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    How to create a website on Google? Know everything here

    How to create a website on Google? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 23, 2022 | Google | 0

    If you do not know how to create a website on google, you have come to the right place.

    In this content, we have developed a step by step so that anyone can promote products and services in the virtual world.

    And the best: free of charge and without bureaucracy. 

    The learning process is simpler than learning how to create a WordPress site or how to create a Hostinger site. 

    Here, it is not necessary to understand complicated code or spend hours looking for the best resource for your page.

    In a few minutes, the project will be completed and looking amazing.

    So do not lose more time.

    Read on and get all your doubts cleared about how to create Google websites.  

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    Is it possible to learn how to create a website on Google without the help of a professional?

    Yes. The most interesting thing is that the development of the page can be completed in a few minutes.

    It is not necessary to have experience in the area and make large investments, after all, the implementation is free. 

    On the other hand, it is essential to make it clear that the task requires some knowledge, but that we will highlight them from now on in this topic. Follow up! 

    1. Define your visual identity 

    Before taking your idea to paper, we recommend choosing what the visual identity of the page will be.

    This is very important because it helps to establish which are the most suitable colors for the portal, which are the best fonts and which geometric figures best correspond to the company's scenario. 

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    2. Know your audience 

    Gone are the days when marketing strategies were planned according to the opinion of one of the company's members.

    Now the whole process needs to be done based on numbers.

    Otherwise, it will be more complicated to achieve the results. 

    For this, it is important to find out which people will access the content on your page.

    A good entrepreneur is one who investigates what the target audience's consumption habits are and what information they would like to see on the page. 

    Knowing your audience is very important because it will guide you to develop quality content that will be accepted by the public.

    Therefore, do research and study in detail the information about the visitors.

    At first, this task can be tiring, but it will bring incredible results to your business. 

    3. Design your site's scope 

    Have you ever stopped to think how many pages are on a website created?

    Generally, it consists of home, contact, blog and the services or products offered by the company. 

    The pages are distributed by sections.

    They help to collect all the data for the visitor to navigate through the portal with ease.

    So, before you get down to business, sketch out the structure of the pages.

    When it is fully designed, it will be easier to implement the ideas.

    4. Share quality content 

    It's not enough to build a website and expect results to appear overnight.

    To gain a competitive edge in the market, you need to share quality content that captures the consumer's attention. 

    If you intend to sell clothes online, it is worth showing what are the fashion trends, what to wear in spring, what to wear in summer, how to dress elegantly during a company party, among other issues. 

    This type of content, which can be shared on social networks or on a blog, builds an incredible connection with the audience, ensuring the long-awaited customer loyalty. 

    Next, you must plan the layout of the page.

    It needs to be pleasant so that the reader finds all the information easily.

    The combination of good content and an amazing layout is perfect to guarantee good results on the internet. 

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    5. Invest in quality images 

    The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never made more sense than in the online world.

    This is because visual content helps in understanding a particular content and can answer the customer's main doubts about a particular topic. 

    Those who sell clothes, for example, can take pictures of the pieces from various angles.

    In this way, the customer can understand if that product corresponds to his needs. 

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    6. Apply SEO Strategies 

    It is not news to anyone that Google is one of the top search engines in the world.

    And, to reach the top positions, it is necessary to work with SEO strategies during content production. 

    To facilitate the construction of a website independently, Google developed its own platform, which was called Google Sites.

    And, in the next topic, we will discuss, in detail, the main features that Google allows you to create. 

    It's not enough just to learn how to create a website on Google.

    It is important to follow the guidelines above to achieve great results with your page.

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    What is Google Sites? 

    Before showing you how to create a website on Google, let's understand the concept of this feature better?

    It is a Google website building platform.

    The technology is nothing new.

    It has been part of the search engine's application package since 2008, when it was launched in a simple way for users. 

    The first version had a format very similar to Google Docs.

    Given this scenario, it was not difficult to find pages that were similar to Google Drive documents.

    Since then, there have been several updates to the platform.

    The latest format offers the user a more modern option with organizational features.

    These changes were implemented to improve the experience for everyone involved in the project. 

    Although the Google Sites interface is not as complete as that of a professional page, there are other advantages in using the service, which is more practical and efficient. 

    What is Google Sites for? 

    You can use Google Sites for a variety of purposes:

    • Develop an online course; 
    • Build an internal informative page; 
    • Publicize your services. 

    The downside is that your page domain will not be personalized.

    It will follow the following structure:

    It is not necessary to learn how to create a free domain on Google, it is generated automatically. 

    For entrepreneurs who want to build a page with their own domain, we recommend opening a G Suite account. 

    Is it worth creating a website with Google Sites? 

    Yes. It brings several benefits to an entrepreneur.

    Among the most common are:

    • Create the page free of charge; suitable for beginners who have no experience in the subject;
    • Editing is agile and practical; does not require installation of a complete tool;
    • The platform is integrated with other resources, including: Google Drive and Google Analytics. 

    The list of advantages also contains the possibility of building a new responsive page, that is: it can be adapted to various device models.

    You can create the portal with the support of other co-workers.

    The website will be stored securely and the platform will allow you to manage the page's visibility, which may be restricted to certain readers or public. 

    The user can access the tool online.

    If you are looking for “download Google Sites”, just enter the official website of the tool. 

    How to create a website on Google? 

    Now that you know the main details about the platform, let's learn how to create a website on Google?

    Follow our tips below. 

    Step 1 

    The first step is to access the tool on the official Google website.

    Then, simply log in with a search engine account or a G Suite account.

    If you do not yet have a Google account, you will need to choose the “Create Account” option.

    Step 2 

    Now, you must click on the “+” icon to start the process of developing your page.

    Some people prefer to choose a template that is offered by the tool itself. 

    The next step is one of the favorites among most people: the personalization of the page.

    Initially, choose theme.

    This feature can be identified on the right side of your screen.

    Here, it is important to select fonts and colors. 

    Step 3 

    Then just enter the name of the page and the header that will be displayed on the home page.

    It never hurts to remember that the user can only type the name of the page or add a logo. 

    After this process, choose from the sidebar the layout templates you want to embed on your page.

    Just click and move to the desktop. 

    Step 4 

    We're almost done with the step-by-step guide for you to learn how to create a website on Google.

    Now, let's talk about pages.

    There is no rule regarding the number of pages on a site.

    The choice will depend on the purpose of the portal and the information that your company intends to disclose to visitors. 

    For users who want to build a multi-page website, we recommend heading towards the sidebar, selecting “page” and then the “+” icon. 

    Enter the name of this page, which will be displayed in the menu. 

    The pages section is the best place to choose a page or add sub-pages. 

    Step 5 

    If you want to build a document from scratch, you need to develop sections to add this content, as we have already guided in the previous topics.

    To do this, go to the menu, click and move the layouts, which contain several important elements for the page:

    • Text boxes;
    • Images;
    • Videos;
    • Dividers;
    • forms;
    • maps;
    • buttons. 

    Finally, just add your website content. 

    When teaching how to create a website on Google, we cannot ignore enabling Google Analytics on the page.

    In “Settings”, which can be identified on the top bar, you must select the “Analysis” option and place the tool's tracking code in the corresponding space. 

    Step 6 

    After configuring the page, it is ready to go live.

    Review the content and then select “Publish”. 

    Did you realize that learning how to create a free website is simpler than it looks?

    So, follow our guidelines and achieve more success in the online environment. 

    Is it worth using Google Sites? 

    After figuring out how to create a website on Google, you may be wondering if the tool is right for your business, right?

    The platform is a great alternative for those professionals who want to build a website without adding complicated features.

    In addition, it is also a good option for people who want to share their products and services, but do not have enough capital to hire a company or a professional specialized in the subject. 

    However, it is important to note that the platform has some limitations, especially for companies that want a more professional page:

    • Limited number of themes; 
    • Little flexibility to adjust the appearance of the page; 
    • Editor limitations, which is only available for desktop; 
    • Basic features. Your company cannot build a blog or e-commerce;
    • It is not possible to add codes on the site to apply important strategies such as email marketing and remarketing; 
    • Lack of support. 

    So, if you are aiming to build a complete website with several features, Google Sites is not the best way. 

    Bonus tip: Google contains other products that are important to businesses, such as:

    • Google My Business
    • Google Ads
    • Google Apps for Business
    • Google Maps

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