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    How to enter Outlook email? Discover all the options

    How to enter Outlook email? Discover all the options

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 13, 2022 | News |

    Do you know how to get into Outlook email? In this text we will explain how to perform this step by step in several ways. Check here the news that Microsoft 365 offers its customers and how Outlook email works.

    Many people may remember that at the time of MSN, Hotmail email was one of the most used, but over time, the landscape changed and Hotmail migrated to Outlook.

    Thus, the users of the previous account switched to using Microsoft Outlook and they had their previous contacts recovered. In addition, the friends added to your Skype continued to be linked as there was already this connection between the companies.

    How to enter Outlook email?

    To enter Outlook email there are several different ways, we will explain in this part of the text what these possibilities are.

    Most usual way:

    Step 1. The most common way is to go to the Outlook website and click "Get in".

    Step 2. Then just enter your email or mobile number and click "Advance".

    Step 3. Now just enter the password and select "Get in".

    Step 4. If you want to log into your account next time without having to re-enter your email and password, you can check the box “Do not show this again” and click on "Yea".

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    How to access your account with Windows Hello

    Windows Hello is a feature present at Microsoft that allows the user to log in to the lock screen and log in via a PIN, fingerprint, facial and iris recognition.

    It is important to remember that your notebook or computer must be compatible with the version that has the Windows Hello feature as an option. It is recommended that your device comes with Windows 10 version 1809 or later and the default browser is Microsoft Edge.

    To check if your device supports such technology, check if it is on this list.

    Windows Hello: How to Sign in from Microsoft Edge

    Step 1. go to menu "Start" and enter "Settings".

    Step 2. select option "Accounts" and then click on “Input Options”.

    Step 3. In this part you can find different ways to connect to your device. And among them there are some related to Windows Hello.

    The computer used to make this tutorial is not compatible with this type of technology, so follow the explanations below to be able to play it on your device.

    Step 4. To perform facial recognition simply select “Face of Windows Hello”. This function allows the camera to capture impressions of your face and the iris sensor, and from there, a representation of data is created, forming a graph.

    The information is encrypted and then saved to your device and transmitted to Microsoft.

    Step 5. Another option that can be used is the “Windows Hello Fingerprint”, in which a reader captures the user's data through biometrics and then a graphic representation is made in the same way as facial recognition works.

    Step 6. Another way to connect to your device is the “PIN do Windows Hello”. This is a good alternative if facial recognition or biometrics doesn't work properly.

    The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a login code that basically consists of 4 digits, made up of numbers, letters and special characters.

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    How to enter Outlook email with security key

    Security key is a physical device that can be USB or NFC type. The first must be inserted into the computer input and the second works from the touch of a button present on the object.

    Because it is a physical device, the key has greater protection against hackers. And even if someone manages to find and try to use your key, it will not be possible to gain access, as it is necessary to know the PIN and have the fingerprint registered.

    Step 1. On the Outlook website, after selecting "Get in" you have the possibility to choose the mode “Input Options”.

    Step 2. The first way that appears is the “Sign in with a security key”. After choosing this option, click on “Learn how to configure it”.

    Step 3. A message will appear on the computer asking you to insert the security key into the USB port and at that moment just connect the object to the device.

    But if it is the case that you have not registered your key with Microsoft, you will need to do this procedure beforehand.

    How to enable the use of security key

    Step 1. Access the Microsoft website, log in to your account and click on the option "Update" on the part of "Safety".

    Step 2. Em “Advanced Security Options” Click in "Introduction" and then select “Add a new input or verification mode”.

    Step 3. choose item “Use a security key”.

    Step 4. Selecione "Advance" and then you will be directed to the installation step. If your key is a USB key, it must be inserted into the socket. If the key is of the NFC type, you need to tap on a button on it.

    Step 5. Name the key, close the Microsoft Edge tab and re-enter the page. Now click on “Use security key” and tap the key or enter it.

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    How to get into Outlook email: other ways

    In addition to these modes that we have already mentioned, it is also possible to log in through an account on Github. Just fill in your username and password in the software and you can log into Microsoft Outlook.

    Github is a tool that tracks file change history in general. It has the advantage of workflow flexibility as teams can develop other projects and edit them in real time.

    Thus, Github facilitates interaction between company members, improves project performance and provides security to stored content.

    There is also another way to access your Outlook account. Microsoft has developed an application called Microsoft Authenticator which can be accessed via Android or iOS mobile.

    To download the application you must type in your mobile browser the link, download and click on "Advance".

    From there, Outlook email will be available for free for you to access in a much more practical and faster way.

    Take advantage of our tips and choose the safest and most agile way to access your Outlook email. It's always good to be aware of the spam box and the news we receive every day.

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