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    Clear Corretora: Is it good? How to open an account? Know everything here

    Clear Corretora: Is it good? How to open an account? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 29, 2022 | News |

    It's never been easier to invest your money. THE Clear Brokerage is one of the best alternatives for those looking for practical and uncomplicated options. With the company's technology, it is not necessary to be a subject matter expert to enter the world of investing. 

    In addition, Clear Corretora has a team of experts to help the client make decisions that are in line with their main objectives.

    Another interesting differential of the company is that the client does not need to pay for the brokerage. That's right. The process is free and without bureaucracy.

    Want to find out more details about the broker? 

    So, continue reading this post and learn all about Clear Corretora: what are the products offered by the company, how does the company work, what are the benefits, if it is reliable, among other issues. 

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    What products are available through Clear Corretora? 

    Clear is one of the most complete brokers on the market. It offers different types of products to its customers:

    • Shares;
    • ETFs;
    • Day Trade;
    • Swing Trade;
    • MiniContratos;
    • Full contracts;
    • Options strategies;
    • Real estate funds. 

    The brokerage also works with Fixed Income and Direct Treasury. Contrary to what happens with most brokers in the market, Clear Corretora does not charge the client for brokerage.

    The benefit is valid for all products that belong to the company's portfolio. 

    Another positive point of the brokerage is that the client can make the investment through the application or the WEB platform (Home Broker). In these tools, it is possible to make investments not only in fixed income, but also in variable income.

    Technology allows you to manage your actions anywhere. All you need is a mobile device with internet access. 

    With the Clear application, you can monitor the equity variation every day. And the best: this service also has no costs for the customer, ensuring an interesting savings for the consumer. 

    Is Clear Corretora reliable? 

    Yes. There are several points that justify this answer. Discover the most important elements below:

    1. Good customer rating 

    Reclame Aqui is a great page to assess a company's reputation. In this channel, the consumer rating was considered good in July 2022.

    To give you an idea, Clear Corretora's score is 7.6 out of 10. In addition, the company had 3.546 complaints. She answered 3.336.

    This result shows how much Clear Corretora at Reclame Aqui is concerned with the investor's experience. 

    2. Efficient service channel 

    Reclame Aqui is not the only service channel between the broker and the clients. You can speak to the broker by phone. For efficient communication, we recommend having the customer code or CPF number handy. This way, it will be easier to find your registration. 

    The company's customer service is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:45 am to 18:15 pm. For operational issues and other matters, the customer should contact the numbers below. 

    • Capitals and Metropolitan Regions: 4003-6245;
    • Other regions: 0800 88 79107;
    • SAC: 0800 77 40404;
    • International calls: +55 11 4950-2199;
    • Hearing or speech impaired: 0800 77 10101.

    The brokerage also offers customer service through a ChatBot. It is a safe option and has several questions and answers that have been formulated according to the most common doubts of customers. 

    Upon completing the three interactions with the robot, the customer is forwarded to a contact with an Operator at the Operating Desk. Now, communication will be made with a professional specialized in the subject.

    It is essential to make it clear that the chat is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:45 am to 18:15 pm.

    The more service channels a company makes available to the customer, the greater the chances of it being reliable, since it is possible to understand that there is always a qualified professional to answer the main questions after hiring a service. 

    3. Contact with renowned experts 

    One of the main advantages of Clear Corretora is that the company offers clients support with a team that is experienced in the market:

    • Filipe Fradinho: Graduated in Business Administration from PUC-RIO. He has worked in several companies in the financial market. He was once a professional trader, trading in Day Trade and Swing Trade in equities. Today, his main mission is to take care of the educational analysis room, EducaClear, which is available on the Clear Corretora YouTube channel;
    • Fernando Góes: the professional has more than 15 years of experience in the financial market. Before working at Clear and helping its foundation, Góes has already worked as an analyst at brokerage firms that are references in the area;
    • Wilson Neto: the professional's main specialty is in crisis and quick operations. He was head of treasury at Corretora Dibran from 2004 to 2022. Today, he is a manager at CVM and founding partner of Tradersroom. He has also been an expert in Tape Reading since 2022;
    • Rafael Ribeiro: the professional has a degree in Accounting, in addition to an MBA in Capital Markets. He was the creator of InfoTrade. It is a product that serves more than 1.000 students and offers a complete report not only on the Ibovespa, but also on the dollar and the main blue chips; 
    • Charles Nader: is an analyst at CNPI. He has more than 20.000 hours of trading under his belt and is in charge of seven analysis rooms. Its main objective is to help train thousands of traders. 

    The relationship with this team is possible through online analysis rooms during the trading session. That way, you feel more confident to make the most important decisions. 

    4. Technical analyzes 

    Customer concern is an inherent characteristic of Clear Corretora. It offers a daily technical analysis with the best news from the financial market so that you can discover which are the most suitable alternatives for investing in the stock market.

    In this way, investors can invest their money more safely and assertively. 

    How to open an account at Clear Corretora? 

    If you've come this far, you're probably excited about all the advantages that Clear Corretora offers to clients, aren't you? 

    The good news is that the process to register with this company is quite practical. Simply fill in your details on the organization's website. This step is online, quick and free. It is not necessary to face several hours in queues of financial institutions to complete this phase. 

    To register, you need to have some personal document handy, such as RG, CPF, CNH or RNE.

    Then, you must fill in your investor profile. Here, the platform wants to know what its characteristics are, how much it is willing to invest and take risks. Through this data, the system will show you which products are most suitable for your profile. 

    Okay, now you are authorized to make the first deposit to your brokerage account and you can start making your first investments.

    Here, an important warning is worth: registering at Clear must only be done on the company's official website.

    If you receive a strange link or a guest phone to access the platform, beware, it is a scam. 

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