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    How to log into Gmail on mobile? Check step by step

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    How to log into Gmail on mobile? Check step by step

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 14, 2022 | Google |

    The task of enter no Gmail no mobile It's something that can be very practical.

    This text will clear all your doubts about how to do this step by step.

    Gmail is a free webmail service from Google, configured in HTTPS, which guarantees security between encrypted messages. When a Gmail account is created, you automatically have a Google account as well.

    The best part is that the Google account offers 15 GB of storage to distribute between Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos services. The possibility of having so much space in one place has made many people choose Gmail.

    But if you are still not satisfied with the amount of space available, there is the option to add more memory. To perform this service, you need to hire Google One, a premium feature that can be very useful for the need to store a considerable amount of media on your computer.

    Gmail Advantages

    • Adds labels to emails to facilitate organization;
    • Contains large storage space: accepts up to 25 MB per message for attachments and 15 GB distributed by existing services on the Google platform;
    • Offers integrated RSS – real-time content distribution;
    • Possibility to divide messages into groups – college, work, family, friends;
    • It has Google chat – instant messaging service that stores conversation history;
    • Displays message filter – field to search for messages;
    • Allows images to be saved in Google Photos;
    • You have the option to check if the sent email was read by the recipient;
    • Has the option to edit Office documents in email attachments;
    • It presents the function of adding a personalized signature to the end of the text to be sent;
    • It has a side tab with all the contacts to facilitate the search for your friends and the communication;
    • It integrates with Google Drive and allows third-party access to shared files.

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    How to enter no Gmail no mobile?

    In this tutorial, the Android application will be used as an example:

    Step 1.

    Initially, unlock your cell phone screen and look for the Google icon, which is usually already installed on the device. In the Android system, you usually already find a folder that comes with several other Google applications.

    In this folder, you will find applications such as Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Youtube and Photos. Choose the Google or Chrome app, which you must have on your device. For the tutorial, we're going to use Google's website to show you how to do each step;

    Step 2.

    Once you select this icon, the device will take you to the Google search homepage. In it, we find the icon of a blue circle with the silhouette of a person drawn. Select this symbol located at the top right of the screen;

    Step 3.

    A message will appear on your screen with options related to the Google account, such as settings, help and feedback. In this part, select the blue button that says “Login”;

    Step 4.

    The device will verify your data and then you will enter the Google account login page;

    Step 5.

    Now just type your Gmail email in this rectangle space. Then select the “Next” option;

    Step 6.

    The next step is to enter your password used to log into Gmail and then click on the button labeled “Next”;

    Step 7.

    You may see the new security feature used by Google to improve user safety. This part is called “Two-Step Verification” and it consists of verifying that it is you who is trying to log into the account and preventing other people from intruding.

    Google will send a notification to your mobile phone and you must tap “Yes” to confirm your identity. But if you prefer to try to do the same if other ways there is the option “Try another way”;

    Step 8.

    The other options for performing this procedure are:

    • Receive a security code to validate via smartphone or tablet;
    • Get automatic verification on mobile number.

    Step 9.

    Once you connect your Gmail email account with the device, it will appear at the top of the screen. After that, there is the possibility of backing up contacts and synchronizing the messages you receive on your smartphone. If you want to activate this option, just click on “Activate backup and synchronization”;

    Step 10.

    The next page refers to the Google and Google Play Terms of Service. After reading, just select “Agree”;

    Step 11.

    Then a text about the Privacy Policy appears. After reading, go to “Accept”;

    Step 12.

    After accepting the Terms, your Gmail email and your photo will always appear on the Google page and in your account settings at the same time;

    Step 13.

    There is a small tutorial explaining how the platform works. Click on “Get started” and start doing Google searches;

    Step 14.

    You will type in the Google search engine the term “Gmail login” and then access the first site that appears in the search result;

    Step 15.

    When you enter the Gmail website, you will be automatically redirected to your email. Now you can see your inbox and stay connected with multiple accounts.

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    How to log into Gmail on mobile using the app

    One way to have access to Webmail in the palm of your hand is to download the Gmail app, which has a version for Android and iOS phones through Google Play and the App Store.

    Gmail app can be set as default Webmail on Android or iOS.

    In it, you can perform all the functions that already exist in the email on your computer. The good thing about getting into Gmail on mobile is that some features are more interesting to use.

    High quality video calls are examples of this. They can be done through Google Meet more conveniently. If you're out and about and are invited to a meeting or need to talk to someone at the last minute, for example, the Gmail app becomes a handy tool.

    Another function that is very useful to use is the smart reply suggestion, as this option helps you to maintain interaction with other contacts during the day to day rush.

    It is now possible to use the smart reply when you are out of time to respond to an email, but still find it important to send a message to the recipient.

    This feature is very good to be used in situations such as when the person goes on vacation and will not respond to emails for a while. In this case, the automatic message can inform you from which day the account owner will be able to contact you.

    The Gmail app also helps with your security, as it has a filter that has the function of blocking messages that are identified as spam, malware, phishing and suspicious links. When emails of this type are detected, Gmail alerts you not to download attachments or reply to messages.

    Frequent cases of attempted hacking happen due to slips such as clicking on links that contain viruses. That's why it's very important to stay tuned before interacting with any content you receive in your inbox or spam.

    From the Gmail app, you can also cancel sending an email that has already been forwarded to the recipient, but the time to do so is just 5 seconds. This prevents any messages containing errors from being accidentally sent.

    Therefore, logging into Gmail on your phone through the app is an easier way to be notified when you receive new emails, as the device activates the notification center on the lock screen or in the top corner of the screen.

    In the app itself, you can also send and respond to event invites to your friends via Google Calendar. The integration features with other users are in the so-called Google Workspace, where Google Chat and Google Meet are located.

    There is currently a new, lighter version of Google's email app called Gmail Go. It has been released for all Android phones and has pretty much all the same features as the Gmail app.

    The difference is that it doesn't come with the Google Meet tab and the RAM consumption is lower. Connect with your Google accounts to log into Gmail from your mobile phone at any time with ease.

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