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    20 Action Movies on Amazon Prime Video

    20 Action Movies on Amazon Prime Video

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 1, 2022 | News |

    Action Movies on Amazon Prime Video: come check out the list we made with the best movies of the genre, after all, nothing better than relaxing watching a good movie in the comfort of your home or with your friends, right? 

    With that in mind, we've separated some action movies available on Amazon Prime, so you can decide faster when choosing and not waste so much time looking at the entire catalog. Among the films we selected are some Amazon Prime Video original productions, which have been very successful, by the way. The stories range from revenge to apocalyptic war.

    Prepare your popcorn and check out the list we prepared below, with a brief summary and trailer for each movie, but don't worry we didn't give you spoilers, okay?! 

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    20 Best Action Movies on Amazon Prime 2022

    Get ready to be immersed in the most surprising and adrenaline-fueled stories that will have you biting your nails and looking forward to watching even more.

    1. No Remorse

    Our list starts with a breathtaking movie. Original from Amazon, No Remorse has Michael B. Jordan as the main character of this plot. The story revolves around an elite marine who discovers a dangerous international conspiracy while seeking justice for the cold-blooded murder of his wife and child. 

    Be sure to watch until the end, there's a post-credits scene you won't want to miss! Here's the tip.

    2. Jolt: Fatal Fury

    Another original Prime movie, released on streaming in which the big star is actress Kate Beckinsale, protagonist of the Underworld saga. In this film, the main character lives with a rare anger disorder, where she loses control, leading her to have homicidal impulses.

    To help with this, she wears a kind of vest that she can activate to shock her body whenever she gets too angry and realizes she's going to start to lose control. It turns out that, after her first boyfriend is murdered, she is pointed out as a suspect as she begins a relentless search for the person responsible for the death of the man she loved, but encounters surprises along the way.

    3. Tomorrow's War

    Launched in early July, Amazon's production was at a high on the platform with a story involving science fiction, war and aliens. Starring actor Chris Pratt, the Peter Quill of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, the war of tomorrow features travelers from the future who have come from 2051, in an attempt to reverse a great war, which threatens the extinction of humanity.

    In a quest to rewrite the fate of the world, they ask for help to send civilians and soldiers from the present to the future to fight aliens and try to save the planet. 

    4. Final Destruction: The Last Refuge

    The end of the world is decreed when a comet advances towards planet Earth, causing panic and destruction in all corners of the world, causing everyone to seek refuge. 

    In order to get his family to safety, John Garrity (Gerard Butler) finds himself on a daunting and challenging journey as he races against the countdown to the apocalypse.

    5. The Punisher

    Riley (Jennifer Garner) has her family murdered and after waking up from a coma she dedicates years of her life training and engineering her revenge, for her husband and daughter. 

    In this quest for revenge there are only two options: kill or be killed. Their targets, in addition to the gang responsible for the crime, are the corrupt police involved in the case and the lawyers who freed the killers.

    6. John Wick 3 – Parabellum

    For those who are fans of the John Wick franchise, the third film is available on the platform. In the sequel to this classic among the action genre films, John Wick's head is worth a cash reward, to whoever manages to capture it.

    This is due to the fact that John murders a mob boss, he will need the help of former partners to fight for his life.

    7. Between knives and secrets

    If you are a fan of a good mystery, you will like Between Knives and Secrets. The story involves a writer who is found dead in his home, leading to a search to see if it was suicide or homicide. To solve the case, Detective Benoit Blanc begins to investigate and uncover secrets and various conflicts in the family, leading to the belief that anyone has the potential to be the possible perpetrator of the crime.

    In addition to the action and suspense that holds us on screen, the film has a few hints of humor. Its cast is formed by big names like Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Evans. The story involves you making you create several hypotheses about the ending, which will surely surprise you.

    8. World War Z

    We couldn't leave this movie off our list. World War Z takes place in an apocalyptic setting, where a virus spreads rapidly, turning humans into speedy, merciless zombies.

    To end the pandemic, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) may be the hope to come up with a plan that is efficient against this evil that is plaguing the world.

    9. Domino effect

    Domino effect is a bank robbery carried out by amateur bandits, but planned by the powerful of the city of London in the 70's.

    The heist had wide media coverage, until the UK government got involved. In the safes, in addition to money and jewelry, there is also a link to the royal family.

    10. MIB – Men in Black International

    To combat alien threats, Agents M (Tessa Thompsom) and H (Chris Hemsworth) team up with High T (Liam Neeson). In this mission, beings from another planet are able to assume the appearance of any human.

    11. Crime with no way out

    For those who like a police plot, Dead End is about detective Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman) who works in New York and faces a challenge in his job: to find the police killer who is loose on the city streets.

    This case solved would bring him a rise in his career, which is tainted by poorly executed jobs. But the more he gets involved in the investigations, the more rotten he finds. The murders, in fact, are a horrendous conspiracy between the bandits and members of their own corporation. 

    12. Rogue 

    Megan Fox plays a famous mercenary named Samantha O'Hara. She and her team are hired on a rescue mission by the governor of an African country whose daughter has been kidnapped by a dangerous organization. 

    The mission doesn't go as well as expected, and Samantha and her team end up trapped in a clandestine zoo that's used as a lion breeding site. They then have to fight for their lives, against lions and kidnappers. 

    13. The Foreigner 

    Businessman Quan (Jackie Chan) has his life turned upside down when, in an attack by an Irish terrorist group on his restaurant, he ends up losing his daughter.

    With no support from the police, he decides to take the law into his own hands to take revenge on the murderers.

    14. Cold-blooded revenge 

    Liam Neeson plays Nels, a snowplow driver whose life is turned upside down when his son is murdered by a drug dealer.

    Seeking revenge and moved by the pain and anger of losing his son, he goes to great lengths to end the cartel once and for all.

    15. Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shawn

    The Fast and Furious saga has always delivered a lot of action and adrenaline, Hobbs & Shawn is no different! Despite not being a sequel but a spin-off, the plot has the presence of very important characters in the previous films.

    In addition to the classic traffic scenes, a bit of science fiction is added. The villain is genetically modified, which makes him strong and nearly invincible. So that a dangerous virus doesn't fall into the wrong hands, a secret service agent injects herself, putting her life on the line for the greater good. 

    Hobbs and Shawn, despite the difficulties in working together, are called in to help solve the problem.

    16. Spy Apprentice 

    A surly CIA agent is sent on a secret mission to spy on a family. To his surprise, he ends up in the hands of little Sophie, the 9-year-old daughter of the guarded family. 

    With her powers of persuasion and through blackmail, she manages to convince him to teach her how to be a spy, in exchange for keeping a secret. 

    17. Anna – Danger has a name

    Behind Anna Poliatova's (Sasha Luss) international model image is an assassin who is under the tutelage of the KGB. In order to free herself from the obligations of the Russian government, an opportunity presents itself that will require her to come into conflict with her desires for the longed-for freedom.

    18. Den of Thieves

    A group of famous robbers in Los Angeles, formed by ex-military who use their experiences to plan a robbery of the American Central Bank.

    19. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    Mixing action with science fiction, Valerian (Dane Dehaan), a time traveler and agent, and his partner Laureline (Cara Delevingne), fight for Earth and associated planets, which are constantly under attack by intergalactic criminals.

    When they arrive at Alpha, they will have to end an operation coordinated by forces that want to destroy the lives of 17 million inhabitants of the planet. 

    20. No stopovers

    The plot takes place inside a plane, in which agent Neil Marks (Liam Neeson) begins to receive several mysterious torpedoes, with the threat that every 20 minutes, a person will be killed, if a very large amount of dollars is not paid. transferred to an account.

    Neil thinks it's a prank call or a bad prank, but as soon as the first passenger dies, he starts investigating who the killer might be.

    And you, do you have a movie that you would like to recommend as well? Leave your comment and share this post with your friends, so that they can also learn more about the options available on Amazon Prime Video. 

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