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    Budget template: 9 ideas to use in your business

    Budget template: 9 ideas to use in your business

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 21, 2022 | News |

    If you run your own business or work directly with budgets, you know that messing with numbers and accounts can be a lot more complicated than it looks. But don't panic, as using budget template can help you in those moments.

    The task of working with budget management goes far beyond maintaining an organization or maintaining competitive prices in the market for a business to run smoothly. 

    The budget, for the seller and the company, ends up being a necessary document at the beginning of the sale, serving to show the interest and need of customers in the product or service that is being made available.

    Using a budget template helps a lot, as this document needs to be accurate and objective, without unnecessary information. It is always necessary to leave everything registered and organized, informing the value of the sale, quantity of the product, validity of the proposal and much more. 

    In this article, we're going to talk about what you need to put in your budget and we've separated the budget template for you to use in many different situations or areas. So check it out below so you don't make any mistakes in your budget.

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    How to make a good budget?

    For your budget to be considered good, some information is essential, regardless of whether we are talking about a budget for the company or if you are making a budget for a client. Among the main information, we can highlight the product and the quantity.

    But the budget model, and virtually all budget types, doesn't just need that. Information such as: 

    • The total and unitary value of the products;
    • All possible ways of contacting the company;
    • The validity period of the budget or proposal in the budget and the date of creation of the document;
    • Have the client's main data (if the budget is being made for a client, if it is for the company itself with the purpose of organization, it will not be necessary);
    • Identification of the seller or person responsible for the quotation. 

    Budget documents usually have a field called “Remarks”, use this space to:

    • Inform the place of withdrawal of the product;
    • Inform if the product delivery fee is included or not in the value (if delivery is requested);
    • The required execution time for the order and the payment methods that are accepted by the company. 

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    Budget template for you to use and keep your business organized

    Below, we have not only separated a budget model for you to use, but 9 different ones that you can adapt to the best way to use it in your business. 

    Nex Program Budget Templates for Store Management

    First we separate the budget model from the Nex Program which, for those who don't know, is a store management and commercial automation system and is widely used in several companies and you can find very interesting budget models. 

    Budget Template 102

    Image: Nex Program

    The first budget model of the Nex Program that you can use and adapt to various areas of activity is the Model 102, ideal for those who will use A4 printers.

    Prominently, this version of the document contains the main information of the store, including contact, name of who created the quote and the document's expiration date. In addition, this budget template also contains the main customer data and is a great option to keep the internal organization of the store. 

    Budget Template 105A

    Image: Nex Program

    This is a budget model focused on making the store information stand out and much more complete. In this version, you can even dedicate a space in the document to inform your business/company's social networks.

    If you want to make your store more visible to the customer, this is the version you are looking for, as the customer data will also take up less space, consequently are more incomplete and contain only basic contact information. 

    Budget Template 105E

    Image: Nex Program

    If you want, or need to specify the products in the document, then this is the budget model you are looking for in the Nex Program, which can also be used outside of it, called 105E.

    In it, you can add an image of the product and observations about it, as well as data such as price and quantity. In addition to the observation of the product, this version also has the space for observing the budget itself. 

    Budget model 211 – 58mm

    Image: Nex Program

    Last but not least when we talk about the budget model of the Nex Program, we have the 211mm version 58. This is a model for coil management, being very efficient, but also very economical.

    It does not have all the information about the store, however, you can use the “Observations” field as an advantage and put the missing data about the store and the customer in this space. 

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    More specific budget models

    Outside the Nex Program, you will also find several budget models to adapt and use in your business. Below, we separate a standard model and explanations of how you can make your budget model for other areas of activity. 

    Standard budget template

    Image: Easy Snake

    Before we talk about the specific budgets for you to use, we've broken down the standard budget template above.

    In this way, your understanding will be facilitated and you will know in more detail how to adapt to the budget style you need. 

    dental budget template

    Our first budget model suggestion is for the dental area, where the document needs to convey information and a feeling of total security about the service offered. That's because, when we talk about a profession related to health, people tend to be more careful and trust becomes essential for clients.

    Among the main topics that need to be present in this type of budget, we can highlight:

    • Expected time for completion of treatment;
    • Registration number of the professional chosen by the client;
    • Use a drawing of the dental arch to show which teeth will be treated;
    • Flexibility in opening hours. 

    School budget template

    For educational institutions, regardless of whether it is a language, music or traditional school, they always need to have a good budget model ready, as they need to attract new students and pass on the main information related to monthly fees. 

    In this case, the budget needs to contain some essential information, such as:

    • Necessary teaching materials;
    • Number of students that each room will have;
    • Class period in which the student will study;
    • School teaching methodology;
    • Differentials of the institution that serve to show authority on the subject and win over your client. 

    If possible, try to make the budget more commercial, with some photos of the institution and classes taking place on a daily basis. It would also be interesting to include testimonials from professors and, especially, students of the institution.

    If the customer is interested, ask if he accepts to check out extra materials such as videos and photos that you can send via email. 

    Budget template for legal services

    In the case of professionals in the field of Law, more specifically in Advocacy, the budget needs to show the functioning of the fees charged, since in this case, they will be very specific services and you need to perfect the budget model. This document for attorneys comes to be known as a proposal for attorneys' fees.

    Among the information that cannot be missing from it, we can highlight the main ones, which are:

    • OAB record showing the professional's credibility;
    • Fees and expenses;
    • Description of the legal services that the professional will perform for the client. 

    Budget template for travel agency

    We don't forget about travel agencies, which may also need a very unique budget model, more focused on the business side than information. This happens because these agencies need to detail all the aspects that will make up the trip, even inserting images to attract the customer even more.

    In normal cases, the travel agency also needs to show the complete itinerary and its details so that the client is aware of everything before closing the trip.

    In this case, we do not recommend using a normal A4 sheet, as it is used in most budgets, as you need to win over your customer and attract their attention, in addition to the size of the document, which, due to the amount of information, would need a space bigger.

    For the agencies' budget model, some information is essential and cannot be left out, they are:

    • Travel insurance;
    • Differentials, which we can highlight the 24-hour service;
    • Detailed information about the travel destination;
    • Agency information, such as contact details and length of service;
    • Complete script containing the date and time of the trip, food, accommodation, tours and transfers;
    • If possible, you can even add testimonials from other customers. 

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    Precautions to take when submitting a quote

    To avoid further problems with the budget, we suggest some care when delivering to your customers. If he is in the store, ask in advance if he would like to receive the document also by email. This way you guarantee that the budget will not be lost and that the client will have the document, whether printed or via the web. 

    With this, you also keep records in the email that the document was sent to the customer, in case any future problem with the same happens and is related to payment, amount or directly to the budget. 

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