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    FlixBus: how does it work and how to buy your tickets?

    FlixBus: how does it work and how to buy your tickets?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 25, 2022 | News | 0

    A FlixBus, a new interstate transport bus company arrives in our country and promises tickets at very affordable prices and trips full of advantages.

    FlixBus is a startup that operates road routes, controlled by the German company FlixMobility. It is very famous in Europe for its low prices and is present in 37 countries, serving more than 2.500 destinations.

    FlixBus will start its services in our country on December 1, 2022 and will not operate with its own buses, as well as Buser.

    Its activities will be carried out by Grupo Adamantina, which represents the local partnership with the German company and despite this, the buses will have the FlixBus brand.

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    FlixBus: Rotas

    For now, FlixBus only offers two main routes, they are our city x Belo Horizonte and our city x Rio de Janeiro.

    Embarkation and disembarkation will be at bus terminals. In the capital of São Paulo, the lines will depart from the Tietê Bus Terminal.

    The stops will be made in cities in the interior and in direct connections between the capitals.

    From our city to Rio de Janeiro, there will be eight departures per day and from our city to Belo Horizonte there will be four departure times per day.

    FlixBus: Ticket prices

    For this launch, FlixBus is promoting the sale of 10 tickets at a 99% discount, which means that trips will be available for just a few cents.

    This is the Onda Verde Promotion.

    FlixBus: How to buy a ticket?

    To buy a ticket within this promotion, just enter the official FlixBus website until November 24th of this year.

    The choice of travel date must be within the period from 01/12/2022 to 01/12/2022, including holidays.

    The Onda Verde promotion is aimed at basic travel services and does not include accessory services such as extra luggage, seat reservation, extra seat, among others.

    Still in relation to the purchase of promotional tickets, there is a maximum limit of 3 purchases per person. To be able to take advantage of the promotion, it is necessary to enter the FlixBus coupon ONDAVERDE9 at the time of finalizing the purchase.

    After this promotional period, FlixBus will offer tickets from R$19,99. It works with dynamic values, which vary according to aspects such as the number of available seats and the travel distance.

    To follow values ​​and promotions in real time, you can access the FlixBus website or use the app, which is available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

    FlixBus: Advantages

    In order to provide passengers with the greatest possible comfort and entertainment, FlixBus is committed to offering its customers cozy seats that include a USB port and free Wi-Fi access.

    However, seat assignment is not included in the ticket price. You can choose the platform to choose the seat at random or pay R$5 if it is in the semi-bed category or R$20 in the bed category.

    An interesting possibility is to also pay for the seat next to yours, if you want more privacy during the trip, for example.

    The seat price is the same as yours.

    FlixBus: Additional information and trivia

    FlixBus was founded by André Schwämmlein, Jochen Engert and Daniel Krauss and launched in 2013.

    Over the years, the company began to expand internationally and grow in several countries around the world.

    Data indicate that more than 60 million people traveled with FlixBus in the year 2022 alone. They make over 400.000 connections per day and depending on the location, vehicles depart every 30 minutes.

    FlixBus: List of countries in which it operates

    Check out which countries the bus travel company operates in and stay up to date, if you take a trip abroad and visit one of these places, you already know that you will be able to enjoy FlixBus services:

    • Albania;
    • Germany;
    • Andorra;
    • Austria;
    • Belgium;
    • Belarus;
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina;
    • our country;
    • Bulgaria;
    • Croatia;
    • Denmark;
    • Slovakia;
    • Slovenia;
    • Spain;
    • Estonia;
    • USA;
    • France;
    • Great Britain;
    • Hungary;
    • Italy;
    • Latvia;
    • Lithuania;
    • Luxembourg;
    • North Macedonia;
    • Moldavia;
    • Montenegro;
    • Norway;
    • Netherlands;
    • Poland;
    • Portugal;
    • Czech Republic;
    • Romania;
    • Russia;
    • Serbia;
    • Sweden;
    • Switzerland;
    • Turkey;
    • Ukraine.

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