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    10 online course platforms to host your content

    10 online course platforms to host your content

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 2, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 3

    The distance learning market, EAD, has been growing more and more in recent years. And to be part of that, you need to know the options for online course platforms existing.

    If you want to gain more authority in your business niche, have another source of income, help people from anywhere in the world and generate relationships with your audience, invest in creating online courses.

    Anyone today can teach and share their knowledge online. But for that, you have to offer a good experience for those who will watch you.

    For this reason, we are going to tell you the advantages of migrating your content to the internet and which are the best online course platforms.


    With the coronavirus pandemic in 2022, many companies and schools had to stop their face-to-face activities and migrate to online.

    As a result, many companies, colleges and schools needed to create or hire online course platforms. For this reason, the demand for this type of system has increased a lot.

    Distance education was already a modality that had been growing, especially when we talk about digital marketing content, for example.

    But what are the advantages of using online course platforms? We separate the 4 main ones:

    • Your company is not limited to having students only from your neighborhood or city. You can sell classes and courses worldwide;
    • You can record the course or stream a class from anywhere at any time;
    • Greater time management for your students, who can take classes whenever they can and do not need to spend time or money to travel to the course;
    • Low production cost as you can start recording with a cell phone and hosting your content on free online course platforms.


    But what are the best online course platforms on the market? Well, that depends, because what might be best for you, might not be for someone else.

    That's why we've separated a list of 10 options for online course platforms, both paid and free, for you to know and analyze which one will meet your needs to create your virtual school.

    We'd like to let you know that it's not a ranking of best to worst, just a list that goes from 1 to 10. How are you? Now let's get to the point:

    1. HOTMART

    If you are looking for a complete tool to sell and host content, the Hotmart online course platform is ideal.

    For those who still don't know, Hotmart is a platform from our country that sells, hosts and intermediates payments for digital products.

    Any individual or legal entity can register, sell and host an infoproduct. When registering your course for sale at Hotmart, you have the option of enabling Hotmart Club, which is their online course platform.

    You sell the course through Hotmart and the customer automatically receives the Club access data. In addition, the platform has a simple interface that is easy to configure and customize.

    It has a comment space, a system to generate a course certificate, an option to create advertisement pages (if you have other products or courses on the platform) and with the Hotmart Sparkle application your client can access the course from any cell phone.

    If you still don't know how to create a digital product, don't worry! Hotmart offers online courses at Hotmart Academy to help you.

    And the best: Hotmart only charges a percentage per sale of your course.

    For more details about what Hotmart is, how the platform works, what the fee is and how to register for free, access this blog post.


    LeadLovers is a complete marketing automation tool, so much so that you can, among many other features, create your lead list, capture pages and host your online classes.

    Yes, maybe a lot of people don't know, but LeadLovers is also one of the online course platforms, as it offers within its service package a space to build a members area.

    LeadLovers works with 3 paid plans: annual, monthly and enterprise. For being such a complete tool, it is very worth the cost-benefit.

    Discover this and all other features of LeadLovers.


    Monetizze is an online platform that brokers sales of physical and digital products.

    And one of the resources that Monetizze offers for those who host their online classes there is an online course platform, Membertizze.

    It has a space for class comments, where you can provide support. In addition, it has a functionality to continue the class where it left off, in case the student needs to leave the platform.

    To use Monetizze and Membertizze, you only pay a fee for each sale of your course.

    We have an article here on the blog telling you all about how Monetizze works and how to register to host your course and products there.

    1. WE CAN

    You may even already know the Udemy online course platform, as it works like a large marketplace and has about 100 courses in more than 50 languages.

    To host your online course on Udemy, you need to create an account with your details and wait to be approved by the platform.

    They offer 24/XNUMX support for anyone who wants to become a Udemy course instructor. And also a space for you to create your community of students, make quizzes and ask questions.

    Udemy is one of the online course platforms that does not charge a hosting fee. Payment is made in a revenue sharing model, in which you will share a portion of your sales with the platform.

    To know all the values ​​and percentages, visit this link.

    1. EDOOLS

    With Edools, you can sell, manage and distribute online courses professionally.

    In it, you can have your own domain, issue certificates, have a forum for debates and discussions among students, as well as intuitive integrations between tools.

    Edools is one of the paid online course platforms and those who want to have more information about the plans can click here and get in touch with them.

    1. APOLLO

    Apollo is the online course platform created by Henrique Carvalho, who is also the creator of Viver de Blog.

    One of the advantages of Apollo is, if you have multiple courses, your students will be able to view them in a showcase, making access simpler and more organized.

    In addition, you can schedule when classes will be released and the student will be able to generate the certificate automatically. Not to mention the space for interaction between students and teachers.

    It is also one of the paid online course platforms. To check the plans, visit the website.

    1. EADBOX

    At EADBOX you have everything in one place: you can create online courses, manage payments and interact with your students.

    In addition to the online course platform, they offer a space for creating webinars and broadcasting live classes, issuing certificates, a fully customizable environment, a mobile application, among other resources.

    Discover EADBOX's plans.


    At EAD Plataforma, you have the possibility to create your website and host your online courses, without having to hire a programmer to help you, since the system is practical and intuitive.

    In addition, this is one of the online course platforms that is also 100% responsive for cell phones and other mobile devices.

    Among the resources you can offer students are: access to a study group, certificate and a payment system integrated into the platform, that is, as soon as they make the payment and are approved, they will receive the data to access the classes.

    EAD Plataforma offers a free 7-day period for you to test the system. If you want to subscribe, they have 3 types of plans that you can hire monthly or annually.


    Samba Videos is an EAD platform created by Sambatech, our country's company that has become a reference in hosting and distributing videos.

    The platform offers infrastructure with ABR technology, 7 layers of protection against piracy, in addition to 24/7 support.

    You can offer different courses. All this without having to hire other people to help with the configuration and development of the site.

    The Platform unites LMS, ERP, Digital Marketing and Virtual Store in one place. You can take a test tour of the platform by clicking here.

    1. MOODLE

    Famous among universities and schools, Moodle is a platform to create free online courses and is one of the oldest on the market.

    What guarantees this success is its open source system, that is, it has open code to develop the courses the way you want. However, you need to install it on a server.

    In Moodle, you can create exams and tests to certify your students and the system is mobile responsive.

    We hope you enjoyed our list of online course platforms and if you think we missed one, just leave it in the comments.

    Now if you are looking for platforms that offer free online courses with a certificate, we have a blog post that lists 13 options for digital marketing courses.

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