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    Instagram launches gifs in Portuguese for Brazilian entrepreneurs

    Instagram launches gifs in Portuguese for Brazilian entrepreneurs

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 15, 2022 | Instagram | 0

    Increasingly, Instagram Stories has become an important resource for keeping in touch between companies and their customers. The platform is estimated to have a base of more than 1 billion users per month. Half of them access Stories every day and a third of the most viewed publications are from companies. Therefore, it is important to use all the features available on the platform.

    You have probably already seen Stories from different brands and companies with animated and fun stickers. Those are the gifs.

    The possibility of including them in Instagram Stories comes from a partnership with the website Giphy, which, this year, was purchased by Facebook for an estimated value of 400 million dollars.

    Giphy has thousands of animated stickers to choose from. However, many Brazilian entrepreneurs found it difficult to find gifs in Portuguese to use in the profile of their companies.

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    Giphy, being originally in English, has the vast majority of stickers in their original language. An example of this are the terms “Offer” and “New Post”. Even writing these words in Portuguese in the search, the options available on the platform are gifs in English, such as “Sale” and “New Post”, respectively.

    The solution to this difficulty

    It was with this difficulty in mind that Facebook for Business launched a package with a series of gifs in Portuguese. In this way, entrepreneurs now have new options to include in the dissemination of their companies in Instagram Stories.

    These gifs will serve to draw the attention of your audience in a more dynamic way and also as a “Call to Action”. Some examples of this are the famous “Swipe up”, “Share” and “Click Here”.

    How to find gifs in Portuguese

    To use gifs in Portuguese in your company profile, you need to click on the “Gif” feature, after uploading the photo or video story you want to publish. Then just write in the search “Boost with Facebook” and new stickers will appear for you.

    Ready! Now just choose the option you want.

    Check it step by step:

    available options

    Thinking about the different types of business, Facebook for Business has made available in this package several options of gifs in Portuguese. Are they:

    for any company

    • Offer
    • We deliver at home
    • Opening Hours
    • daily care
    • Ask by WhatsApp

    for restaurants

    • Today's menu
    • special of the day

    For apparel and beauty companies

    • Beauty in home
    • colors and size
    • New collection

    For travel and tourism companies

    • Travel 2022
    • Making plans is good

    For service companies that work by appointment

    • book your spot
    • We have vacancies

    To make calls to action

    • Slide up
    • Click here
    • Post new!
    • To Share
    • Raffle

    Posting gifs in your company profile Stories is a great way to make them more relaxed and communicate with your audience in a more lively way.

    A tip for your business is to create custom gifs for your brand, so you can encourage your customers and followers to use them by tagging your company profile.

    Tell us in the comments what you think of this more accessible option for Brazilian companies to advertise their products and services on Instagram.

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