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    How to put music on Instagram Stories: 5 steps

    How to put music on Instagram Stories: 5 steps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 25, 2022 | Instagram |

    In our country, there are thousands of accounts using Instagram Stories every day. With this growth, the app always invests in new features. One of the most awaited by users was the how to put music in instagram stories.

    Just like personal profiles, commercials are learning to use all of Instagram's features. Whether promoting news, behind the scenes of your business or photos of your products, several companies are increasingly using Instagram Stories.

    A great way to diversify your digital marketing content on the social network and still attract the attention of your audience is to put music on Instagram Stories. So today we are going to teach you several ways on how to do this.


    The best, and also the easiest, way to add music to Instagram Stories is through the platform's native music sticker. Using this available feature, you will be able to add the most current and viral songs of the moment.

    Learn below how to put music on Instagram Stories:

    Step 1: Create your Stories normally and then tap on the sticker icon in the menu in the top corner of Stories;

    Step 2: Choose feature Music;

    Step 3: Various song suggestions will appear in the tabs Over to You e Explore. You can search for a song in the field of Search (magnifying glass). To hear a snippet of the song, just tap the music icon. Play on the right side of her and artist's name;

    Step 4: To select the chosen song, just touch its name;

    Step 5: In the Stories you created, it will be possible to make some edits. Are they:

    - In Letters A: it is possible to put music in Instagram Stories with lyrics, with 4 different fonts. If you want, you can change the color, in the menu of Colors on top;

    - On the camera and photo icons: are options to show the name of the song and artist, or the cover of the album to which the song belongs;

    - Issue 15: Select how many seconds of music you want to play in Stories. It can be between 5 and 15 seconds. It is not possible to increase the music time in Instagram Stories;

    - Bottom bar: in it you can select the moment of the song that will be played in Stories.

    Ready! Now just post!


    Unfortunately, not all accounts are able to put music on Instagram Stories. This is because, just like Facebook, some Instagram features are not always available to all users at the same time.

    Having your phone's app and operating system always up to date can help if your Instagram doesn't have music. If it doesn't work, report the issue directly to Instagram.

    Here's how to report an issue to Instagram:

    Step 1: Access your profile in the mobile app and tap the Options (three parallel risks);

    Step 2: Select option settings and depois Help;

    Step 3: Then click Report a problem. You will be given some trouble options, choose something is not working and then briefly describe the problem.


    If you don't have the music sticker, have already reported the problem and still want to put music on Instagram Stories, we have two tips that can help you.

    But watch out! It is possible that Instagram will bar due to copyright.

    If this happens, it's best not to try again to avoid being punished by Instagram and being shadowbanned. Or even be in danger of losing your account.

    1. SPOTIFY

    Some time ago, Spotify partnered with Instagram, which made it possible for its users to share their most read songs with their followers in Stories.

    To put music on Instagram Stories using Spotify:

    Step 1: Open Spotify app on mobile, choose album or playlist;

    Step 2: In the song you want to share, click on the 3 dots in the right corner of the screen;

    Step 3: Touch Share and then in Instagram stories;

    Step 4: You will be taken directly to Stories. The cover of the disc to which the song belongs and its name will appear. You will be able to edit like a normal Stories (writing, adding GIF, etc). When finished, just post.

    Anyone viewing your Stories will be able to click and be directed to Spotify to listen to the song. The downside is that this way the music won't play in Stories.

    Do you want to know how to put music in Instagram Stories with Spotify, in a way that it appears? Just put the music to play on your phone, open Instagram Stories and record, as it will play in the background.

    This tip applies to any music app that works in the background on your phone.


    You can use various video editing apps to put music on Instagram Stories. Some apps that we've already tested and have the option to add music and audio to videos:

    – Inshot (Available for Android and iOS)

    – Filmr (Available for Android and iOS)

    – Quik (Available for Android and iOS)

    – Clips (Available for iOS only)

    – Videoleap (Available for iOS only)

    These apps only provide free music and audios and you can also add music from your phone's library. But again, we will always point out that due to copyright, the video may be deleted from your Instagram. So be careful!

    Are you in need of free music to use in your social media posts? We've separated 8 free music banks for you to use!

    Tell us in the comments if this feature already appears for you!

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