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    How to calculate 13th free salary? the best calculators

    How to calculate 13th free salary? the best calculators

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 21, 2022 | Technology |

    Many workers may have doubts about how to calculate 13th wage.

    But there are some ways to do this for free.

    In this post, we separate some calculator options available online and easily accessible to make your life easier when calculating. 

    For those who don't know, the thirteenth salary is a bonus that employees with a formal contract are entitled to receive every December according to the law.

    This 13th salary will be proportional to 1/12 of the monthly base salary that the employee receives for the entire year.

    That's why the sites listed below are for calculating your 13th salary without any problems, simply and quickly.

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    Who is entitled to 13?

    Now that you know what the thirteenth salary is, who is entitled to receive this bonus?

    Every worker who has at least 15 days worked per month and has a formal contract can receive the money.

    Even pensioners from the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and retirees can receive the amount.

    Employees who were terminated for cause before the 13th payment is not entitled to the bonus.

    If the dismissal is without just cause, they may be able to receive the amount.

    Employees who started to receive the sick pay end up having their contract with the company undone, they are also entitled to the 13th salary proportional to the time I work in that particular year.

    The rest will be paid by the INSS.

    Employees who were removed due to an accident at work will also receive the amount proportional to what was worked during the year.

    The rest of the amount must also be paid by the INSS.

    If the employee needs to be away for the whole year, then the full amount of the 13th will also be paid by the INSS.

    Interns are not entitled to the bonus.

    Some companies usually give some bonus to interns of their own free will.

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    How to calculate 13th salary: Calculators

    Now that you know the main points of the thirteenth, come check out our list of the main tools to calculate the 13th salary in a practical and fast way.

    1. Calculate 13th Salary: iDinheiro

    The iDinheiro portal, which as its name suggests is specialized in finance.

    It has its own calculator for the thirteenth, which is very easy and simple to use.

    To calculate 13th salary, all you need to do is inform your gross salary, the number of dependents, number of months worked, the number of installments and click on “Calculate”.

    After that, the value of your thirteenth will be shown automatically.

    To perform a new query, simply click on “Clear” and enter the new data. 

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    2. Calculate 13th Salary: FDR Portal

    Another option to calculate 13th salary is the online calculator of Portal FDR.

    The operation of this platform is very similar to the previous option, following the pattern of most calculators on the list.

    You will enter your gross salary, number of months you worked in the year.

    Optionally, you can also inform dependents and installments.

    Then, you will follow the same path mentioned before and click on “Calculate” to check the result or on “Clear” to perform a new query with new information.

    3. Calculate 13th Salary:

    Although it has a more dated interface, the operation of the online calculator to calculate the 13th of follows the standards and the same model mentioned in the other two previous options.

    You will enter your work information, such as the number of months you worked, gross salary, installments and the number of dependents.

    By clicking on “Clear”, you will be able to make a new query.

    In the “Calculate” button you get the result of your thirteenth.

    As a differential, this option still shows the INSS and IRRF percentages and the discounts you will already suffer.

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    4. Calculate 13th Salary: Portal Mobills

    With a more current interface, to calculate 13th salary you can use the digital calculator from Portal Mobills.

    You will inform the gross salary you receive, the amount of months worked in the year, number of dependents and the installments (first or second installment).

    Then click the blue “Calculate” button to get the result.

    The “Clear” button is used to delete the results and perform a new query. 

    5. Calculate 13th Salary: Daily Investments 

    As the name of the portal suggests, Diários Investimentos is specialized in finance and investments.

    So it is to be expected that they have a digital calculator for the thirteenth salary.

    As with the options above, to know how to calculate 13th salary, you need to inform the number of installments, dependents, your gross salary and the number of months you worked in the year.

    Just click “Calculate” to get your result.

    In the “Clear” button, you can make a new query with new information.

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    6. Calculate 13th Salary: Exact Calculation

    To calculate 13º in the online calculator of the Exact Calculation, the information will be a little different from the ones mentioned in the calculators above.

    Furthermore, it is important to note that this is a version to calculate the thirteenth of domestic employees.

    Thus, you will need to inform the amount of your monthly salary, the year in which the thirteenth is valid and your hiring date.

    By clicking on “Continue” you will be able to get your bonus amount.

    7. Calculate 13th Salary: Mania Calculation

    Calculus Mania's online calculator works with more information and detail than most of the above options for calculating 13th.

    You will inform your gross salary, the annual average of the additional ones, being able to type or select by date, the value of the private pension, the alimony if it is charged on the payroll and the dependents.

    Then, to perform the calculation, simply click on “Calculate” or “Clear Values” to perform a new query. 

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    8. Calculate 13th Salary: Konkero

    A simpler but more straightforward option for calculating 13th is Konkero's online calculator.

    The platform is very simple.

    To use it, you only need to enter your gross salary and the number of months you have been working at the company.

    With this, a button option written “Calculate” in green will appear on the screen, just click on it and wait for the result.

    The information will show the INSS and income tax discounts, in addition to the value of each installment and the total. 

    9. Calculate 13th Salary: Veja Magazine

    Did you know that Veja Magazine also has its own online calculator for you to calculate 13th for free?

    Its operation follows the pattern listed above.

    You need to inform your gross salary, months worked in the year and dependents.

    Then, just click on “Calculate” and check the result.

    The data are already shown with the INSS and income tax discounts, in addition to the values ​​of the two installments, being the 1st and 2nd installments. 

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