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    Botafogo supporter: Is it worth it?

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    Botafogo supporter: Is it worth it?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 24, 2022 | Shopping |

    O Botafogo supporter it is a great investment for those who are passionate about the glorious.

    It contains several amazing plans and benefits that guarantee a discount on the stove shirt and even the possibility to vote in the club's elections.

    From now on, we'll show you how it works, what the benefits are, among other issues. Follow up!

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    What are the benefits of Botafogo supporter partner? 

    From now on, we are going to show you the advantages of the supporter partner- Botafogo. Follow up!

    Online store discounts 

    Let's start our list of Botafogo fan member benefits by talking about the discounts that are offered by the club's official online store.

    It is a unique opportunity to purchase up to 20% off product purchases. 

    first hand escalation 

    Another positive aspect of being a Botafogo supporter is that the fan receives the lineup of the games before the press and fans who are not part of the program.

    Also, you can watch exclusive content that is offered by Glorious. 

    Exchange points for products 

    It's not just credit cards that offer points program to customers.

    With the club supporter, you can exchange points for team products, in addition to participating in unforgettable experiences. 

    Club partner benefits 

    You can enjoy the benefits of partner-fan Botafogo partners.

    They contain discounts and cashback at various stores on the internet. 

    Annual fan kit 

    The Glorioso fan receives an annual kit with several exclusive products to celebrate the fan's passion for the club. 

    Discounts on the purchase of the official shirt 

    One of the most complicated moments for most fans is when there is no money left in the month to guarantee the official stove shirt, isn't it?

    To solve this problem, the partner-fan Botafogo guarantees up to 100% discount for the subscriber. The benefit is granted once a year and is valid for purchases made in the virtual store. 

    And if, even so, it is still not possible to acquire the Botafogo shirt, don't worry. You can compete for shirts worn by players.

    Draws are made each round of the club in the A series. 

    discount on admission 

    With the Botafogo supporter, you can also save on tickets to the games.

    The club offers a 50% discount on match tickets and also has exclusive access to the stadium. 

    Exclusive ticket packages 

    To complete the list of benefits for the Botafogo supporter, let's talk about the exclusive ticket packages for the games that are held at the Nilton Santos stadium, the club's home. 

    What are the Botafogo fan partner's plans? 

    One of the main benefits of the Botafogo supporter is that the club offers several plans for its customers.

    That means he's concerned about the subscriber experience. You choose the alternative that exactly matches your needs. 

    The club contains plans for fans who live in Rio de Janeiro and for those people who live outside of Rio de Janeiro. 

    Botafogo do Rio de Janeiro supporter-partner plans 

    The white plan is the most economical. It offers a 10% discount to consumers on all purchases made through the online store.

    Another positive point is that the customer participates in level 1 of points to exchange for amazing items and experiences.

    Its value is R$19,90 per month. 

    The black plan is one of the best cost-effective alternatives. With R$39,90 per month, the subscriber receives a 30% discount on the club's shirt, at least once a year. 

    You also get a 10% discount on other purchases made through the online store.

    Here, the subscriber is ranked at level two of points to exchange for amazing items and experiences. 

    The Glorioso plan is the option with the highest value. With R$149,90 per month, fans receive several benefits. Among the most common are: annual kit with several products; 100% discount on the club shirt and 20% discount on other purchases made in the virtual store. 

    This plan also contains other benefits, such as: participation in level four points to exchange for amazing items and experiences. 

    After two years of subscription without cancellation, the fan can vote in the club's elections.

    Botafogo fan-partner plans outside Rio de Janeiro 

    Fans, who live in other states, can choose from four plans that are offered to customers. 

    The white plan can be purchased for R$19,90 monthly. It offers the following benefits: 10% discount on all purchases in online stores and participation level 1+ points to redeem for items and great experiences. 

    In the black plan, the investment value is R$29,90. You receive an annual kit with several items; 30% discount on the club shirt; 10% discount on other online store purchases and participation in level 2+ points to exchange for items and experiences. 

    With R$149,90 per month, you get many benefits, including: annual kit with several items; 100% discount on the club shirt; 20% discount on other purchases from the virtual store; level 4+ points to exchange for amazing items and experiences.

    After two years without cancellation, fans can vote in Botafogo's elections. 

    Is it worth being a Botafogo fan partner? 

    Yes. The fan-partner plans offer several benefits for very economic values.

    In addition, all options contain at least 50% discount on tickets; exclusive participation in the lives with leaders; transparency reports with club accounts; exclusive videos and drawing of the shirt used by the players.

    Now you know the main information about Botafogo supporter partner. However, we always recommend keeping up with the latest news from the club, as it always seeks to offer the best options for its fan members. 

    For more information and to clear all your doubts, visit Botafogo's official website. There, you have access to important details, main phone and club ombudsman.  

    According to Botafogo research, Vasco has 15.524 supporters. The Fluminense supporter has 29.744 non-defaulters, according to Fluminense's official website. 

    It's a great time to help your favorite club, guarantee many benefits and overcome rival Fluminense in this dispute. 

    After discovering the main information about the partner-fan Botafogo, get to know the best streamings to watch football. 

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