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    What is a carousel post on Instagram?

    What is a carousel post on Instagram?

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Apr 27, 2022 | Instagram | two

    Instagram, in addition to being a very used social network, can also end up becoming a great work tool if you know how to do it. So, if you're trying to reach more and more people with your posts on the platform, there are a few ways you can be more successful with it. One of them is the carousel post. But, do you know what the carousel post on Instagram is?

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    What is a carousel post on Instagram?

    You know the posts that look like an album on Instagram and you need to drag to the side, in sequence, to check out all the images and videos that are there? This is an Instagram carousel post. In this type of post, you can put up to 10 items, whether images or videos, all in the same post.

    In posts with images, you have the freedom to choose the order of each one and even apply filters individually or all. But in addition to images, you can also make a carousel post with videos. Another option is to merge the two types and have a carousel post with images and videos. 

    Why is this type of post important? This publication format will hold the attention of your followers and readers longer in your content. In addition, it is a great way to exercise your creativity when putting together your publications.

    The carousel also allows you to put more information in a single post, so you have more freedom of space. You can enter detailed information, which doesn't always fit into a single video or photo. Also, if you use it correctly, you can get more followers through it.  

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    Carousel post info

    Carousel posts are increasingly “fashionable” and are being used more by digital influencers and Instagram users. A survey by SocialInsider studied more than 22 million posts on the social network and got some data about the famous carousel post. Check out:

    • In 2022, about 20% of posts on Instagram were in carousel format. In 2022, that number reached 17%.
    • Carousel engagement comes in at an average rate of 1,92%, compared to videos achieving 1,45% engagement and images achieving 1,74%.
    • When the carousel post reaches 10 images, that engagement can reach up to 2%.
    • The chance of engagement increases because, when making carousel-style content and a follower swipes right the first time and doesn't see it, the post will be shown a second time with the second image or video by Instagram. 

    Examples of carousel post on Instagram

    To understand this form of posts, there is no better way than through examples, right? For this, we separate some examples from mLabs Instagram about carousel posts. Check it out below:


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by mLabs – Social Media (@socialmlabs)


    This is a space where you can take advantage of the carousel post to teach your followers and target audience something. As the platform allows you to post images and videos in the same post, it can be a great opportunity to create a tutorial. 


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by mLabs – Social Media (@socialmlabs)


    In the institutional post type, you can create a carousel post with a story, talking about your company, work, etc.  


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by mLabs – Social Media (@socialmlabs)


    As the carousel allows multiple images, so you have the possibility to assemble a series of slides with the tool. Check out an example: 


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by mLabs – Social Media (@socialmlabs)

    Types of cars

    In this post by Paulo Cuenca on Instagram, you can check out the different ways and types of putting together a carousel post: 

    Image: Instagram Paulo Cuenca

    How to make a carousel post?

    You can create your own way to make a carousel post. You can use up to 10 images or videos in the same carousel. It can be creating the images in editing programs like Canva or Photoshop and developing a unique color palette. That way, you will have your own visual identity. 

    It is advisable that you have a textual organization, with everything you want to be in the image and in the caption, for example. In addition to a visual organization, with the best formats of posts, seeing design tips, for example. Whether in a square or portrait format, so you can have your own post pattern.

    To post a carousel on your cell phone, when you have the images ready, is a very simple process. 

    Step 1. You will need to click the “+”, following the normal process of making a new post. 

    Step 2. Press and select the images or videos you want to add to the carousel post. When you do this, a number defining the order of each will appear in the upper right corner of the selected images and videos. 

    Step 3. Another option is to click on the two overlapping squares icon. That way, you can make the selection of images more directly. 

    How to make a carousel post in Creator Studio?

    Step 1. Have the images saved on your computer.

    Step 2. Access Creator Studio from your computer

    Step 3. Select the images you want to use.

    Step 4. Make the normal post on your Instagram following the same steps mentioned above.

    As you can see, the posting process is not that complicated. Now you just need to start using the carousel post format to get more engagement and, if used correctly, as mentioned before, even more followers. 

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