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    How to register my company in Rappi?

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    How to register my company in Rappi?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 6, 2022 | Technology |

    The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the national economy. Several businesses had to be closed temporarily and some suffered such extensive impacts that they will hardly reopen.

    However, even with this negative scenario, food delivery companies ended up benefiting at this time. With that in mind, in this text, we will answer the question: How to register my company in Rappi?

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    Due to the closing of businesses, highlighting the restaurants and the fear of people to go to the markets to make purchases or even the lack of motivation to prepare some food, the option of ordering food ends up becoming attractive and used at this time.

    With this in mind, the owners of restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias and even markets started to register their businesses in delivery applications.

    According to the intelligence company Compre&Confie, in June 2022, purchases of food and beverages alone rose 339% in May of the same year. This figure is three times higher than the rise for e-commerce as a whole, which was 133%.

    A study by CVA Solutions consultancy in 2022, obtained by Exame, shows the most used delivery applications. CVA heard 2.757 people, in 12 cities in our country in May 2022, among them, people with different income ranges, schooling and family profiles were heard.

    When asked about the delivery services they use the most, 71% said they order more often on iFood, 18% on Uber Eats, 5% on Rappi and 2% on 99Food. iFood also leads as the most popular service. Just over 97% of users know the brand, followed by Uber Eats, with 87% and 76% of Rappi. 

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    Orders placed on the apps are usually delivered by motoboys, who take the order to the consumer, regardless of whether he lives in a house or apartment, for example. 

    For these reasons, company registrations in delivery apps have increased. Thinking about food companies that want to adopt the delivery system, today we are going to answer the question: How do I register my company on Rappi?

    How to register my company in Rappi?

    The process to register Rappi for companies can be a bit time-consuming and also a bit bureaucratic. It's not just entering the application and registering your company. Rappi, first of all, needs to evaluate your establishment to see if it fits the criteria and if it is beneficial for them to incorporate your business in the application.

    See below the step-by-step that answers your question “how to register my company in Rappi?”:

    Step 1. Contact Rappi, explain that you are interested in being part of the application. To do this, send an email to: It is necessary to contain some information about your business, such as name, segment and the city in which it is located. The application's response may take some time, as Rappi needs to evaluate your business. 

    Step 2. If your company receives approval, a standard contract will be sent by Rappi, so that the insertion of your business in the application takes place. Along with the contract, you will also receive a login and password, which must be used to access the RappiAliado application.

    This app is available on Google Play for any smartphone running Android 4.1 and up. It is worth mentioning that RappiAliado is not available on the Apple Store, Apple's digital application distribution service.

    Step 3. When accessing RappiAliado, informing the login and password received, select the option “Activate restaurant”. After that, choose your restaurant by clicking on “Menu”.

    Step 4. In the next step, you will need to enter all the necessary information, such as the opening hours of your business and the payment methods you will make available.

    Step 5. With all that done, the next step will be to choose the dishes you want to leave with the active status. To accomplish this, you will need to include photos of each of the selected dishes. Taking into account Rappi's rules, it is advisable that you put real photos, and not taken from the internet, for example.

    Stay tuned for the quality of the photos, as the greater the number of sales and positive reviews, the greater the number of people who will be able to view your producer in the application. That way, the chances of you getting a higher approval from them will also increase.

    Rappi also requires that the reviews received from customers are good, so that you can continue to be part of the team.

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    Rappi also offers as a service channel, two e-mails and the Help Center, through the application itself. Through them, you as a company or as a customer will be able to solve your problems or file a complaint. You can send a message through the e-mails: and

    The application offers several benefits to users, such as Rappi Coupon, where you can earn discounts with your purchases. However, you must make the purchase using a credit card. The user can also receive RappiCréditos, an individual code that can be sent to friends.

    The more people who accept the invitations to download Rappi, the more discount credits the person who sent them will receive. Rappi offers many payment options for restaurants and other businesses to offer to their customers. Among them are:

    • Credit card;
    • Debit card;
    • Cash;
    • PayPal;
    • Google Pay;
    • Sodexo;
    • VR;
    • Alelo;
    • Among others.

    How to place an order on Rappi?

    The process of placing an order in Rappi is not very complicated to learn and does not differ much from other applications.

    Here's a step-by-step guide on how to place an order:

    Step 1. After opening the application, on its main screen you will be able to change the address by clicking on it.

    Step 2. After adding the delivery address, select the section related to your order;

    Step 3. Choose the establishment you want. Then follow the directions in the application;

    Step 4. After finalizing your order, add these to your shopping cart. When you have finished shopping, click on “Check Order”;

    Step 5. The next screen that appears will be “Order Summary”. There, you will be able to access the option of tipping the delivery person. In addition, you will also be able to confirm your address again, to make sure everything is correct.

    Step 6. After that, your order list will be available. If everything is ok, click on “All right? You can ask!”. Okay, your order is finished, just wait.

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    What is Rappi?

    Rappi is one of the largest delivery services that is not limited to food. In it you can find, in addition to food, drinks, cleaning services, pets, supermarkets, 24-hour pharmacy, wholesale, travel agency and others.

    Rappi can be accessed in a web version and in applications for Android or iPhone (iOS) cell phones. Deliveries are made by motoboys, who take the order to the consumer. The creation of the startup took place in Colombia, in 2022. Currently, it is a success throughout Latin America.

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