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    How do I cancel my subscription to Empiricus?

    How do I cancel my subscription to Empiricus?How do I cancel my subscription to Empiricus?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 5, 2022 | Shopping |

    Empiricus is a Portuguese company specialized in financial and investment courses. It currently has more than 350 subscribers, making it one of the largest financial schools in the country. And a very common question among users is: How to cancel my subscription to Empiricus?

    The company works with a subscription system subdivided into categories. Among them we can highlight a few:

    • Real Estate Income;
    • Flash Trader;
    • Exponential Actions;
    • Exponential Coin;
    • Empiricus Serious Trader;
    • Money Rider and among others.

    In addition, it also has a Premium subscription containing the complete portfolio of balanced and profitable investment assets so you can have a better allocation of your financial resources.

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    “How can I cancel my subscription to Empiricus within the warranty period?”

    The method of canceling or suspending your subscription will vary depending on the amount of your investment.

    And if you are a new subscriber, the procedure is simpler. You will be able to make the request through the website during the 7-day guarantee period. However, this option is only for subscribers who have paid in full via credit card.

    If you use other payment methods, you must contact Empiricus through one of its service channels.

    For subscribers who have an investment with a cost of less than R$800 per year and who have not yet exceeded the 7-day guarantee period, the procedure is to access the Empiricus website and click on "My purchases" in your subscriber area.

    There you must identify which subscription you want to cancel and then click on “More Details”. Then, the option "Cancel this subscription" will appear. After a few seconds, the message confirming the cancellation will appear on your screen.

    If the subscriber has made an investment with an amount equal to or above R$800 per year, the process is a little different.

    For security reasons and if you are still within the 7 day warranty period, call the Empiricus Service Center at 4003-3118, select ”Option 2” and then ”Option 6” to be able to speak with the sector of cancellation. Then press 2 again so that one of the company's attendants can help you through the entire procedure.

    “How can I cancel my subscription to Empiricus outside the warranty period?”

    If you have noticed that the subscription cancellation period has passed, contact Empiricus through the same number, choose option 2, then option 6 and finally option 3.

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    “How can I cancel my subscription on Empiricus if my subscription has automatic renewal?”

    For old customers who no longer wish to renew their subscription, regardless of the investment amount, the procedure is the same. Simply contact Empiricus at 4003-3118. When answered, choose option 2 and then option 5 to receive help with the renewal.

    If the subscription has already been renewed, press 2 so that a company specialist can help you.

    It's normal for some subscribers to be annoyed by auto-renewal of subscription, but don't worry, it's very easy to remove. Just get in touch using the same number and choose option 3 and then choose 2 and wait until you are answered by one of the specialists.

    There are several investment platforms today in our country. It is up to you to look for the one you feel most comfortable with to take care of your resources and help you find the most profitable assets as an investor.

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