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    How to supply with AME and get a discount?

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    How to supply with AME and get a discount?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 1, 2022 | Shopping |

    Taking advantage of that nice discount, getting a nice cashback and finding a good promotion, brings feelings of valuing your own money, as you will be purchasing a product or service you want for a lower price than what you normally charge. Thus, one of the best areas to take advantage of discounts is with the fuel issue.

    There are platforms that provide ways for you to pay cheaper fuel, as is the case with AME Digital. So, see how to fuel with AME and take advantage of all the app's features.

    In this post, you will find out how to participate in the Compra Premiada promotion, a partnership between Petrobras and the AME Digital platform, learn about the program rules, how to redeem and earn more cashback on your purchases, as well as some more information that you need to know about. .

    Before talking about the Prêmio Compra Premiada promotion, briefly, find out below what the AME Digital platform is.

    AME Digital How does it work?

    AME Digital is a platform that allows its customers to earn money through cashback, coupons and the user referral system. Remembering that these advantages are for purchases made at B2W retailers (, Submarino and Shoptime) and partner stores, such as Petrobras gas stations.

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    In addition to the cashback service, AME is a digital wallet that allows users to make PIX, transfers, recharge their cell phone, make payments and even apply for insurance and loans, among other features.

    Once that is understood, see how you can get cashback and accumulate points when you fill up with AME, whether by putting gasoline, ethanol, alcohol or any other type of fuel.

    How to supply with AME?

    By paying for your vehicle's fuel using the AME and agreeing to score points at Petrobras Premmia, all refueling at Petrobras stations, buying something at the BR Mania convenience store or using the Lubrax+ service, you will participate in the Compra Premiada promotion. However, not all stations participate in the promotion, as will be detailed below.

    Just remembering that Premmia is the loyalty program of the Petrobras gas station network. Then, the purchased prizes will be transformed into cashback, and the amounts are credited to the AME app within seven days after the customer receives confirmation of the Prize Purchase.

    After the payment is approved, within 24 hours the customer will receive a message on the cell phone notifying that the cashback can now be used in AME partner stores. To find out how much you got back, just open the message.

    The promotion has the limit of using up to five times the benefits of rewarded purchases per month, and it is only possible to use a maximum of once a day. In addition to this rule, AME digital recommends that you keep the app up to date to avoid possible crashes and problems.

    Now that you know the program, before taking advantage of the promotion, you need to register with AME Digital. Find out how to do this below.

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    How to register for AME Digital

    To follow the step by step, your first task is to download the Ame Digital application available for devices with Android and IOS system. After that, proceed to the tutorial below.

    Step 1: When entering the app, tap on the message “Create My Account Ame”;

    Step 2: On the screen that opened, put your CPF number, then your full name and your date of birth.

    Step 3: Now enter your e-mail and then confirm it, also put your cell phone number. An SMS code will be sent to the number you entered, which needs to be entered into the app.

    Step 4: with everything right, create a password. Remember that you must put numbers and letters and contain at least eight characters.

    Step 5: you will receive a message in your email. Confirm your account validation to complete your registration at Ame Digital

    Step 6: ready! Your registration in AME Digital has been completed.

    With your account already created, you now need to register for the Prêmio Compra Premiada promotion, as will be shown below.

    How to register for the Prize Purchase promotion

    To take advantage of the promotion is very simple, just do the following steps:

    Step 1: when filling up your vehicle, inform the gas station attendant at the Petrobras gas station that you want to use AME as a form of payment.

    Step 2: open the AME Digital app and log in. On the app’s home screen, tap “Pay”

    Step 3: your device's camera will open. Scan the QR code that the attendant will give you and choose the option “Point your purchase at Premmia”.

    Step 4: inform the amount that needs to be paid for your supply.

    Step 5: now choose your credit card that is registered in the application and/or available balance

    Step 6: that's it, you've just used the Award-Winning promotion.

    The promotion is nice, but you also need to understand some other rules so you don't get caught by surprise.

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    Points you need to pay attention to

    It is important to point out that not all Petrobras, BR Mania and Lubrax+ gas stations participate in the Compra Premiada promotion. Therefore, only establishments registered with the AME and those with Premmia offer availability for customers to take advantage of the benefits. You can check the complete list of the nearest BR gas station with Premmia here.

    In this way, customers who use this promotion can use cashback in two different ways, they are:

    1 – use the money in your digital wallet to discount your purchases at AME establishments and partner stores. To do this, when paying, just choose the option “Balance + Card”, so the person can make part of the payment with cashback and the other part with credit card.

    2 – It is possible to make the payment only with the cashback balance you have.

    You also need to be aware of the status of the rewards you receive from the Prize Purchase, which indicate the validity of your purchased benefits. Therefore, the statuses are in two stages, they are:

    • Ready to use: when the app shows this status, it means that the prize won with the Prize Purchase is already in the Ame Digital Wallet system and the user can make use of the benefit. Recapitulating that the deadline for the advantage to be released is up to seven days after confirmation on your statement.
    • Canceled: this means that the promotion prize was canceled due to the cancellation of payment at the Petrobras, BR Mania and Lubrax+ service stations.

    A very cool possibility that AME Digital users have is that the cashback earned with the Compra Premiada promotion can be used at Lojas Americanas,, Submarino, Shoptime, Soubarato and other partner stores.

    However, despite this benefit, a negative point is that it is still not possible to use cashback to make installments.

    It is important to note that you must authenticate your credit card before making purchases using AME. According to the platform, sometimes the authentication operation is not automatic. In cases like this, the AME may request some evidence.

    Still on authentication, AME advises that users who are unable to automatically validate the card, to enter the application, access the Profile tab and then the help menu, to verify with the AME the reason and what needs to be done to resolve the situation.

    It is worth clarifying that the authentication of your registered card is to bring more security to customer transactions. This happens so that the AME can be sure that it is the owner who is actually using the services of the platform.

    If the user does not authenticate the credit card, considering the client's safety, AME imposes a limit on transactions of up to R$100. This limit is only removed when the customer authenticates the card.

    The Prize Purchase also has the benefit of indicating and winning. That is, if you share your unique link with your friends, family or anyone who has never used the AME service, and that person pays for the purchase using the platform, you and he will earn cashback. In this way, check out the regulation below to have this benefit:

    • All the people you referred to the platform will receive R$10 in cashback balance after completing their first purchase by paying with Ame Digital. But for that, it must be a purchase with a value greater than R$ 10.
    • You will also receive your cashback after the person you referred makes the purchase. So, you can send your unique link to whoever you want and you will receive the R$ 10 for the first 10 people who use your link.

    Your unique code is in your Ame Digital wallet. To see it, just access the application and go to the Profile tab and then just select the option “Indicate and win”, copy the link and then share with your acquaintances either in person or on social networks.

    It is worth noting that Premmia has other advantages for its customers, but the purpose of this post was to show you how to use AME to take advantage of the Compra Premiada promotion. In any case, you can use the Petrobras loyalty program in other areas other than gas stations. So, if you want to know more about the program, you can access the website or download the application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

    Did you enjoy the benefit of the Reward Purchase? So you can pay for your purchases with cashback and use the Ame Digital super app service and save by filling up your vehicle, at the convenience store and at the lubrication center at Petrobras gas stations. Just be sure to check out the establishments that participate in the program that allow you to pay with Ame Digital.

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