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    Grim Dawn finally arrives on Xbox in definitive edition

    Originally released for PC in 2022, Grim Dawn finally comes to Xbox. The game had been announced for the console in 2022, but its release only took place this month, on December 03rd more precisely. Grim Dawn It's an ARPG in the best style Diablo with several positive reviews on Steam. The Definitive Edition features the Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods expansions, which add new adventures, classes, items, and weapons to the base game.

    However, the game does not support any graphical enhancements. The resolution is 1080p and frame rate locked at 30fps, even on Xbox Series X|S. A feather.

    Sobre Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition

    Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is worth more than gold and trust is hard to earn. Develop complex characters, collect hundreds of unique exotic items, and make decisions that affect the characters you encounter with permanent consequences as you explore an immense world filled with countless monsters and massive dungeons. Join various factions and become the bane of your enemies to face their most powerful agents in this epic ARPG adventure. Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition contains the Grim Dawn base game experience and two expansion packs to enhance your adventures with new environments, enemies, quests, hundreds of additional unique items and three new character classes.

    *Make sure this is the current price before making the purchase. Values ​​may vary.

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