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    Is Supersim Loan Reliable? our honest opinion

    Is Supersim Loan Reliable? our honest opinion

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 11, 2022 | Finance | 0

    You probably have already heard about online loans, one of the main ones available on the market is that of the Supersim loan institution. But if you don't know, you can rest assured, in this post we separate everything you need to know about it to request yours and know whether or not it's reliable. 

    The institution itself considers itself as a facilitator for those who are looking for loans and getting personal credit without having to face a lot of bureaucracy with banks or other access channels. Although it promises ease, you cannot start using Supersim loan without first knowing how it works, so check out the reputation of the institution below and how you can apply for your loan in the best possible way.

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    How does Supersim Loan work?

    To start applying for a loan from financial institutions like this, you need to know that Supersim Loan works with amounts between R$500,00 and R$2.500,00, but you can pay in installments from four to 12 months. The loan is divided into two modalities, one with a cell phone guarantee and the other without a guarantee. In case you are negative, don't worry, Supersim loan is available for you too. 

    On the institution's website, it is possible to perform simulations in a simple way, just inform the amount you want and how often you plan to pay in installments. In addition, an important detail is that the installment you will pay cannot be more than 30% of your income. 

    If you are worried about the SuperSim loan interest rate, know that this will depend especially on your profile, it can vary from 14,9% to 18,5%. In addition, there is a sum of the IOF, which in case you don't know, is the tax on financial transactions, being mandatory in our country.

     The simulation you do on the site will only be an estimate that will take into account the minimum interest rate of 14,9%. Thus, when applying for the Supersim loan, the amount may be higher.

    The simulation will also not show the exact date that you will have to pay the installments, in this case, if the maturity of the first installment is less than ten days after joining the loan, the system itself will postpone it to the chosen date in the next month. We can summarize how it works in a simple way: the higher the amount of the Supersim loan requested and the longer you ask to pay it, the higher the interest. 

    In closing, be aware that if you are late paying an installment, there will be extra fees and fines, so in the coming months you may have to pay more than expected at the time of applying for the loan. 

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    What are the modalities offered by Supersim loan?

    One of the modalities that Supersim online loan offers is the classic one, the online personal loan, which you can give your cell phone as collateral. That is, by offering your device, you will be more likely to get the credit you want at the institution. 

    Because of this, before placing the order, you will need to have the Super Sim app installed on your device, if this is the type of loan with guarantee you want, after that, you will be able to receive the money directly into your account. 

    But remember, your cell phone can be locked immediately and only the emergency function will be active, however, only in cases of default. As soon as you pay the invoice that will be open, the unlock will happen immediately.  

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    How can you hire the Supersim loan?

    To be able to hire the Supersim loan, you must meet some basic requirements. Of course, you need to be of legal age, have a device that has internet access and have your own checking account. However, the banks accepted by the institution are limited and can only be: Bradesco, Caixa Econômica, Banco do Nosso País, Santander and Itaú. 

    It is also necessary to provide proof of income, for this, there are two possible ways. The first and simplest is the automatic one, where you need to inform your bank account and password so that Supersim itself can read and analyze your financial situation through the statement. If you are in a hurry, this is the best option, as you prefer Supersim. In addition, you can rest assured, the institution guarantees that none of your data is stored or recorded.

    The second way to prove income is manually, where you will need to send proof of income, bank statements for the last three months or payslip to the institution. As soon as you apply for a loan, you must also send these documents together. They can be scanned, pdf or photograph, however, all must be legible. 

    To apply for your Supersim loan, just follow the steps below:

    Step 1. When accessing the Super Sim website by clicking here, select the amount you want, the minimum being R$ 250,00. Then, simply click on “Apply for your loan now” to proceed.

    Step 2. You will be taken to a page with a form, enter all your requested data, create a password and inform that you have read and agree to all the terms of privacy and use. After that, click on “continue” to proceed with the request.

    Step 3. Your profile will undergo an analysis by the institution for the approval of the Supersim loan. If you are approved, you will receive an online agreement, so you will need to sign, even with a digital signature.

    Step 4. This is the moment we mentioned before for proof of income, so you will need to send the documents mentioned above or your paycheck.

    Step 5. To continue, install the Supersim application on your smartphone, even more important if you offered your cell phone as a guarantee. If not, just skip this step. 

    Step 6. To finalize your request, just wait for the institution's team to contact you to confirm the data and finalize the process. 

    It is worth mentioning that the process can take up to ten minutes, if it is approved at the end, the money will fall into your account within 30 minutes. If the money is not available after that time, the institution will leave it interest-free and you will only pay the principal amount of the loan. 

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    After all, is the Super Sim reliable?

    The best way to know if Supersim Loan is reliable is to check the opinion of other customers of the institution. For this, you can use the Reclame Aqui portal, where people can register complaints and evaluate the company, and they can also respond and solve problems. 

    In the case of SuperSim, the institution's reputation is excellent, being 8.7/10, in addition, it stands out for responding to 100% of registered complaints. SuperSim's problem solving rate is 89,4% and around 81,2% of customers who have registered a complaint said they would do business with the institution again. 

    It is worth mentioning that these data are from September 2022 to February 2022. Thus, we can conclude that yes, SuperSim is a reliable institution for you to apply for your loan.  

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    The contact channels to speak with Supersim loan

    With service available from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 19 pm, you can contact Supersim Loan through the following channels:

    • Through the blog to ask questions about the services;
    • Through the website itself, more specifically in the FAQ help section;
    • Sending an email through the digital address:; 
    • By phone by calling the number: (11) 4003-9528. 

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