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    10 Animal Hunting Games on Android and iOS

    If you like animal hunting games, don't miss our collection of apps for Android and iOS! Animal hunting games can be extremely fun and addictive: fulfilling missions, testing your aim, concentration and choosing the best type of weapon are some of the points that make anyone love this type of game. Check out our list, download as many as you want and start playing right now!


    • Deer Hunter 2022
    • Wild Hunt
    • wild hunter 3d
    • Deer Hunter Classic
    • Sniper Deer Hunting
    • Wild duck hunting 2022
    • Wild Duck Hunter: Classic
    • Safari Hunting 4×4
    • Hunting Jungle Animals
    • Wild hunter: Hunting deer

    Deer Hunter 2022

    The game has hunting scenarios all over the world, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. You can travel on your cell phone and hunt very realistic animals in all kinds of landscapes. The free version contains advertisements, but there are several levels of paid versions of the game for you to have the best fun possible.

    Deer Hunter 2022 is available for:

    Android IOS

    Wild Hunt

    This game has really cool graphics, it shows the vital parts of the animals as if you had infrared vision goggles and it has amazing scenarios. The climate is challenging: you can use different types of weapons, bow and arrow or crossbow. It is also possible to compete with other players online in PvP mode. Enjoy now one of the top rated hunting games on the Play Store!

    Wild Hunt is available for:


    wild hunter 3d

    Wild Hunter 3D is a very realistic hunting simulator. With this game you can hunt different types of animals all over the world in very real countryside and jungle scenarios. There are several missions to be accomplished with various challenges. You also have several types of weapons at your disposal to choose from and you can take down your prey in a single shot if you land the shot in the right place. Accept this challenge!

    wild hunter 3d is available for:


    Deer Hunter Classic

    We present you one of the most classic FPS hunting simulators on the Play Store where you join a hunting club with your friends and together complete missions to unlock more scenarios and more weapons. Have fun with your weapon customizations and complete all the missions to increase your trophy collection. Enjoy this game that has one of the best gameplay in this category!

    Deer Hunter Classic is available for:

    Android IOS

    Sniper Deer Hunting

    This one is for gun lovers! This game features realistic hunting scenarios and a large number of weapon types to choose from. Test your skills as a marksman by hitting stationary and moving targets to, in practice, hit the game in the right place to be shot down faster. Don't let the prey notice your presence and get the best position for an accurate shot. Enjoy this fun game on your iPhone!

    Sniper Deer Hunting is available for:


    Wild duck hunting 2022

    A very realistic 3D duck hunting game. Test all your hunting skills, try to shoot down as many birds as possible with a single shot and waste neither ammo nor time. The challenge is to complete all the tasks in the stipulated time to evolve and have more hunting opportunities. Enjoy this very fun game!

    Wild duck hunting 2022 is available for:


    Wild Duck Hunter: Classic

    Take a duck hunting tour through various environments! Earn money by selling the ducks you kill and use the money to unlock more weapons and other hunting regions. The game is very realistic, has incredible scenarios and has several challenges to be fulfilled.

    Wild Duck Hunter: Classic is available for:

    Android IOS

    Safari Hunting 4×4

    How about a Hunting Safari in Africa? This fun game takes you to the African savannah to meet all kinds of wild animals, such as lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, etc. The game is free and contains a lot of advertisements, but it has excellent gameplay and is very challenging and fun.

    Safari Hunting 4×4 is available for:

    Android IOS

    Hunting Jungle Animals

    Have a complete hunting experience in the forest! This game with great 3D graphics and many animals to be hunted will challenge your hunting skills. You'll have fun and test your accuracy when shooting to kill the animals and you'll complete the many hunting missions in different terrains using different types of weapons.

    Hunting Jungle Animals is available for:

    Android IOS

    Wild hunter: Hunting deer

    Every hunting lover will love this realistic game with good gameplay. Train your aim to hit the animals in the right spot and thus kill them more easily. Each completed mission opens up new challenges to be completed in the addictive game. It is worth checking!

    Wild hunter: Hunting deer is available for:


    Did you like it? So enjoy this and many other lists of apps available on our website!

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