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    Lords of the Fallen 2 is rebooted and now targets the next generation

    The development of Lords of the Fallen 2 went through several delicate moments. Started in 2022, the project was scheduled to come out in 2022, but CI Games faced many problems that caused the game to be delayed several times. In 2022, the company ended its partnership with Defiant Studios for the realization of the title, and the reason given was that the execution of the project was inappropriate and that the quality of the work was lower than expected. Since then, the project has gone into a stage of total silence and it seemed unlikely that it would become a reality, but CI Games revealed that the project has been restarted, and that it is focused on the new generation.

    In an interview with the Polish website Strefa (via Wccftech), the website confirmed this resumption, but as the focus is on new machines, the game may take a while to come out.

    Work on Lords of the Fallen 2 is moving forward. The project manager and head of creative are experienced international developers. We have already developed a modernized vision of the game, building on what has already been done in the previous one. We are currently recruiting from three locations at once, including Warsaw, where our studios are or will soon be. Ultimately, we decided to develop and build our own team, providing only the game components to subcontractors. We are just starting cooperation with the first partners. Lords of the Fallen 2 will be created in a production model similar to Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. The title is mainly being prepared for the new generation of consoles as well as for the PC platform.

    Now we wait for the development of Lords of the Fallen 2 go on without any problems, and the game will finally come true.

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