs to be six digits.

    Then follow the tool's safety guidelines. 

    After creating the password, if the customer leaves the application before completing the registration, he must add it again in the system to continue with the account opening process. 

    Electronic signature is required to execute transactions.

    It also contains a six-digit number and is not similar to the password that was entered earlier. 

    Now, you must wait for the data to be analyzed.

    If approved, Modalmais Corretora will send an email to the client. 

    How to invest in Modalmais Corretora? 

    The first step is to answer the Investor Profile/Suitability questionnaire.

    It is a result of a set of data that is provided by the user and informs what their investment goals are, financial reality and knowledge about the investment world. 

    The main purpose of this profile is to help investors discover and analyze which brokerage products are best suited to meet their goals.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission's Instructions (ICVM 539/13) define this process as mandatory. 

    The user can check their Investing Profile through the Modalmais Corretora application or website. 


    Just access the logged area of ​​the “Banco Modalmais” system and select “My Account”.

    Then choose the “Investor Profile” option.


    You must enter the Modalmais Corretora logged in area and click on your name, which can be found in the upper right corner. Then go to “Investor Profile”. 

    Currently, there are three types of investment profile. Among the most common are: conservative, moderate and bold. 

    • Conservative: investor (a) who is not prepared to deal with risks and who prefers liquid investment solutions; 
    • Moderate: investor (a) who can deal with risk in a healthier way, but who wants to preserve their capital in the long term. In other words, it can reserve a portion of its resources for solutions that pose more risk; 
    • Thrown off: investor (a) who does not care about risk. For this group of people, it is acceptable to take losses in order to achieve more returns in the future. 

    After discovering your investor profile, we recommend accessing the Modalmais Corretora Help Center.

    There, you have a complete tutorial to invest in products with more assertiveness and security. 

    How does Modalmais Long & Short simulator work?

    The technology presents a forecast for the strategies that can promote the combination between the purchase and sale of two assets. 

    To access the tool, log in to your account, click on “Stock Exchange” and select the “Actions” option.

    When you enter the “Long&Short Simulator” area, you must click on “Learn More”. 

    About the other services offered by Modalmais Corretora

    The brokerage still offers other services to its customers.

    You have access to options such as: secured loan, income tax calculator, PIX, trading desk and credit cards designed exclusively for investors. 

    Now that you know the main details about Modalmais Corretora, learn about the 10 best digital brokers to invest in.

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