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    How to renew driver's license online?

    How to renew driver's license online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 29, 2022 | News |

    For those who want or need to drive a vehicle, you know very well that every 5 years we need to renew our National Driver's License. For those over 65, this period is reduced to 3 years. But, do you know how to renew CNH on the internet and all the documents necessary for the process? 

    Many people think that it is necessary to go to the Detran to schedule the renovation. In fact, the agency is responsible for the renewal of the CNH, but a good part of the process can be done over the internet. Today we will explain how to renew CNH online. 

    Of course, the CNH renewal application process may change from state to state. But in federations like our city, Minas Gerais and Paraná, it is possible to request in a virtual way. This is a way that will also help you on how to renew CNH in the pandemic. See how. 

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    Renewal of CNH: how to do it on the website?

    The request must be made by the driver who has an expired CNH or is close to the expiration date. 

    The first step is to access the Detran portal in your state (check here for a list of links to all Detrans in each state). Inside the website, look for the CNH renewal tab and click on the request button.

    The second step is to fill in the requested personal data, such as: CPF, full name, address, date of birth, date of first license and others. This information may also vary by state. 

    In the third step, after filling out the form with all the information, the driver must download the State Collection form. Through this guide, the driver collects the amount of the fee charged by the Detran to provide the renewal service. 

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    With this form printed, it will be necessary to pay the fee at any bank accredited by the Detran in your state. With the paid guide, the next step is to schedule your medical exam, also through the website. 

    Remembering that the medical exam is the eye exam. For those who carry out paid work and, according to the category of their CNH, physical and mental fitness tests and also a toxicological test may be requested. 

    How to renew CNH online via app

    Some states provide Detran services through a mobile application. This makes the process easier for drivers. You can check on your state's Detran website to see if this option is available for you. 

    The process to do it through the app is exactly the same as the process to do it through the website. However, to do it through the app, you will first need to download it on your smartphone and then start your request. 

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    Tip for those who are having difficulty renewing their CNH online

    If you didn't find the above information on your state's Detran website, or couldn't for some reason renew your CNH online, don't worry! 

    If you want to renew expired CNH, know that it is possible. Expired driver's licenses can be renewed in person, with a driving school to guide you and forward your request. 

    The first step, in this case, is to contact the driving school and schedule an appointment. On the day of the face-to-face service, take with you an original document with a photo and proof of address. 

    The attendant will request the renewal of the CNH and will give you the guide for payment of the fee. After paying the ticket, return to the driving school to schedule your exams. 

    How to renew driving license online: other important information 

    Each state has its charge amount for the CNH renewal fee. However, this value to renew CNH varies between R$ 100 to R$ 150,00 reais.

    Drivers with some type of restriction registered with the Detran, can be called to carry out the renewal in person. In these cases, the simplified renewal of the CNH made over the internet is not authorized. 

    If you are in a state other than your home state, or where you got your first driver's license, you will have to attend a Detran unit in person to renew your driver's license.  

    After the renewal process, your driver's license, with a new expiration date, will be sent via post office. The delivery address will be the one registered with the Detran. Delivery time is around 10 working days.

    Your expired CNH still serves as a personal and official identification document, accepted by public bodies. You don't have to discard it. 

    CNH renewal: traffic legislation

    Our country's Traffic Code provides for a very serious fine to drive vehicles with an expired license for more than 30 days. This information is contained in its article 162. 

    The consequences of this infraction are the imposition of a fine, seizure and collection of the CNH and retention of the vehicle, until another qualified driver can withdraw it. 

    How to renew driver's license online: Conclusion

    Driving with an expired CNH can cost you a fine of almost R$300,00 reais. In addition, with a very serious infraction, the driver loses 7 points on his license.

    With the help of the digital environment, the CNH renewal process became more agile. However, it is prudent not to wait for your CNH to expire to apply for renewal and thus avoid problems with your license. 

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