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    How to webdate? Check out the best websites and apps

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    How to webdate? Check out the best websites and apps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 27, 2022 | Social Networks | 0

    The virtual relationship has gained more strength with each passing day.

    The mission of finding a match online has been facilitated by websites and apps. But how to webmanar?

    Webnamoro is a current form of relationship, where people get to know each other through networks and start to like each other virtually.

    There are thousands of platforms whose goal is to connect people so that they can get to know each other and evolve into a serious and lasting commitment, even while social distancing.

    For many people this may still seem strange or “too modern”. But several others have adopted this tactic and have been successful in their mission to find a boyfriend on social media.

    In addition, social isolation has further established this concept that contact with the suitor for the first time is made over the internet, through a video call, for example.

    But what does it take to achieve a relationship like this?

    How to conquer another person and start a web dating?

    If you want to know everything about web dating but still don't know how, we'll give you all the tips you need to fall in love.

    How to webdate for the first time?

    First of all, be careful with fake profiles that can exist out there.

    Pay attention to the person's photos, name, the way they talk and what they say. Sometimes we can end up getting into a cold. So be very observant.

    Now, let's actually go to what it takes to start knowing how to web dating and be successful.

    The first step is how you will present yourself on your profile on social dating networks. Put complete information, talk a little about yourself and post good photos.

    No lying when filling out your profile, be realistic and show who you really are, without standards to try to please someone.

    Once you meet someone and start talking to that person, it's very important to keep the subject and let it flow naturally and be careful not to become something "robotized", just with questions and answers, this causes many people to lose track. interest.

    For that, make jokes, comment on the things you have in common, a series, for example. Ask about the day and tell yours too.

    The idea here is just one: don't let the subject die and create a harmony between you.

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    Care at the time if you know how to web dating

    We have already warned you to be careful and observe the person you are approaching.

    An essential tip to protect yourself is never pass your personal data, passwords, much less bank details or make transfers to a person you don't even know personally.

    Believe me, many people still fall for this type of scam and it is more frequent than we can imagine.

    This can be explained by the fact that the person is needy and becomes emotionally attached even before meeting the suitor. And for thinking that you can trust to the point of having that kind of attitude.

    Be very, very careful with the famous “nudes”. Do not send photos or videos that could compromise you.

    A malicious person can use this against you, even to extort you.

    Did you know that the spelling and coherence of conversations can also indicate a possible scam? When the potential suitor starts to make a lot of mistakes in Portuguese and use words in other languages ​​or say phrases that don't make much sense, stay alert!

    These are simple tips but they can make all the difference in your safety. They serve both women and men, as there are scammers of all genders and ages.

    Dating websites and apps

    Now that you know how to web dating, let's list some very famous websites and apps out there, full of people who are looking for love.

    It is interesting to note that most of these sites are not only focused on heteroaffective relationships, but also for homosexual couples.

    You can register as a woman looking for women, man looking for men, man looking for women and vice versa.

    1. Perfect Pair

    Par Perfeito is one of the most popular relationship sites. He is a pioneer when it comes to online dating platform.

    It is well-regarded for security and has a variety of features.

    The site has a varied audience, with people from 20 to 50 years old and has a search system with filters for you to find people compatible with what you are looking for and with your profile.

    When you are interested in someone, you can send them a private message.

    In addition, it is possible to see who visited your profile, added you and who gave you winks, which is the way to flirt within the site.

    There is a free version where you can add up to 26 photos and all combinations are made based on your preferences.

    The Gold Plan costs from R$39,99 to R$119 and allows you to see who liked your profile, send messages and know if they were viewed.

    There is also the Platinum Plan that includes all the functions of the Gold Plan and allows subscribers to exchange messages with users of the free version.

    2. Love and Class

    Amor e Classe is another highly recommended and recognized site.

    To use it and be able to visit other profiles, it is necessary to provide, at least, your basic information such as age, name, profession and height.

    The site looks for people with the characteristics most similar to yours to suggest one another.

    It is aimed at people from our country, but also people from other countries who are interested.

    Amor e Classe has a free version that offers the compatibility test and also a list of possible suitors.

    The Premium Client version costs around R$39,60 to R$99, depending on the package chosen.

    This option allows access to photos and provides a chat function so you can exchange messages with the chosen person.

    3. MyDates

    MyDates promises to find you a compatible partner, in addition to being able to chat with more than one person at the same time and flirt until you find the one that suits you best and suits you.

    But it is important to point out that the only free thing on the platform is your registration, all functions, even chat, require payment of coins that can be exchanged for shares to better interact within the platform.

    App version: Android | iOS

    4. Be2

    Be2 is basically a dating agency, which proposes to offer its users a search for a serious relationship, and not just a one-night stand.

    It is active in over 30 countries and is among the best sites in this niche.

    Like other sites, Be2 has a free version and a paid version. The difference is that in the free version you can't exchange messages or have access to all the photos of another participant.

    Therefore, to interact it is preferable to choose the paid version.

    5. C-Date

    C-Date is another option for flirting online and finding the right person.

    It is able to filter and select people with common interests.

    The site is balanced with 48% male and 52% female users. Data show that more than 70% of the meetings are successful.

    Anonymity is guaranteed. You can use nicknames and exchange photos securely within the platform when flirting.

    The platform's data protection service is carried out in Germany.

    App version: Android | iOS

    6. Singles 50

    As the name implies, Singles 50 is a service specifically aimed at middle-aged people looking for new relationships or casual encounters.

    Of course, anyone can sign up, regardless of age.

    The free version has some limited features, registration is free and the result is based on the combinations most similar to your profile as well.

    In the Premium Client version, you have more freedom, such as accessing all the photos and having the chat released.

    7. Where Dating

    Where Dating is also a great site option to find out how to web dating.

    He promises to find a serious relationship, bringing people together for the purpose of making them start dating.

    If you want something more casual, you might want to look elsewhere.

    8. Souls

    The Souls website was developed especially for those interested in astrology, who enjoy analyzing people and their behavior through their signs.

    That is, it is the best option for you to find your love written in the stars.

    Souls is based on your sign, birth chart, Mayan calendar and astrological characteristics to find people who fit your profile and sign, after all, you should know well which signs are not compatible with yours.

    9. Scruff

    Scruff is a platform specifically aimed at gay people, more specifically gay men who are looking to meet other guys.

    You can use filters to find the ideal match.

    The site has a community of over 20 million people from all types and places.

    10. Love in Christ

    We could not fail to mention a site for those looking for a Christian person to relate to.

    Amor em Cristo has a community full of people who are dedicated to religion and who also want to share life with a person who has the same ideals.

    You don't have to be afraid to give yourself a try.

    The site has a good reliability and credibility in the market, being an interesting alternative for people with this profile.

    web dating apps

    Some sites above have the in-app version of their platforms.

    We made a specific list of apps that are also used for web dating and are available for Android and iOS.

    1. Tinder

    “Her name is Jenifer, I met her on Tinder…” The song by singer Gabriel Diniz was successful in 2022 and it was no wonder.

    She reports a relationship that started with the famous Tinder app, which is one of the biggest and best-known dating apps.

    Tinder (Android | iOS) has over 500 million downloads on the Play Store and is very intuitive and convenient to use.

    Among the configuration options is to choose the distance radius for locating people who can “Match” with you.

    In fact, the expression “matched” arose precisely because of this app and it means that someone was interested in you, your characteristics, liked your profile and for that she presses the Super Like button.

    So, if you received one of these, it's because it "matched" and you have a great chance of working out with your suitor.

    The app has a paid and free version.

    In the free version you can only use the Super Like button once and it has several other limitations. The paid version allows you to give up to 5 Super Likes and other functions.

    2. Badoo

    Badoo (Android | iOS) is also a pioneer when it comes to web dating platform.

    It emerged as a social network and over the years it gained a version of an application for mobile devices.

    Like all other tools, Badoo relies on common interests to suggest people you might meet.

    What's more, you can select your preferences regarding sexual orientation, just like the vast majority of apps.

    3. Inner Circle

    Inner Circle (Android | iOS) is an excellent app to learn how to webdate.

    In it, you find people in the distance radius determined by you. You can also choose gender and people with the same attributes as you (if you believe opposites attract).

    There is a free and paid version of the application, which ends up greatly limiting the actions that can be performed in the unpaid version.

    For example, you can't send messages or read messages you receive, nor can you see all the photos in a profile.

    To try to make the best use of the free version, some users use the following strategy: put their Instagram username.

    With this, you can take the person's profile and call in Instagram direct.

    4. Happy

    Happn (Android | iOS) can be a very interesting tool to help with traditional flirting.

    You know when you come across someone and you're interested in knowing more about that person but there's no way to get to them so directly? Well, Happn can be a solution.

    The app selects people who have been close to you, so it is quite possible that you will find the profile of that person who made your heart beat faster.

    But there's a catch: the other person also needs to have the app installed on their phone so that the app can recommend them to you.

    For the person to see that you are interested in them, the app uses the “FlashNote” which is a notification that the person will receive to know that you want to meet them.

    It's like a note, declaring your desire to know better.

    Of course there is a free and paid version. And obviously the paid version gives more benefits such as information about who liked your profile, improves search filters and increases the amount of FlashNotes allowed per day.

    5. Facebook Dating

    Did you know that there are tools that allow you to flirt through traditional social networks?

    This is the case with Facebook. It has a tab called “Dating” and there you are recommended to meet new people.

    To access it, just have your Facebook app updated, go to the menu and search for “Dating”.

    If you can't find it, tap “See more” and search.

    This function works separately from the Facebook app and your profile is not shared.

    Therefore, it is necessary to create a new dating profile, with the information that you think is interesting to attract other people.

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    More websites and apps

    • POF
    • half crown
    • Online dating
    • Ok Cupid
    • Bumble
    • the other half
    • One Amour
    • Divine Love (Android | iOS)
    • Her (Android | iOS)
    • Lovoo (Android | iOS)
    • Kickoff (iOS)
    • Down (Android | iOS)
    • Wap (Android | iOS)
    • Once (Android | iOS)
    • OurTime (Android | iOS)
    • Adopt a guy (Android | iOS)
    • Grindr (Android | iOS)
    • eHarmony (Android | iOS)
    • Anomo (Android | iOS)

    How to create an attractive profile?

    In order for your profile to become attractive in the eyes of other users, for you to be more successful when it comes to flirting, it is recommended that you follow some tips:

    1. Use good photos

    Pay attention to the profile picture and the others that you select to be available to the other participants.

    Use photos that have good quality and lighting, avoid blurry and grainy photos.

    Invest in both face and body photos, after all, the photo is the first impression that the person will have about you and you can convey many messages through a click.

    2. Sincerity when talking about you

    Basic information, characteristics, tastes in music, movies, food and favorite hobbies.

    Be honest when talking about yourself, what you really like and also what you are looking for in a relationship.

    It is important to be truthful and make your intentions clear.

    3. Stay focused

    It's easy to get lost in the midst of so many options, but focus on what you're really looking for and what you've put on your profile.

    Have objectivity. If you wouldn't like to date a person who drinks, for example, don't give him space to get to you.

    4. Avoid negativity

    When talking to someone for the first time, avoid complaining or criticizing yourself or something the person likes: it's inelegant and unpleasant.

    Being light and positive is always something very well seen by people.

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    Does Webnamoro work?

    You might be wondering if knowing how to web dating really works and the answer is: it depends.

    The success rates of many sites are surprisingly high. It is possible to start a web dating and head towards a marriage.

    But, it will depend as much on you as on the person you are meeting on the internet.

    Both need to have their goals linked, want a serious relationship and not just fun.

    So it is possible for a web dating to work, it just takes effort and will on both sides.

    The construction of the relationship will take place gradually, until the meetings begin and something more concrete happens.

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