Magalu Consortium: how it works and what you need to know

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Magalu Consortium: how it works and what you need to know

by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 28, 2022 | Shopping |

O Magalu Consortium It's a great alternative for customers who are tired of the traditional options on the market.

That's because, it allows you to hire plans in different categories. 

With the Magalu Consortium, you are not only entitled to the traditional car, truck, bus or property consortium.

It is possible, for example, to guarantee a computer or a state-of-the-art television, with interest-free installments that fit in your pocket. 

From now on, we are going to present a complete guide to this consortium model, highlighting the concept, how it works, what its benefits are, if it's worth it, among other important issues.

Don't waste any more time and clear all your doubts.

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What is a consortium? 

Before knowing how the Magalu Consortium works, let's understand the concept of consortium? 

It is a shared purchase model.

One of the main advantages of this type of trading is that it does not contain interest.

In addition, the entire operation is conducted by one company.  

The proposal is to group all the resources of a certain group of customers, guaranteeing the acquisition of movable, immovable or services to individuals.

How does the Magalu Consortium work? 

Each month, the group member can participate in an assembly.

He will be contemplated through the drawing, which is done through the Federal Lottery.  

The group participant has immediate access to credit, that is, as soon as their name is drawn.

The amount available is the amount that was contracted at the time of signing the contract. 

It is essential to make it clear that participation in the draw is only released to those people who are up to date with the payment of the installments. 

You can also be contemplated through the bid.

The dynamics are clear: the participant who offers the highest bid in a given month will be entitled to purchase the product or service. 

In total, there are two types of moves, which are called free and fixed:

  • Free: The participant who offers the highest bid wins. If João presented an amount of R$15.000, and Maria is willing to invest R$15.250,00, she will be considered; 
  • Fixed: all participants who offer the same value compete for the offer. The fixed amount is defined by the group itself. Therefore, Maria and João can apply R$7.000,00 that will be running in the same way. 

What prize is offered to the winner? 

The person drawn or the winner of the bid wins a letter of credit.

The amount is exactly the amount that was contracted at the time of the deal.

In this way, you can acquire the good that you always needed, but that was not possible at a certain time. 

It's a great way to guarantee discounts, after all, you'll have the amount in hand.

It is never too much to remember that it does not include interest. 

What are the benefits of the Magalu Consortium? 

The Magalu Consortium brings several interesting advantages to customers.

See below which are the most important:

  • Contracting the Magalu Consortium online;
  • Registration to hire the consortium without bureaucracy. It can be completed in a few minutes;
  • Possibility of consortium for various products, such as appliances, services, furniture, among others;
  • Consortium reference in the market in our country. 

Is the Magalu Consortium good? 

Yes. There are some characteristics that prove how reliable the Magalu Consortium is. 

  • Affiliation to ABAC (Brazilian Association of Consortium Administrators);
  • Membership of SINAC (National Union of Consortium Administrators);
  • Supervised and regulated by the Central Bank.

The note from Consórcio Magalu – Reclame Aqui is another interesting thermometer that helps to verify if the service is efficient. 

In September 2022, the company's score was 9.1 out of 10, which is considered great by the platform. 

The company responded to 100% of complaints, with a resolution rate of 93%.

Of these customers, 77% would do business again. 

The strength of the Magalu Consortium in the market is impressive.

It has already delivered more than 340 thousand goods, contains more than 85 thousand active consumers in our country, for 10 years it has been among the best companies to work for in our country, in addition to bearing the seal of service excellence, which is offered by Complain here. 

Consórcio Magalu is as important to the market as Magazine Luiza.

It is no exaggeration to say that it contains the same credibility as other options available to the customer, such as Consórcio Santander and Consórcio Yamaha.

How to access the Magalu Consortium offers? 

There are two ways. The first is through the consortium's official website.

To unlock the available plans, it is necessary to fill in the personal data that are requested by the system, right on the home page:

  • Name; 
  • E-mail;
  • Cell phone;
  • City. 

To complete the procedure, simply click on “View Plans”. 

The Consórcio Magalu app is another interesting possibility to find out which plans are offered by the company.

It is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

What offers are available at Consórcio Magalu? 

One of the main advantages of Consórcio Magalu over other alternatives available on the market is that it does not only offer plans in relation to a particular service and product.

You have access to alternatives in several areas:

  • Electronics/Furniture;
  • Services;
  • cars;
  • motorcycles;
  • Truck/Bus;
  • Properties.

If you intend to renovate your home's furniture, change kitchen appliances and invest in new computers for remote work, the Electrical and Furniture category is the best option.

See below some offers available to purchase a powerful notebook:

Plan 1: Monthly fee: BRL 213,33

  • Term: 36 Months;
  • Plane: LINEAR;
  • Taxa Adm: 24%;
  • Reserve Fund: 4%.

Plan 2: Monthly fee: BRL 256,00

  • Term: 30 Months;
  • Plane: LINEAR;
  • Taxa Adm: 24%;
  • Reserve Fund: 4%.

Plan 3: Monthly fee: BRL 307,20

  • Term: 25 Months;
  • Plane: LINEAR;
  • Taxa Adm: 24%;
  • Reserve Fund: 4%.

Plan 4: Monthly fee: BRL 384,00

  • Term: 20 Months;
  • Plane: LINEAR;
  • Taxa Adm: 24%;
  • Reserve Fund: 4%.

How to hire the Magalu Consortium? 

After knowing the main information about the Magalu Consortium, you are probably interested in acquiring a consortium, right? 

The positive side is that hiring the service is not complicated, as it can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access. 

See below the step-by-step guide to apply for the Magalu Consortium.

  1. Access the official website of the Magalu Consortium;
  2. Fill in the registration, which is available on the homepage, with your personal data. This step serves to unlock the offers;
  3. Choose the type of product you want and click on “Read More”;
  4. Set the monthly fee that is in accordance with your financial planning and click on “Quero Esse!”;
  5. Review the information of the chosen plan; 
  6. Inform your personal data;
  7. Add your address information;
  8. Enter the details of your identity document;
  9. Add other personal information, such as: mother's name, father's name, marital status, state and city of birth;
  10. Provide information regarding your profession.

After purchasing your plan on the page, the site will send you the contract and payment slip for the first installment. 


The Magalu Consortium is one of the best alternatives on the market.

This is because it is a service that offers practicality, security and savings for the customer's pocket, since it does not contain interest.

The contracting of the consortium, which can be done in your own home, is another point that deserves to be highlighted.

After all, it is not necessary to wait for a consultant to solve all the bureaucratic issues.

It is also worth remembering that the consortium offers payment flexibility.

After all, the customer can choose from several available options.

Here, you don't have that dynamic of the salesperson trying to “push the service” at any cost just to hit the target for the month.

You choose the plan according to your needs and at the most appropriate time.

The consortium is a great option for those people who wish to acquire a good without compromising the budget with high installments and abusive interest.

If this is your case, it is worth opting for the service.

About the Magalu Consortium 

The consortium's activities began in 1992, in Franca, in the countryside of our city.

At that time, the service had a different name from the current one.

It was called Consórcio Nacional Luiza and belonged to Grupo Luiza. 

Since then, the group has undergone many changes that have ensured a competitive edge in the market.

This was only possible because the brand has always valued transparency and credibility. 

Final report: It is important to clarify that this content was not sponsored by Consórcio Magalu.

Our proposal is to offer an unbiased assessment so that you can find out if this alternative is suitable for your situation at the moment.

All reviews are based on our experience and the opinion of other consumers who have used this service.

Now that you know how the Magalu Consortium works, learn more about the Chevrolet Consortium. Another interesting possibility for the consumer.

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