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    Supporting partner Vasco: Is it worth it?

    Supporting partner Vasco: Is it worth it?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 22, 2022 | Shopping |

    The supporter partner Vasco is a great benefit for fans who are passionate about the Colina giant. That's because, it offers several advantages at an affordable price for the consumer. Now, being a Vasco supporter is worth it?

    However, most people still have doubts whether it is worth acquiring a partner. With that in mind, we decided to cover all the details so you can make a great decision. Follow and clear your doubts. 

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    What are the benefits of Vasco supporter partner? 

    From now on, we are going to show you the reasons why it is worth registering Vasco's supporter partner. Learn about the most important benefits of this feature below. 


    One of the main advantages of Vasco's supporter partner is the 10% discount that the club offers to fans in its virtual store. It's a great savings to purchase your favorite team's products. 

    amazing experiences 

    By acquiring the Vasco supporter, you can participate in incredible experiences with the club, such as visiting the team's training center. 

    immediate benefits 

    Anyone who thinks it is necessary to accumulate many points to guarantee immediate advantages with the partner-fan Vasco is wrong. To be entitled to various benefits, simply register. You will have access to up to 70% discount in cinemas, parks, restaurants and various types of services. 

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    perks club 

    It's not just credit cards that offer benefits club. You can also be entitled to this benefit with the supporter Vasco. It guarantees special offers on both products and services and entertainment. 

    To participate in the advantages club, the fan must be a member of the following plans: North to South, Caldeirão, Caldeirão Mais, Colina, Colina Mais, Dynamite Member and Statutory Members of the Club.

    It is essential to make it clear that Vasco fans do not need to pay a fee to have access to all the club's advantages. Just run the registration by applying the code sent, as a supporter or statutory partner. All benefits are offered right after registration. 

    The positive side is that there is no usage limit for fans to enjoy the benefits offered by the club. The consumer can use the available discounts in an unlimited way, as long as he has an active registration and maintains the registration, as a partner. 

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    free tickets 

    Have you ever thought about going to São Januário without paying for the ticket? It is possible. Anyone who is a fan member of the club can participate in several sweepstakes that offer this benefit. 

    You can follow the draws and the results available on the official fan-partner website. 

    What are the available plans for Vasco supporter partner? 

    Thinking about the fan experience, Vasco allows the customer to choose the best plan for their profile. In total, there are 11 options available. 

    Plans for fans from other states

    The North to South plan, for example, is exclusive to fans who live outside of Rio de Janeiro. It contains the following benefits: up to 50% discount on grandstand tickets; free access to the Vasco + Alegria club; easy shipping at Vasco Store for purchases of club products; partner network discounts and incredible experiences. The plan is worth R$ 19,98 per month. 

    economic plan

    The Camisas Negras plan, on the other hand, is the most economical alternative for fans. With only R$ 7,98 per month, you have access to several advantages, such as: up to 10% discount on grandstand tickets; discount on the partner network; 10% off at Vasco Store and card to show your love for the heart club. 

    most expensive plan

    The Diamond Member is the most expensive plan, however, it is the one with great benefits. Among the most common are: 100% discount on admission for all sectors; free access to the Vasco + Alegria club; 10% discount at Vasco Store; 5 fixed stars rating; 1 guest with 100% discount and 1 with 50% discount on the ticket.

    The list of advantages still contains 1 Official Shirt per year; 1 Exclusive Box with club items per year; 1 visit per year to CT and SJ (with lunch at Restaurante do Almirante); 1 Free entry to paid events (Play Hill, Tour of the Hill and more); discounts on the partner network and exclusive experiences and super experiences. The value of this plan is R$ 708,00 per month. 

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    A good value plan

    If you are looking for a more economical value with more benefits, the Colina plan is a great alternative. With a monthly fee of R$ 39,98/month, it offers the following advantages: up to 70% discount on admission in all sectors; free access to the Vasco + Alegria club; 10% discount at Vasco Store; up to 2 guests with up to 50% off admission for all sectors; discounts on the partner network and the possibility to participate in incredible experiences. 

    What is the best supporter plan for Vasco? 

    The best plan is one where you can access various benefits without compromising your financial budget. We know how much you are passionate about Vasco, however, we cannot forget that spending more than you earn is a mistake that can harm your family's budget. 

    Therefore, before choosing an option, carefully analyze the available alternatives. If possible, use the comparative table of plans that is offered by Vasco himself on the club's official website. That way, you can make a more assertive decision. 

    Supporting partner Vasco: Is it worth it?

    If price isn't a problem for your pocket, it's worth putting, in order of priority, what are the most important benefits you consider when choosing a plan. That way, you'll find out which alternative offers the most coverage. 

    Generally, fans are in the habit of analyzing the following points: discount on tickets; priority of ticket purchase; right to vote in club elections; discount on products at the stadium; Welcome kit; personalized experiences; loyalty program points and discounts on partner products. 

    How to make the supporter partner Vasco? 

    The process to make Vasco a fan partner is simpler than it seems. Just choose the plan that meets your needs and complete the registration on the club's official website. It is not necessary to go to Vasco's training center or headquarters to perform this step. 

    It is worth mentioning that the registration of the Vasco supporter is only done on the club's official website. If you receive a link or phone offering any plan, stay tuned, as it is a scam. 

    Vasco follows the trends of football, since its main rivals also offer benefits to fans, such as partner-fan Flamengo and partner-fan Fluminense.  

    The number of supporters proves how successful the program is among Vasco residents. In August 2022, 59.808 giants were registered. The supporter member Vasco count can be monitored on the club's website.

    For those who like to keep track of how many supporters Vasco has, it is worth noting that the Colina giant has more users than Flamengo (55.257) and Fluminense (2 9. 7 7 4). The data is published on the clubs website. 

    The only negative point of the program is the difficulty in canceling Vasco's supporter-partner, as reported by some members on the Reclame Aqui website.

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