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    How to read QR Code: 6 app options for reading

    How to read QR Code: 6 app options for reading

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 23, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Apparently, QR Codes are here to stay! Many of them are used to advertise sponsorships in lives, magazines, share wifi network data and even to access the menu of restaurants. know how to read qr code with your cell phone.

    The QR Code, called Quick Response Code (or Quick Response Code, in English), was created in 1997 and is a square-shaped 2D code that serves to share information. Typically, it is used to direct people to a particular page on a website.

    The technology emerged as an improvement of the bar code, because through it it is possible to store more information, in addition to the fact that the reading is performed more quickly.

    QR Codes are already widely used by companies. We've already given tips here on how to take advantage of this technology in your offline business. Today we will teach you how to read the QR Code.


    The simplest way to extract data from a QR Code is through your smartphone's camera. That's because any camera on a cell phone can quickly read the 2D code.

    1. Cell phone camera

    To read and extract the information from a QR Code by cell phone is very simple. Just open the camera's native application, the one that is already installed on your cell phone, as if you were going to take a picture.

    Then just point your cell phone camera at the code and wait. It will not be necessary to press the camera button. When reading, a message will appear on your device's screen, informing about the redirection and requesting authorization.

    By giving your ok, you will be redirected to a link, a social network or a file. This will depend on the purpose of the code you are reading.

    2. Reading Applications

    If your cell phone camera doesn't read the code, don't be sad. You can download an application that will definitely perform this function.

    There are several app options on the market, both for Android and iOS. Check out some of them:


    Below we list some application options for those who want to know how to read QR Code:

    1. Barcode Scanner

    An application for reading various codes, including the QR Code. Only available for Android and BlackBerry.

    2. QR Scanner

    A free app, available for Samsung Galaxy devices.

    3. QR Code Reader

    A free app is also available for devices with iOS operating system.

    4. Google Leans

    This Google technology is very complete. QR Code reading is just one of Leans' functions, which can even translate texts just by pointing your cell phone camera, among other things.

    In addition, it identifies plants and animals through the camera and scans documents. It's certainly an app worth having on your phone device;

    5. QR Code Reader

    This option is interesting, because in addition to reading, you can create your own QR Code through this app.

    Thus, you can also share information easily, quickly and securely;

    6. QR Code Reader

    Despite the very similar name, this is another option.

    QR Code Reader is scan-only, with no extra functions in the app. He promises to be the fastest of the readers so far nominated.

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    It is a fact that QR Code technology is not something new. However, with the technology of cell phones becoming more and more accessible, only in recent years has this code option been put to good use.

    Once you already know how you can use this technology and how to read QR Code, how about thinking of ways to adapt and use it in your business?

    That's what WhatsApp Business did, which facilitated contact with customers through the QR Code.

    In addition, many other financial companies such as Banco Inter, for example, use the feature to facilitate the login of their customers.

    If you want to facilitate contact with your customers or share information with a more modern and professional look, be sure to consider using this technology that has come to make our routine easier.

    Now that you know how to read QR Code and how to use it in your business, leave a comment here telling your experience. We'd love to hear if you've already taken that step.

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