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    Clone WhatsApp? See 6 options and Learn how to protect yourself

    Find out if it's possible clone whatsapp is one of the biggest concerns of social network users. In addition to invading the privacy of the other person, cloning someone's account is a crime of invading computer devices, provided for in art. 154-A of the Penal Code. Even so, some apps allow users to clone other people's WhatsApp by duplicating the messenger.

    To be able to clone WhatsApp, you must have the verification code sent by the social network via text message or have access to the messenger's QR Code reader. Thus, the social network will only be cloned if the user has access to your cell phone or if you inform him of the code.

    Another way to access your conversations is to activate WhatsApp Web. However, for this the user must have access to their smartphone to scan the QR Code. Check below what are the possible options to clone WhatsApp and how to protect your account from this crime.


    • Apps That Duplicate WhatsApp Accounts
    • Web WhatsApp
    • How to protect your WhatsApp from cloning
    • Video with App to Clone Whatsapp

    Apps That Duplicate WhatsApp Accounts

    parallel Space

    Parallel Space is a platform where the user can log in to two accounts on the same social network. The app duplicates the social networks and hides the second account on the cell phone, which helps to increase user privacy. However, the function of duplicating social networks is used to clone WhatsApp.

    For this, the user must have the mobile number of the account they want to clone and log in to Parallel Space. On first access, a message will be sent to the registered number with a verification code. It is only possible to access account information if the user enters the code received.

    parallel Space is available for:

    Android iOS

    Parallel App

    The Parallel App is a platform that surprises for its lightness and performance. The app, like Parallel Space, also duplicates apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. This way, the user can log in to up to two different accounts in these apps.

    To use another WhatsApp account in the Parallel App, the user must inform the verification code sent by sms to the number provided. In this way, it is only possible to access another WhatsApp in the Parallel App if the user has access to the phone number of the informed account or if the profile owner informs the verification code.

    Parallel App is available for:


    WhatWeb Cloner

    Another option used to clone WhatsApp is the WhatWeb Cloner app. The application allows the user to use the same account on multiple devices, including tablets. The idea of ​​the application is for WhatsApp to be connected to all the devices that the account owner uses. However, some users use this option to clone other people's accounts.

    To activate WhatsApp through the app, the user must scan a QR Code on the cell phone in which the messenger is commonly used. The application works in the same way as WhatsApp Web and notifies the user on the user's mobile when the messenger is open on another device. That way, if your WhatsApp is cloned using this app, you will be notified.

    WhatWeb Cloner is available for:



    whats web

    Whats Web is a light and simple application that allows you to clone a WhatsApp account to be used on your device, without requiring you to leave your own WhatsApp. It is one of the apps on the list that takes up less memory on the phone, being the preference of some users for this reason.

    The app also resembles WhatsApp Web and it is necessary to scan the QR Code to clone the account on another device. The main purpose of the app is to have your own account on different devices, such as tablets and other smartphones. However, some people use it to gain access to other users' accounts.

    whats web is available for:


    Clonapp Messenger

    This application allows you to clone and use someone else's WhatsApp account on your cell phone, without disconnecting from your own login. However, to be able to open another account with the app, the user must have access to the cell phone on which WhatsApp is already in use.

    This is because the app sends a verification code to the mobile number provided. Thus, it is only possible to clone your account if you provide the code or if the person has free access to your device.

    Clonapp Messenger is available for:


    Web WhatsApp

    Another option that is also used to read someone else's conversations is to activate WhatsApp Web without them seeing it. For this, the malicious person must have access to the user's cell phone, as the web version of the messenger is only activated when the device reads the QR Code generated on the computer screen.

    WhatsApp always notifies you, in the mobile notification bar, when the web version is open. Thus, it is easy for the user to identify the invasion of privacy and disconnect the intruder. Just click on the “WhatsApp Web” option on your mobile and then disconnect from all sessions.

    How to protect your WhatsApp from cloning

    Before having WhatsApp cloned, the user must take basic precautions to prevent their privacy from being invaded. Firstly, set a lock password to your device and do not share it with anyone. If your cell phone has a fingerprint reader or facial recognition, use these options to ensure greater security.

    Another recommended option is enable WhatsApp XNUMX-Step Verification. In your WhatsApp settings, go to “account”. Then select the “two-step verification” option. In this option you must create a six-digit password, which will be requested daily in the messenger. Also, whenever someone tries to register your number on another device, the password will be required to proceed with the setup.

    If your device has a fingerprint reader or facial recognition, you can activate the function in WhatsApp. To do this, go to the messenger settings, click on “security” and then select “privacy”. Swipe to the bottom of the page and enable fingerprint or facial recognition lock. That way your WhatsApp will be more protected from intruders.

    Video with App to Clone Whatsapp

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