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    7 apps to know the price of fuel today

    7 apps to know the price of fuel today

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 31, 2022 | Technology |

    Want to be updated on the fuel price today in your region? Then check out the applications that we have separated to help you find the gas stations closest to you and their respective values.

    The expense with fuel has been one of the biggest expenses of our countryman today.

    The price of gasoline in some cities already exceeds the R$7 mark per liter, directly affecting the consumer.

    In fact, 25% of professionals who work as drivers and app deliverers had to give up this job because of the absurdly high price of fuel. 

    According to the IPCA (National Consumer Price Index), the price of gasoline in 2022 rose 27,51% and diesel 25,78%.

    Since January, the price of gasoline has gone up no more, no less than nine times.

    With that in mind and once again using technology as an ally in our lives, we have separated several applications that help you to visualize and compare the prices of gas stations in your region.

    You have the option of choosing the best one for your pocket and also for your car, as the gas stations are evaluated by other customers. 

    Check out the software that will help you with this task below.

    The 7 best apps to know the price of fuel today

    1. Complete

    To help you save money when filling up your vehicle, the Completaí application offers several valuable resources, such as a price comparison of gas stations in your region.

    This is a collaborative app, meaning the data is collected independently, so if you come across an outdated price yourself, you can adjust it to help other users.

    Despite the possibility of there being a discrepancy between the price displayed in the app and the price at the time of refueling, the app is one of the largest for this purpose, with a giant database for the price base.

    To start using it, you just need to download the app, available for both Android and iOS.

    Right from the start, the app needs you to authorize your location.7 apps to know the price of fuel today

    Next, you will select the distance radius you want for the location of the gas stations in up to 10 km and also the type of fuel, being able to choose one or more flags.

    Within the app, you can also choose the screen on which the app will open and set the time for automatic price updates between 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or never.

    In addition to the prices, to evaluate the best alternative, you can also see the last update date and the post evaluation.

    Also, if you want to trace a route, you can use the browser of your choice: Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps.

    7 apps to know the price of fuel today

    No matter your location, you can access the information of your favorite stations and compare with the stations wherever you are.

    2. Waze

    Waze is known for being a navigation app that is able to help you with the best route.

    In addition, it also helps you locate the closest gas stations to your location and with the best fuel prices.

    To search for the cheapest prices, after downloading the app (available for Android and iOS). Follow this step by step: 

    1. Tap on “My Waze” located at the bottom left;

    7 apps to know the price of fuel today

    1. Tap on Settings (the gear icon), scroll to “Gas Stations” and adjust your preferences;

    7 apps to know the price of fuel today

    1. Then go back to the home screen, and tap on the search icon that says “Where to?” and then select “Fuel Stations”. And then all the stations near you, the prices and the date of the last update will be displayed;

    7 apps to know the price of fuel today

    The values ​​will be divided as follows: green for the cheapest, yellow for intermediate prices and red for the most expensive. 

    1. After choosing an option, just click on “Go” for the navigation system to guide you to the location.

    7 apps to know the price of fuel today

    In addition, on Waze you can also find information about tolls and expressways, so you can save money and avoid heavy traffic.

    3. Gaspass – Fuel prices

    The Gaspass platform is another alternative for consulting prices and gas stations.

    It is also in international use in countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

    To use it, just download and register or log in with your Google or Facebook account. You will be able to filter by price, fuel, update dates and distance radius.

    Prices are updated by users, partners and Government Agency information, so users can update themselves if they find a different price for the app.

    Discount tickets are available in the app in partnership with some gas stations. You can check if there are any stations close by for acceptance.

    In addition, Gaspass has a flex calculator, in which you can make a comparison between the prices of gasoline and ethanol to find out which pays more to fill up your vehicle.

    Download from Google Play Store or App Store.

    4. GasoRadar

    GasoRadar also shows fuel prices in your city. They are prices updated by users in a collaborative way like other platforms.

    The app shows the gas stations closest to you. In addition to prices, you can view customer reviews and the services offered at each service station.

    Members earn points for signing up (100 points), updating a price (10 points) and making a review (75 points).

    These points are a way to help users engage so that the values ​​are always updated and do not have any financial character.

    It is important to note that the application is found in all capitals of our country and over 300 cities. However, it is possible that the stations in some cities are not yet in the system.

    The application is only available for the Android system and also in the web version.

    5. App Abastece Aí

    Despite being an exclusive application of Postos Ipiranga and being more comprehensive in its functions, the Abastece Aí app also provides information about the location of an Ipiranga gas station closest to you.

    In addition, it works as a digital wallet. Purchases generate cashback, which can be used to supply or shop, and many other advantages.

    Download from Play Store or App Store.

    6. Lowest Price

    The Lowest Price is an app that helps the user to find the lowest price for a product and that includes gas stations.

    However, it is not yet available for all states. Only Paraná and Pernambuco.

    It is available for Android and iOS.  

    7. Hey Gas

    Hey Gas allows you to find the nearest gas stations at the lowest prices and in real time.

    For now, it is only available for the city of Manaus in Amazonas. But according to its developers, it will soon be in other cities.

    Available on the Play Store.

    These are excellent options for you who want to know the price of fuel today. Download and test to decide which one is best for you.

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    But why is the price of fuel so high today? 

    First of all, it is necessary to understand how values ​​are defined. The price of fuel is formed by the price set by Petrobras in refineries, by federal (Cide, Cofins and PIS/Pasep) and state (ICMS) taxes, plus the cost of distribution and resale.

    It is all these issues that determine the final amount you will pay at the pumps.

    The depreciated real is the main reason for the rise in gasoline and diesel prices. The currency of oil is the dollar, which accumulated a high of 0,46% and in March 2022 it reached 11%.

    What makes the exchange rate rise and consequently make our country's currency lose value are the uncertainties in the country's politics and economy, which directly affect the investor market.

    In addition to the high value of the dollar and its influence on the exchange rate, the price of oil is defined in the form of a cartel by OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) which also directly influences prices.

    So, the best way out at this point is to try to save with the help of apps, searching for stations where fuel is cheaper and avoiding paying for an even higher price. 

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