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    Azza Internet: Know the plans and how to hire

    Azza Internet: Know the plans and how to hire

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 4, 2022 | Shopping |

    If you are looking for a quality connection for your home or business, Azza Internet can be a good alternative. However, most people have doubts about how this company works, what are the advantages of the fiber optic connection offered by the organization, among other issues. 

    We will also explain if Azza Internet is good, what plans are available from the company and how the Azza internet speed test works. It is a true guide for you to know everything about the company and make a more assertive decision before signing a contract. 

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    What is Azza Internet? 

    Azza Internet is a company from our country that contains a vast portfolio of services. The organization specializes in providing Internet access, telephony and TV, network infrastructure and monitoring systems. The most interesting thing is that these alternatives are customized according to the needs of each consumer. 

    What is fiber optic internet? 

    Azza Internet offers the customer a fiber optic internet. It is suitable for people who like data traffic with very fast speeds. To give you an idea, they can reach practically the speed of light. The signal of this type of internet is shared through reflections of laser beams throughout the cable. This makes it possible to achieve a differentiated and exclusive transmission capacity.  

    Fiber optic internet brings several advantages to the customer. Among the most common are: safety for the user, ease of installation, less latency and no electromagnetic interference. It is ideal for consumers looking for a quality connection to do everyday tasks, perform work activities or enjoy leisure time with family or friends.  

    After all, is Azza Internet good? 

    Yes. The company offers plans that meet the needs of each client. The values ​​fit in your pocket and the installation is agile and without bureaucracy. In addition to the quality of the internet speed, which is fast, customer service is one of the company's key points. 

    Online support, which is provided by email ([email protected]), is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 22:9. The service is different on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. On these days, you can request support from 12 am to 13 pm and from 18 pm to XNUMX pm.

    For consumers who prefer telephone service, it is possible to contact the company 24 hours a day, 07 days a week. There are two options: (19) 3871-0909 and (19) 3879-2595. Another alternative is to communicate with Azza internet by Whatsapp. The contact number is 0800 042 01 01. 

    These numbers are indicated for those looking for the telephone number of Azza internet Indaiatuba, Azza internet ibiúna, telephone of Azza internet Indaiatuba, among other locations. 

    How is Azza Internet's customer service? 

    Another interesting feature of Azza Internet is customer service. The company is one of the references in the relationship with the user, since the professionals are trained to answer all the doubts of the consumers. Internet, Voice and TV.  

    What are Azza Internet's plans? 

    Now that you know what Azza Internet is, what services are offered, how is customer service, among other features, let's understand better what plans are offered by the company? 

    Here, we will only highlight the options for residential customers. If you want to hire the service for the trade or for a company, it is essential to contact Azza. For customers of this size, the company presents other types of offers, according to the reality of each business. 

    But, if you are an individual, continue with us on this topic. See below which plans are offered by Azza and their main features.

    • 100 mega: BRL 89,90. The plan is monthly, with no change in value after the three-month period. 
    • 200 mega: BRL 69,90. The plan is monthly. After three months, the value is changed to R$ 109,90. 
    • 300 mega: BRL 89,90. The plan is monthly. After three months, the value is changed to R$ 129,90. 
    • 500 mega: BRL 115,90. The plan is monthly. After three months, the value is R$ 145,90. 
    • 1 giga: BRL 159,90. The plan is monthly. After three months, the value is modified to R$ 215,90. 

    All the plans mentioned above contain super bonuses in the membership fee. Only in the first alternative, there is no change in the value after three months of contract, while in the other options, the installment is changed after this period. 

    Before defining the best plan for your profile, we recommend initially analyzing your financial situation. This process helps to choose an alternative that does not affect family planning.

    Then, analyze how the internet will be used in your home. Those looking for a feature just to receive and send emails, check the latest news from Instagram and other social networks, or simply to watch videos on Youtube, can opt for plans with speeds of 100 mega. 

    Now, if you or the members of your household use the internet to marathon a series on Netflix, download movies and browse cloud services such as Google Drive or DropBox, you will probably need to have a higher connection demand. For people who like to play games on the internet, options above 10MB are the best alternatives. 

    Knowing these characteristics is important because you can negotiate a good plan according to your financial planning, without losing the quality of the service. 

    How does Azza internet speed test work?


    The Internet Test – Internet Speed ​​Test My Connection allows any user to monitor the performance of the internet connection they have in their home or business. With this tool, you can discover interesting information. 

    • Internet quality;
    • Download speed; 
    • Upload speed. 

    This process is free and can be performed for wired internet and wi-fi connection. However, this may decrease the calculated connection speed, due to interference with the Wifi signal. 

    An interesting tip is to use a cable connected to your modem while running the tests. Also, we recommend disabling downloads or data transfers so that the result does not change. 

    The test is very important for you to find out how the quality of the internet is. If it is below what is contracted by the current operator, for example, it may be a great time to change companies and look for an alternative that has more efficient coverage, such as Azza Internet. Accessing the tool is very simple. 

    First step: first, enter the Azza Internet site:

    Second step: Click on the speed test, which can be identified in the top menu of the site. 

    Third step: wait while the test runs. Then analyze the result. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the Azza internet speed test is safe. Your data is not shared with others on the internet and the company does not have access to users' personal information. 

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    How to hire Azza Internet?

    The hiring process for Azza Internet is very simple. You can contact us on 0800 042 01 01. 

    About Azza Internet

    The company started its operations in 2022. It has reached a significant number of customers because of the quality products and customer service, which is done quickly and efficiently. 

    Located in the interior of our city, more precisely in the city of Monte Mor (413,6 km from the capital of São Paulo), the company stands out for having complete coverage throughout the city. Contrary to what most people imagine, the service is available not only to residential consumers, but also commercial and corporate. 

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