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    10 Apps to Change Hair Color (Updated)

    Apps to change hair color are very useful to visualize how you would look before changing your color. Some of these apps change the hair tone quite naturally. That way, you can see if your new look will look good and change your hair color without fear.

    In addition, these editors allow you to prank the Internet by posting pictures each day with a different hair. Discover the eight best apps below to change your hair color in a very natural way and renew your look.


    • YouCam Makeup
    • Woman Hair Style Changer
    • Face Makeup Camera – Beauty Makeover Photo Editor
    • hair color changer
    • Editor de foto – My Fake Look
    • Hair color
    • Makeup Plus
    • hair and eye color
    • Fabby look
    • Change Hair Color In Photos

    YouCam Makeup

    YouCam Makeup is an application that allows the user to modify their appearance in photos. It has makeup tools, skin smoothing, sharpening the face and nose, reshaping the size and shape of the mouth, and even adding accessories such as glasses and necklaces.

    In addition, the app allows you to change your hair color. It offers three options: two colors, mixed and one color. In the blended color option, you can get the ombré hair effect. The app has several colors to modify the hair. With it, the user can see what their look would look like with green, purple, red hair, with a rainbow effect and also blonde, brown or black hair.

    The app also has the option to change the haircut and color at the same time. The result of the changes is quite natural.

    YouCam Makeup:Beauty Diary is available for:

    Android iOS

    Woman Hair Style Changer

    Novo 03/08/2022

    In addition to changing hair color and type, in this app you can also get mouth, eyes and even accessories. Ideal for those who want to have fun and see how they would look differently!

    Woman Hair Style Changer is available for:

    Face Makeup Camera – Beauty Makeover Photo Editor

    Novo 03/08/2022

    Super complete app! Perfect for leaving the photo the way you want it. Don't just change your hair color, put on makeup, enhance your eye color, make your smile perfect, smooth your skin tone.
    Doing all this in a single app is awesome!

    Face Makeup Camera – Beauty Makeover Photo Editor is available for:

    hair color changer

    Novo 03/08/2022

    Try the hair color in the photo, mix colors in hair highlights, check out the custom hair colors and the app also has the latest fashion coloring: blue, purple, pink, platinum, magenta!

    hair color changer is available for:

    Editor de foto – My Fake Look

    Novo 03/08/2022

    Application with numerous photo editing functions and among them you can change hair color, simulate tattoos, distort images, change eye color. And you can also play by putting funny elements like a mouth, nose, change the skin to look like an animal like snake, zebra, crocodile and much more!

    Editor de foto – My Fake Look is available for:

    Hair color

    Novo 03/08/2022

    Ideal for trying out a new hair color in just a few seconds. That's the idea that the app promises. It is worth taking a look!

    Hair color is available for:

    Makeup Plus

    With MakeupPlus the user can easily change the color of their hair. The app has two options for modifying the color: the user can take a selfie with the chosen color or edit images stored on the phone. Changing hair color is quite simple in the app, just select the “Color” tab and choose the color you want.

    In addition, the app has other editing options to add makeup to your face. In this option, you can choose the color of the eyelids, the eyeshadow and even the makeup style. The app also allows you to add accessories to the image,

    MakeupPlus – Virtual Makeup is available for:

    Android iOS

    hair and eye color

    This editor is specially designed to change hair and eye color, which makes it easier to use. However, to change the hair color it is necessary to select with the brush which area you want to change color. That way, it becomes more difficult to get a natural result with the app.

    The app has more than 40 different shades to test on your hair. In addition, it is also possible to modify the brightness, brightness and color intensity. To change the color of the eyes, the process is the same as to change the shade of the hair.

    hair and eye color is available for:


    Fabby look

    Fabby Look is a very easy to use hair color changer. Unlike other editors, it only makes the color change when the image is taken in the app itself. However, it is ideal for those who want to try the vibrant and more artificial candy collors.

    The app allows the user to have purple, green, pink, blue and even gray hair. In addition, default options such as brown, blonde and black are also available in the app.

    Fabby Look — Hair color changer is available for:

    Android iOS

    Change Hair Color In Photos

    The app Change Hair Color In Photos It has different colors to change the tone of your hair. It only allows you to edit images that are stored on the phone. To change the hair color, the user must select the area to be modified with the brush.

    This function allows you to add more than one color to the hair. However, the result is quite marked and does not look natural. Careful attention is needed not to paint the face or background of the image.

    Change Hair Color In Photos is available for:


    Have you already chosen apps to dye your hair digitally? Enjoy and check out other apps that will make your photos even more personalized!

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