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    How to make a free electronic signature online, in Word and on mobile

    Creating an electronic signature makes it more convenient to sign documents from your PC or mobile phone, whether in PDF or Word. Despite not having the legal validity of a digital signature, the e-signature is often accepted in many agreements and transactions.

    shows you how to do this on PC, Android, and iPhone. Also understand the difference between electronic signature and digital signature.

    1. Online

    To include the electronic signature online, we will use the Sign PDF service, from the Small PDF platform. Free, the site allows you to sign using your mouse, trackpad or the touchscreen of your cell phone or tablet. Or even upload an image with the signature.

    The service claims to use 256-bit SSL encryption system to keep the content of documents secure. This means that only signers have access to what is written in the file.

    1. Go to the Small PDF website and click Choose File to upload the document;

    2. Close the instruction box that appears on the screen. To insert your signature on the document, go to create a subscription;

    • No cell, need to go to Your subscription → Create a subscription.

    3. Three options will be displayed:

    A) Sign: Use your mouse or mobile screen to write your signature on the line. If you want, you can change the color by clicking on the black circle above the rectangle.

    B) Type: as the name implies, you must enter your name and then choose the font in Change style.

    C) Upload: allows you to upload a JPG file with your signature. Just click on choose an image. You can also change the color in the black circle above the rectangle;

    • No cell, only the Sign alternative is displayed. But if you tap on the icon formed by three lines, in the upper left corner of the screen, you will also have access to the Upload item.

    4. After following one of the above procedures, click I create to continue;

    5. No computer, the created signature will appear in the right column of the document. Click on it, so that it appears in the document. At the cell, it will already be over the document;

    6. Then click and drag to position it in the location you prefer. It is also possible to change the size by clicking on the squares at the ends and dragging;

    7. now go to Finish and Sign to complete the process;

    8. To save the document on the device, go to Hello and then in Save to device.

    How to invite someone else to sign

    If you need others to sign the same document virtually, you can use the Sign PDF service. In that case, before going to finalize and sign, you should touch add signatory.

    Then, enter the name, surname and email of the person and go to Add to Cart. This data will appear in the right column on PC or at the bottom of the screen on mobile. Drag it to where you want her to sign.

    If you have to include someone else, just repeat the process as many times as you need. When finished, go to Review and Submit. On the next screen, enter your first name, last name and email address and, if you wish, compose a message to the recipient.

    complete in finalize and send. In the confirmation box that appears, click Yes you can send it. The person will receive the document in their email. She can also choose to manually sign, type, or upload an image with the signature.

    2.Not Word

    Word allows you to easily insert a signature if the user has a Digital ID. But there is no native feature as far as electronic signature is concerned. However, two simple tricks allow you to add the signature manually or by adding an image. Check out!

    manually signing

    1. First, open the document you will need to sign;

    2. Then open the program Paint. On a blank sheet in the program, use the pencil tool to write your signature;

    3. If you want to adjust the image size, click Select. Drag the mouse to select the area around what was written and click Cut;

    4. Still in Paint, go to File → Save As → PNG Image. Name the image, choose the folder and save;

    5. Now, back to the document in Word, on the Insert tab, click Images → This device. Insert the image you just saved from Paint by double clicking on it;

    6. The image will appear in the document. To position it in the right place, just click and drag. To resize, click on one of the circles at the end of the figure and drag;

    7. Once the signature has been added, save the document normally in the path File → Save As.

    Uploading a signature photo

    1. Open the document in which you need to insert your signature;

    2. On the Insert tab, go to the Insert and click Images → This device. Then, select your signature photo;

    3. The image will appear in the document. Click on it to access the editing tools. If you want to remove the background, leaving only the drawn lines, click remove background;

    4. The program will automatically select the photo background to delete. However, there may be some detection errors. If you want to include a part that would be removed, click the button Mark areas to keep and then over the area.

    For regions that would be kept but want to remove, go to Mark areas to remove;

    5. Finish editing by clicking on the check icon (✔);

    6. Now, position the signature in the right place by clicking and dragging over it. To resize, click on one of the circles at the end of the figure and drag;

    7. Once the signature has been added, save the document normally in the path File → Save As.

    3. On mobile (Android and iPhone)

    To sign a PDF document on mobile, let's use the app Adobe Fill & Sign, available for free for Android and iOS. So just download and follow the step by step below.

    1. Open Adobe Fill & Sign. If you want, log in to your Gmail, Facebook or Apple ID account. Otherwise, tap on the icon x to access resources without registering;

    2. At the top of the screen, tap Select a form to fill out;

    3. In the menu that opens, choose the document source. It can be from the files, the image gallery or taking a photo on the spot, for example. Then, tap on the document you want to open or take the photo;

    4. With the document open, go to the pen icon, located at the top of the screen on Android and at the bottom on iPhone;

    5. Then choose create subscription;

    6. With your finger or a touchscreen pen, sign over the line that will appear on the screen. If you don't like the result, you can delete it at Clean. When you're satisfied, go to completed;

    • No iPhone, the user also has the option to take a photo on the spot or include an image with the signature. In this case, you must then select the region and confirm in completed. The app automatically removes the photo background.

    7. If, by chance, the signature does not automatically appear over the document, tap the pen icon once more. When you see the signature image, tap on it.

    By tapping and holding, you can drag it to the desired area. In the icon formed by two arrows in opposite directions, you can adjust the size;

    8. To save, tap on the share icon, located next to the pen icon.

    • No Android, when tapping on the icon, the file is automatically saved in the downloads folder.
    • No iPhone, select the location where you want to save or through which app you want to share the document.

    What is the difference between electronic signature and digital signature?

    Although they seem synonymous, electronic signature and digital signature are not the same thing. THE electronic signature is a digitized firm that, despite being widely accepted, may not be admitted to large transactions.

    In September 2022, Provisional Measure 983/2022 expanded the use of electronic signatures in documents. But there are still limitations. According to Agência Estado, they are not valid in judicial proceedings, interactions in which there may be anonymity and ombudsman systems of public entities.

    Nor can they be used in victim and witness assistance programs under threat and in cases where the preservation of secrecy is necessary.

    In such cases, it is necessary to use the digital signature, which is a digital certificate issued by an authorized certification authority. It is associated with an exclusive anti-fraud code, which guarantees its integrity and authenticity.

    According to the company of processes SML of our country, the legislation of our country accepts the digital signature as a legal substitute of the signature of own hand.


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