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    MĂ©liuz credit card: how to apply?

    MĂ©liuz credit card: how to apply?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 22, 2022 | Shopping |

    We are in the era of discount coupons, miles, loyalty cards, free shipping and every kind of promotion you can imagine. Anything goes to beat the competition. The new wave of companies today is cashback, that is, receiving an amount in credit or cash back. Because of this, today we are going to talk about the MĂ©liuz credit card.

    Who doesn't like an offer, right? With the wide variety of businesses opening every day and many more growing, getting consumers' attention is a difficult task. And that's exactly why both small and large companies use various tricks to retain their customers.

    As is the case with MĂ©liuz, which promises a discount coupon and cash back for those who buy at partner stores through its website. And if you use their credit card, you get even more cashback. Interested? So keep following this article to know everything about the MĂ©liuz credit card.

    What is MĂ©liuz?

    Created in 2022, the MĂ©liuz company is a platform that offers discount coupons in stores. In addition, they refund part of the total purchase amount in the form of cashback. That is, you receive a percentage of the money spent on the product back straight into your bank account.

    Currently, MĂ©liuz has partnerships with more than 3 thousand stores and, according to its website, it has more than 10 million users who use its benefits. At first, the company only partnered with online stores. In recent years, they have also joined cashback in physical and invoice shops.

    In March 2022, the platform expanded its scope of action and entered into a partnership with Banco Pan and Mastercard to launch the MĂ©liuz Credit Card. We will talk more about him throughout this text.

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    MĂ©liuz how does it work?

    To enjoy the benefits, it is not mandatory to have a MĂ©liuz credit card. Just register on the platform. You can use it on your computer through the company's website or install the Chrome or Firefox browser extension. On mobile, you need to download the app for Android or iOS. Both registration and use of the platform are free.

    After creating your account, you can use MĂ©liuz in 4 ways:

    - Online shopping

    Before adding any product to the cart, just search for the ecommerce you want to purchase on the MĂ©liuz website. If you have installed the extension in your browser, it will be even easier. This is because the MĂ©liuz icon will be red when it is in a partner store of the company. Then just click and activate cashback.

    Through the website you will be automatically redirected to the online store. In the extension, when it turns green, it means that cashback has been activated. Make your purchase normally, with the payment method you prefer.

    – Méliuz Card

    When making any purchase, online or at the machines, with a MĂ©liuz credit card, you earn cashback of 0,8% of the value. If it is a partner store and you carry out the activation process in the app, website or extension, the percentage of the amount returned is 1,8%. We will explain in more detail in the next topics.

    - Fiscal Note

    Entering the MĂ©liuz mobile application, in the Invoice option, you have access to the available offers. Activate the one you want to enjoy and read the rules. After purchase, with the invoice in hand, just request cashback in the app using the QR Code or the access key.

    – retail

    Now you can also get cash back at pharmacies, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, gas stations and physical stores. Check which establishments have a partnership with MĂ©liuz and, when paying for the purchase, inform the registered telephone number.

    From 20 reais accumulated in cashback in your available MĂ©liuz balance, you can request the redemption of the amount to a checking or savings account in your name. This is completely free, without paying any transaction fees.

    MĂ©liuz credit card: how does it work and what are the advantages of having one?

    More than 4,5 million people have already applied for the MĂ©liuz credit card, according to the company's website. And it works like any other, you can shop in physical stores and also online. But what makes it different from so many others on the market?

    The difference is in the benefits. As we said earlier, you do not need to have a MĂ©liuz credit card to earn cashback from the platform. But if you have one, you can earn even more.

    In addition, it has several other advantages. Meet them all:

    • Cashback of 0,8% on purchases in any e-commerce or physical commerce with the MĂ©liuz credit card;
    • By activating the coupons in the partner stores of the site and using the MĂ©liuz credit card to make the payment, the value of the extra cashback rises to 1,8%;
    • Contactless technology. With it you make payments by approximation;
    • You pay no annual fee;
    • The card is Mastercard International, that is, it works for purchases made in other countries.

    MĂ©liuz credit card: how to apply?

    Now that you know how it works, what its advantages are and that having a MĂ©liuz Card is worth it, we will show you how to order:

    Step 1. Access the MĂ©liuz credit card website;

    Step 2. Click in "I want my Méliuz Card”;

    Step 3. Fill in the information of Full name, CPF (ID), email and let me know if you are Visually Impaired;

    Step 4. Then read and accept the MĂ©liuz Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;

    Step 5. Then click on “I want the Méliuz card”;

    Step 6. Enter the other requested data: RG, Genre, Cellphone, Date of Birth, Monthly income e mother's name;

    Step 7. Click in "Continue";

    Step 8. Fill in all the details of your residential address and then click on Continue;

    Step 9. From the available options, choose the best one. due date to your MĂ©liuz credit card and again click Continue;

    Step 10. In this last step, read the data to check if all the information filled in is correct;

    Step 11. You will need to inform whether or not you want to share your MĂ©liuz purchase behavior and credit limits data. If you accept, it will increase your chances of getting the card approved;

    Step 12. To complete the order, click on “Confirm Request”.

    Once this is done, your proposal will be successfully sent to Banco Pan and MĂ©liuz. It will be analyzed and you will receive a response to the email you registered within 20 days. The only requirement they ask for is that you have a minimum monthly income of 1 minimum wage. So, if you have the MĂ©liuz card denied, it is possibly because you have an income lower than this amount.

    It is necessary to be aware that Banco Pan will consult your data in the credit protection agencies. It will also examine and record the data related to its subsequent debits from credit operations in the Central Bank's Credit Information System.

    They do this to check credit risks and also exchange information with other financial institutions. And it is based on this information the initial limit MĂ©liuz card will be defined. So there is no exact value that we can report truthfully.

    If approved, the deadline for sending the card to the registered address is 10 working days. The password will be sent to your cell phone via SMS. Keep it as it will be needed when unlocking your card securely.

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    MĂ©liuz credit card: where to follow the invoice?

    On the MĂ©liuz website, you only have access to information and statements regarding your cashbacks. To track your purchases, check your invoices, manage your limit and also unlock your MĂ©liuz credit card, you will need to download and access the Banco Pan app for Android or iPhone.

    If you do not have a login and password, access the Banco Pan website, choose the option Client Area and then click the button Register. Fill in the email (it must be the same one used when applying for the MĂ©liuz credit card) and set a numeric password (letters or other characters are not accepted).

    To unlock the MĂ©liuz credit card, follow the tutorial below:

    Step 1. Access the Banco Pan app and tap I'm already a customer;

    Step 2. Have your MĂ©liuz credit card handy and the password sent by the bank via SMS. Log in with your email and password created on the site;

    Step 3. No menu Shall we unlock your card? select the option Unlock my Card;

    Step 4. You will have two options for unlocking methods, for QR Code ou 9-digit numeric code. Choose your preferred option;

    Step 5. Set the due date for your invoice;

    Step 6. Create and confirm a 4-digit numeric passcode for your card. It will be used for purchases in machines in physical establishments.

    Ready! Now you can use your MĂ©liuz credit card and access the Banco Pan application to monitor all transactions and invoices.

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    MĂ©liuz credit card: how to guarantee cashback?

    After everything you've read so far, you must be wondering: is the MĂ©liuz card reliable? Yes. Many people end up having doubts since the bank responsible, Pan, is digital. But the card is also a partnership with Mastercard, one of the largest operators in the world.

    Another concern is whether the value is actually returned and in cash, as promised. The answer is also yes! Provided, of course, you follow MĂ©liuz's current rules to get your money back.

    As we have already mentioned, any purchase you make using your MĂ©liuz credit card, you will receive a cashback of 0,8% of the value. It will be available in your platform account after payment and payment of the MĂ©liuz card invoice.

    Now we are going to teach you 3 ways to guarantee cashback from your MĂ©liuz credit card and also from partner stores. Whether shopping online via cell phone or PC.

    But watch out! Any of the methods below must be done before starting the purchase process. You cannot have products in your cart. In addition, when using other discount coupons or store promotions, your cashback may be canceled.

    – On the Computer: through the Méliuz website

    Step 1. Enter the site and log in to the MĂ©liuz site;

    Step 2. Na Search, search for the store where you want to make a purchase to verify if it is a MĂ©liuz partner;

    Step 3. When you locate it, you will see all current coupons and promotions. Click in "Activate Cashback”;

    Step 4. A new tab will automatically open in your browser and you will be directed to the store page;

    Step 5. Make your purchases normally only on this tab.

    – On the computer: through the Méliuz browser extension

    Once you have the MĂ©liuz extension installed in your browser, when you enter any website, it will automatically notify you if it is a partner of the platform. If the icon turns red, you can activate cashback. See the difference in the image below:

    Site without partnership with MĂ©liuz vs. MĂ©liuz partner store

    To activate MĂ©liuz cashback, follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Click on extension of MĂ©liuz, in the upper right corner of your browser, when it turns red;

    Step 2. Then click on “activate”;

    Step 3. A new tab will automatically open. If you are not logged into the site, MĂ©liuz will ask you to register. Since you already have an account, click Already have a MĂ©liuz account? Access now;

    Step 4. Fill in your email and password. Then click on “Login";

    Step 5. The site will be redirected and the MĂ©liuz extension will turn green. To check it, click on it and you will see that the cashback is like Activated;

    Step 6. Make your purchases normally only on this tab.

    – By mobile: Méliuz app

    Step 1. Access the app, log in and in the lower menu, tap on Search;

    Step 2. Search for the store you want to access or check the stores that have promotions available in the categories;

    Step 3. Click on it and then on “Activate cashback and go to store”;

    Step 4. Your mobile browser will automatically open the store page;

    Step 5. Do your shopping.

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    MĂ©liuz credit card: I didn't receive the cashback, what do I do?

    You can check your cashbacks both on the website and in the MĂ©liuz app, under the option Extrato. The amounts of purchases made with your credit card will be automatically added to your platform account after your invoice has been cleared.

    Regarding cashbacks from partner ecommerces, they have 2 to 5 days after purchase to notify MĂ©liuz. If it does not appear on the statement within this period, it means that the platform was not informed.

    We have separated a list of reasons why you have not received cashback from a purchase with MĂ©liuz:

    • Forgetting and not activating cashback before adding the product to the cart;
    • Have purchased directly through the store app;
    • Have used coupons that are not on the MĂ©liuz website in the same purchase;
    • Have made use of other loyalty programs;
    • Have visited price comparators after redirecting from MĂ©liuz, via application or website;
    • Have been redirected by some marketing email sent by the store (even with the MĂ©liuz extension active);
    • Have shopped on wedding lists;
    • Have completed the purchase through the store's call center.

    If you don't fit into any of the items on this list and the cashback is still not on your statement, or it was canceled by the store, you can request a manual review of the platform up to 90 days after purchase. To do this, click on the link below that fits your problem and fill in the information requested by MĂ©liuz:

    • The store did not notify you about your purchase
    • The store canceled your purchase
    • The store has not yet confirmed your purchase

    MĂ©liuz credit card: how to cancel?

    If you are not satisfied or have had a problem with the company, you can cancel your MĂ©liuz credit card. However, in order to cancel, it will only be necessary to apply directly to Banco Pan, which is the main bank correspondent. For more information on how to do this, contact the bank's customer service at the numbers:

    • 4003-0101 (Capitals and Metropolitan Regions);
    • 0800-888-0101 (Other Locations).

    For any queries about the cashback program or credit card, check the MĂ©liuz Help Center. After this text, if you have any questions, that's where you'll find the answers.

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