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    How much does a Youtuber make?

    How much does a Youtuber make?

    by Camila Porto | Feb 23, 2022 | Youtube |

    Can you make a living being a YouTuber? There are many skeptical people regarding this matter. Therefore, you will know how much a youtuber earns and everything that involves this universe of subscribers and millionaire figures. 

    There are many people who do not believe that anyone can live and earn a lot of money on the internet. In fact, there are countless success stories of people who work online and manage to amass small or large fortunes by posting content on social media. 

    YouTube is just one of the ways to make money online. Today you will understand how to make money with YouTube, how the payment system works and if it is worth making a YouTube channel.

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    What are the biggest YouTube channels in our country?

    Before knowing how much YouTube earns and how it pays, let's get to know the biggest YouTube channels in our country. Check out our list of youtubers with the most subscribers in our country:



    3rd place – FELIPE NETO








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    How does YouTube pay? 

    Before knowing how much a YouTuber earns, let's understand how YouTube pays for displaying ads on the platform. The payment model is based on displaying ads. Therefore, volume and engagement make the difference. 

    To monetize a YouTube channel you need a Google Adsense account and all payments are made in dollars. In summary, Google Adsense pays 68% of ad revenue to the youtuber. 

    So, if an advertiser spends BRL 100 on YouTube, YouTube pays BRL 68 for the YouTuber. Now, if you want to make money from videos, it's important to know some numbers. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub website 

    • Google pays 68% of ad revenue to the YouTube channel owner. Every BRL 100, BRL 68 goes to the youtuber
    • The average advertiser pays ranges from $0.10 to $0.30 per view. The average is around US$0.18

    This estimate is made before the YouTube “cut”. Despite YouTube keeping its share of the revenue secret, the idea that it keeps 45% of it is widespread. So, you get 55% of every dollar paid by an advertiser. 

    Of course, these are all estimates and the values ​​​​can vary greatly between a beginner youtuber and a super famous one. 

    How much does a famous YouTuber make? 

    If you want to know how much a famous youtuber earns, Forbes magazine has published a list of the highest paid youtubers. Did you know that a 9 year old boy is first on the list? That's why making money on the internet gets so much attention. 

    The methodology used in the list was as follows: earnings from June 1, 2022 to June 1, 2022 were estimated. 

    Values ​​such as taxes, fees, employees and other expenses were not computed. Data were collected using tools such as Captiv8, Social Blade and Pollstar. Finally, Forbes considers a youtuber those who have YouTube as their main source of income. 

    The highest paid youtubers in the world

    10º lugar: Jeffree Star 

    Estimated earnings: $15 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 600 million

    Subscribers: 16.9 million


    9th place: David Dobrik 

    Estimated earnings: $15.5 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 2.7 billion

    Subscribers: 18 million


    8th place: Blippi (Stevin John) 

    Estimated earnings: $17 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 8.2 billion

    Subscribers: 11 million


    7º lugar: Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya) 

    Estimated earnings: $18.5 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 39 billion

    Subscribers: 69.9 million


    6th place: Preston Arsement 

    Estimated earnings: $19 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 3.3 billion

    Subscribers: 16.1 million


    5º lugar: Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) 

    Estimated earnings: $19.5 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 3.1 billion

    Subscribers: 28.5 million


    4º lugar: Rhett and Link 

    Estimated earnings: $20 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 1.9 billion

    Subscribers: 4.99 million


    3rd place: Dude Perfect 

    Estimated earnings: $23 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 2.7 billion

    Subscribers: 55.3 million


    2º lugar: Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) 

    Estimated earnings: $24 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 3 billion

    Subscribers: 54 million


    1st place: Ryan Kaji 

    Estimated earnings: $29.5 million

    Views (June 2022 to June 2022): 12.2 billion

    Subscribers: 28.6 million

    How much does a Youtuber make?

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    Discover a site that calculates how much a youtuber earns

    If you want to get an idea of ​​how much a youtuber earns, there are sites that allow you to calculate this amount according to several criteria. The YouTube Money Calculator website helps with this task. 

    With it, just simulate the amount of daily views and the engagement rate to know how much you can earn with your YouTube channel.

    How much does a beginner youtuber make?

    Using the calculator, let's estimate how much a beginner youtuber earns with 5 views per day. 

    According to YouTube Money Calculator, with 5 views per day and an engagement rate of 50%, you can receive between US$9.19 to US$15.31 per day. 

    Per month, the estimated earnings range from 276 to 459 dollars. Per year, you could earn from $3.353 up to $5.589. In these days, with the high dollar, your content can yield an excellent source of extra income. 

    How much does a Youtuber make?

    How much does a youtuber with 1 million subscribers make?

    Many people want to know how much a youtuber earns according to their number of subscribers. How much does a youtuber with 100k subscribers or a million subscribers make? Unfortunately, the answer is not that easy. That's because, the number of subscribers is not a factor that counts when calculating how much you can earn. 

    If you've ever searched for a topic on Google and been directed to a YouTube channel, you must have realized that even though you weren't subscribed to the channel, you consumed that video. The number of subscribers is a metric that shows the impact that that channel has on YouTube, but not the biggest determinant of how much a YouTuber earns. 

    So, to estimate how much a youtuber with 1 million subscribers earns, for example, you need to use two metrics:

    • daily views
    • Estimated CPM

    Social Blade's YouTube Earnings Calculator allows you to do this. 

    Just enter the number of views and set the estimated CPM value. CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand. This means the cost per thousand views of an ad (if it is viewed for at least 30 seconds).  

    Average CPM varies greatly according to various criteria. The quality of the traffic, the country the traffic is coming from, the niche, type of video, price of specific ads, the ad click-through rate. 

    Because there are so many variables, it's hard to know precisely how much you or a famous youtuber can earn. To get an idea, you can also use Influencer Marketing's Money Calculator to estimate these values. 

    Do you get paid if people skip your ad?

    This is a very relevant question when thinking about becoming a youtuber. YouTubers are usually not paid when we skip ads. Advertisers pay YouTube for engagement, which means that someone has watched at least 30 seconds of ad videos. If a user skips the ad, YouTube doesn't charge the advertiser and you don't get paid. 

    If the user clicks on the ad, the channel owner is paid for the click. In addition, there are 6-second “non-skippable” ad formats. They are paid on the CPM model and it counts if the user views at least 2 seconds of the video. 

    How to make money with your YouTube channel?

    If you already have a YouTube channel, you can start making money from it. Even if you don't have millions of subscribers, you can start to understand how things work. If you don't already have a YouTube channel, check out the post below to learn how to create your own. 

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    After creating your channel, you need to enable monetization for it. To do this, go to your channel and check the requirements to enable ads on your account.

    How much does a Youtuber make?

    Ways to make money on YouTube

    In addition to the traditional display of ads, YouTube is always coming up with new ways to make money from YouTube. Check out a list of available resources to earn even more from your videos.

    • Advertising revenue: This is the traditional format of showing ads on your videos or channel.
    • Channel Clubs: Your subscribers can pay a monthly fee to have access to exclusive content or benefits. s
    • Product Shelf: Your viewers can purchase products from your brand that are displayed on your display pages.
    • Super Chat and Super Stickers: those who watch your videos can pay to have a message highlighted in lives
    • YouTube Premium Revenue: You receive part of the YouTube Premium subscriber's subscription fee when they watch your content.

    Requirements to start making money on YouTube

    What do you need to start making money from your YouTube videos? The video network allows you to earn money in many ways as you saw above. Below you will find a table with all the current formats and the requirements to have access to these monetization models.

    You can make money on YouTube through the following resources: 

    How much does a Youtuber make?


    Conclusion: How much does a Youtuber earn? It is worth it?

    If you've come this far, you might be wondering? Is it worth being a youtuber? The fact is that like any profession, if you want to be paid well, you need to understand how things work. Thus, if you want to earn a thousand reais a month, you will need a level of dedication. If you want to make a million, you're going to need another level of dedication. 

    The fact is that being a successful youtuber is not easy, but it is possible. It is important to think about which market niche you are going to work in, the quality of your content to generate engagement, many views and clicks. 

    It's no wonder that some of the biggest youtubers in our country and in the world are the ones who talk about the most banal topics. Jokes, games, entertainment, as that encompasses the masses. A lot of people are interested in that. And no, there's nothing wrong. 

    I say this only as a point of view. If you want to make a lot of money on YouTube, you need to impact lots and lots of people. If you noticed, the bigger the volume, the bigger the revenue. If you like being in front of the cameras, producing content that attracts attention and being always up to date with the news, it is certainly a promising career and one that is worth it. 

    However, pay attention to what the great youtubers do. They derive their business to other segments, such as clothing, products, licensing. This could be the way to really make a lot of money online and in the “real world”. 

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