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    7 font apps to have custom letters on mobile

    Font apps allow you to use different letters than the ones that come standard on your phone. You can use stylish letters in Instagram posts, WhatsApp messages or even in Stories and Status.

    To help, we've rounded up the best custom and beautiful font apps to download for Android or iPhone.

    Stylish Text

    7 font apps to have custom letters on mobile

    Stylish Text is a feature packed app. To use stylized letters on Android, just activate the program's bubble or bar. So, whenever you write something on Instagram or WhatsApp, for example, just tap on the Stylish Text icon. On the iPhone, it works as an additional keyboard.

    The app allows you to add the most used options to your favorites, so you can access them quickly. If you want, you can create your own fonts, choosing the look of each uppercase and lowercase letter, and the size of the space between the words.

    There are also different fonts for numbers, arts made with special characters and emoticons to copy and paste. There is also a feature to make your own stickers with images from the gallery and stylish lyrics.

    • Stylish Text (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS


    7 font apps to have custom letters on mobile

    Fonts installs a new keyboard on your phone, making dozens of fonts available through a simple shortcut. The lyrics are compatible with apps like Instagram. WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, among others.

    There are options in Gothic style, underlining, typewriter, smiley faces and more. On iPhone, users also have 50 keyboard themes available, in addition to extra styles, if they opt for a paid subscription.

    • Fonts (free, but may offer in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    Font Changer

    7 font apps to have custom letters on mobile

    In addition to different font styles, Font Changer gives you a space to compose your texts and see them before sharing on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or wherever else you want. This makes it easier to mix different types in the same content.

    There are dotted options, underlined with infinity symbol, cursive, Greek letter and more. There are also decorative texts and emoticons divided by themes, such as Happy, Surprised, Anger, Friendship and dozens of others.

    The application also has a tool to insert text into photos, using images from the Pixabay service bank.

    • Font Changer (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    Cool Fonts

    7 font apps to have custom letters on mobile

    Cool Fonts is one of the easiest apps to use. Just type the text in the field at the top of the screen and see how it is applied in each of the letter categories. Just tap on the one you prefer to copy and then paste into the program you want.

    The application also provides a feature called Decorator, in which you can easily create decorated texts. As with the sources, just write, check the examples, copy and paste.

    • Cool Fonts (free): Android | iOS

    Sophisticated Text: legal fonts

    Fancy Text - Cool Fonts, Nickname Generator

    Sophisticated Text brings together options that go beyond differentiated fonts. In Text, just type the desired content and see it applied in different styles. There are more than 100 free types.

    There is a shortcut to share via WhatsApp quickly. But if you want to use it in other programs, you can tap on the text to access more options, like copying to clipboard.

    The app also offers fonts for numbers, text repeater and generator of letters drawn with emojis. There are also dozens of emoticons separated by categories and features for scanning text from images. Ads can be considered a downside.

    Better Font-s

    7 font apps to have custom letters on mobile

    Better Font-s adds a new keyboard to the iPhone, giving you quick access to different font styles. Among those available are letters within a circle, strikethrough, underlined with stars, capital letters, cursive and several others.

    There are also three keyboard layout options to choose from: pink, black and gold accents. The app is only available in English, so it may not recognize some accents and graphic signs.

    Fonts: font keyboard

    7 font apps to have custom letters on mobile

    Fonts adds a new keyboard to mobile, which ensures easy access to different font styles to use in any application. There are options for cursive, Gothic, underlined with arrows or circles, inside triangles and squares, and much more.

    If you prefer, you can open the program, write your text and see it applied in the available types. Then just tap on your favorite to copy. Unfortunately, the app is only available in English, so it may not recognize some accents and cedilla.

    • Fonts: font keyboard (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS


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