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    How to bring up the subject: 8 practical tips for good networking

    How to bring up the subject: 8 practical tips for good networking

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 17, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    If you are an introverted person and find it difficult to communicate, know that this can be a barrier to developing your network. So let's talk about how to bring up the subject without making gaffes.

    Researchers at the University of Arizona and Washington University have raised issues that excite people to engage in dialogue.

    With this, it was possible to understand and replace predictable questions such as: does it rain today? For something that really develops an interesting dialogue between the parties.

    The study monitored 79 people, who with a wiretap, had their conversations recorded and analyzed. The final result was published in the scientific journal Psychological Science and suggests that superficial conversations do not create relationships.

    With that in mind, the INC website highlighted questions considered interesting for those who want to know how to bring up the subject and generate networking.


    1. Which book inspired you the most?

    2. What is your life story?

    3. What force moves you to live?

    4. What is your current state of mind?

    5. What would cheer you up right now?

    6. If you could work with anything you wanted today (anywhere, for any amount of money), what would you do and why?

    7. Where and what was the happiest moment in your life?

    8. What do you value most? Intelligence or common sense?

    9. If you could meet anyone you want, who would it be? And what would you talk about?

    10. What is the most important thing I should know about you?

    11. What would you take to a desert island? Choose only 3 items.

    12. What is your favorite movie and why?

    13. Name a man or woman who inspires you

    14. What item of greatest value have you ever owned? (Consider this question only with those who already have a certain intimacy).


    Networking is the network of contacts you can maintain with someone who could become a business partner. Normally, these contacts aim to exchange professional experiences, help each other and identify and enhance opportunities.

    However, some good practices are necessary for effective networking, which we will describe below:

    1. It is necessary to understand the meaning of networking

    Networking isn't just about making conversation or draining someone else's energy. As we said above, the ideal is for the relationship to be beneficial for both sides. It must be faced with generosity and willingness to contribute as well. Only then will this contact be lasting.

    2. Don't get hung up on quantity

    It will be very difficult, for example, at an event, to meet 20 new people. Instead, get to know 10 or 5 more deeply.

    Take the moment to deliver your card or bring up the subject via WhatsApp. Our tip on how to bring up the subject in these cases is that you put the negotiations aside and focus on new contacts.

    3. Participate in online events and groups

    Use social media to join groups and find events. On LinkedIn, for example, it is easy to find various professional events.

    On Facebook and Telegram, you can find groups with common interests. Participating in these groups and starting a conversation contributes to these communities.

    Learn More: What is LinkedIn, how it works and 7 inspiring profiles

    4. Participate more in your work

    In the company where you work, be aware of new projects and work groups.

    Bring up topics you like and see how you can apply them to improve teams' routines. Offer help and ask to join meetings.

    5. Become a volunteer

    Volunteering, in addition to being a beautiful and noble act, can increase your network of contacts.

    Join a volunteer group, join an NGO or contribute to an institution's projects. In these places, you will meet people who fight and defend the same causes as you.

    6. Dress for the occasion

    Inappropriate attire, in addition to making you feel uncomfortable in a situation, can undermine your contacts.

    Being extremely formal at an event where you don't need to, can create an air of pride and people tend to avoid you.

    7. Put your cell phone aside

    When attending an event or meeting, the first rule you have to follow is: leave your cell phone on silent.

    If you're waiting for important information and need to check messages, look for a private place. Do not use your cell phone in front of people in the midst of group interaction.

    8. Keep in touch after the event

    Try to keep in touch right after the event with everyone who has discussed things with you. Add on social media like LinkedIn while they still remember you.


    At the end of your day, after an event putting into practice the tips we mentioned above, evaluate if they were positive for your contacts and if your networking was effective.

    Remember to periodically contact these people. You can share interesting materials about your industry, books, or job openings at your company.

    And of course, after all this relationship, don't be afraid to offer or ask for something if you need it. Of course, not in an obligatory tone, but asking for a favor, asking for an opinion, or even offering a product, is part of the reciprocity of networking.

    Now that you know how to bring up the subject, we want to know: in which channels do you usually maintain networking with your contacts?

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