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    How to watch The Farm live and online?

    How to watch The Farm live and online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 4, 2022 | Technology |

    The 13th edition of A Fazenda will start soon! Find out in this post how watch the farm live e online.

    The reality show has been on the air since 2009 and has gained a lot of repercussion since its last edition, for the fun it has provided.

    The Farm is a celebrity confinement reality show broadcast by TV Record, which was based on a show created in Sweden in 2001, The Farm.

    The version in our country started to be shown on May 31, 2009 and lasted 85 days.

    When does Farm 13 come out?

    The new edition will have the participation of 20 members (10 women and 10 men) who will compete for the prize of R$1,5 million and its premiere is scheduled for September 14, 2022.

    The reality show should last from September to mid-December and is estimated to have 94 episodes, with airing hours from Monday to Saturday at 22:30 pm and Sundays at 23:15 pm, with an average duration of episodes between 75-90 minutes each. .

    This edition will feature the presentation of Adriana Galisteu, who recently presented the Power Couple our country (powerful couple), a Record program of famous couples in search of a millionaire prize.

    If you don't give up good entertainment and enjoyed watching BBB, you won't want to miss anything that will take place on TV Record's reality show.

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    How to watch A Fazenda live and for free: open TV

    The easiest way to follow the reality show is through the free live broadcast shown by open TV on the Record channel, always at the times mentioned above every day of the week.

    Although it is not a 24-hour broadcast, it shows a summary of what happened during the day and always broadcasts live all the activities such as parties, fire test, farmer test and swidden formation and elimination.

    The station has already released some information, check the schedule:

    • Monday: Fire Trial;
    • Tuesday: Voting for Roça;
    • Wednesday: Farmer's Tasting;
    • Thursday: Elimination;
    • Friday: Compact of Coexistence;
    • Saturday: Everything that happened at the Friday party;
    • Sunday: Compact of Coexistence.

    How to watch The Farm live online

    In addition to being able to watch and follow on open TV, it is possible to watch online on pay-per-view (pay-per-view), which is a system where people pay to watch certain programming.

    The PlayPlus streaming platform gives you this option and is exclusive to subscribers.

    In a single package plan that costs R$12,90 a month, you can follow the program 24 hours a day live.

    Payment is made exclusively by credit card, it is not possible to pay by debit or bank transfer. The platform offers a trial period option, where you can use the service for 14 days for free.

    After this interval, your card is automatically charged, but the package can be canceled at any time without any charge.

    In addition to being able to see the farm on the internet, with PlayPlus you also have access to other programs and services such as:

    • Simultaneous live broadcasts with open TV;
    • Access to full episodes of soap operas and reality shows from the station;
    • Watch all journalism and entertainment programs;
    • Podcasts;
    • Exclusive contents;
    • Original TV Record productions;
    • Up to 4 simultaneous screens per account.

    There is also the Kids and Sports plan, which has Disney programming and some ESPN channels to watch football.

    It is worth remembering that soon we will have the World Cup. In this package, the price starts at R$32,80 per month.

    How to watch The Farm online free

    PlayPlus also has a free plan that offers a few options.

    Just register for the Play Plan. You will be able to access basically everything that is offered in the paid plan, such as watching simultaneous broadcasts, and excerpts from newspapers, reality, soap operas.

    But you won't be able to see it live for 24 hours, because despite making available some excerpts in real time of what is happening at the Farm, you can't have full access to the content as in the paid way.

    On the YouTube digital platform, there is the A Fazenda channel, which also makes available some excerpts of the program so that you can follow it on the internet for free.

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    How to register on PlayPlus to watch the farm live and online

    1. Access the PlayPlus website;

    2. Click on “Take a free trial”;

    3. Choose one of the plans: Free Play or PlayPlus Plan;

    4. Select “Next”;

    5. Finalize your registration.

    Another option is to download the PlayPlus App. The procedures are basically the same. You will choose the plan, pass your information and that's it! You will be able to watch the Farm live and online.

    The Live Farm

    Fazenda Live is a talkshow that is broadcast live on the internet on the R7 portal and on the YouTube channel, with weekly interviews with those eliminated from the countryside after the end of the program.

    Several presenters passed by the board. In 2022, in the twelfth edition, he was presented by comedian Victor Sarro and actress and presenter Dani Bavoso. 

    Facts about The Farm


    The idea for the program was brought by the actor and currently federal deputy Alexandre Frota, during a trip to Europe where he met the program “The Farm”, and presented this idea to Record, giving rise to our country version.

    For various reasons he left the station and the direction of the program. Today, the general direction of the reality is by Fernando Viudez and the core direction by Rodrigo Carelli, who was nominated by Frota for the direction at the beginning of everything. But today the two have disagreements.

    Studio location

    During eight editions of the program, the site was based in Itu, in the interior of our city, and was built from scratch specifically for the realization of the reality show.

    After that, it moved to Itapecerica da Serra, a metropolitan region of our city and the renovation for this year's edition promises changes.

    Back up

    In 2022, in its eighth edition, Record had decided not to carry out the program that year. That's why its headquarters in Itu was deactivated and resumed in Itapecerica da Serra for a new season in 2022.

    In 2022, the success of the reality reached surprising audience and voting records, marks that were not being reached in past editions.

    With all this success came the confirmation of another season in 2022. This year's list of participants has not yet been released, there is only speculation.

    Other parallel platforms even try to broadcast the program without authorization, but for this reason they are soon taken down. The reality is that the best option to watch the farm live is to subscribe to PlayPlus.

    It is worth making an investment to ensure entertainment and stay on top of everything that happens.

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