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    Zip4Me: How to buy in the USA and receive at home?

    Zip4Me: How to buy in the USA and receive at home?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 7, 2022 | Shopping |

    A Zip4Me is a platform that offers a great opportunity for customers to buy in the United States and receive them at home, guaranteeing practicality and savings for the consumer.

    However, most people have doubts about how the system works. 

    With that in mind, we have developed a complete guide to the platform.

    After reading this content, you will have good material to understand if the technology matches your profile.

    To that end, we will cover the following topics:

    • Is Zip4Me safe? 
    • How does Zip4Me work? 
    • How to purchase products in the United States? 
    • What are the most common questions among Zip4Me customers? 
    • What services does Zip4Me offer? 

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    Is Zip4Me safe? 

    Founded in 2022, the company operates with a lot of transparency.

    To reach this conclusion, it is enough to follow the content that is shared by the organization on social networks.

    There, you will find posts, videos and testimonials from consumers who have already taken advantage of the benefits of the services. 

    With this company, the user can purchase products in the United States of America in different types of stores and receive the materials in a single shipment.

    It is a great opportunity to buy products with practicality and economy. 

    Another interesting way to find out if Zip4Me is reliable is to use the Reclame Aqui website.

    Through it, you can investigate how the company's reputation in the market is. 

    In September 2022, Zip4Me on Reclame Aqui had only one question, which shows that the company has a healthy reputation in the market. 

    How does Zip4Me work? 

    The process is simpler than it looks.

    It works like this: when the user registers on the platform, he receives an address in the United States. 

    You can use this location to purchase products at any establishment that is located in the United States. 

    First, the merchant sends the orders to the company's warehouse.

    Afterwards, the company informs that the purchases were sent to the location.

    At this time, the customer can request testing or analysis of the items. 

    The next step is to assemble the package with those products you want to send at that moment. The company forwards orders anywhere. 

    In this way, the consumer can save not only on the product, but also on shipping.

    Those who do not have an international card can count on the support of assisted purchase. 

    Watch the video below that explains the process in more detail:

    How to purchase products in the United States? 

    The positive side is that the consumer can buy products in two ways: direct purchase and assisted purchase. 

    In the first alternative, the customer directly accesses the pages of establishments in the United States, completes the purchase of the products with a credit card and asks the company to send the order to the address that was issued in the system.

    The company receives your purchases and then sends them to the consumer's home. 

    The assisted purchase is the one that Zip4Me is responsible for executing the purchase.

    In this alternative, the user needs to build their shopping list on the platform. The company makes the payment in dollars, and the customer makes the payment here in the country, however, in Real. 

    What are the most common questions among Zip4Me customers? 

    From now on, we are going to present which are the most common questions among customers.

    After reading this topic, you will be more prepared to use Zip4Me services. 

    How to find establishments to buy? 

    Just access the company's system.

    It contains a complete list of more than 400 establishment links.

    The most interesting thing is that they were organized according to categories to simplify user navigation. 

    How to find out if the purchases have arrived? 

    All purchases will be added to the platform within one business day.

    The customer is informed through the system and e-mail.

    In addition, when completing an order, most establishments send a tracking code and an email address informing them that the orders have arrived. 

    Is it possible to purchase products without an additional card? 

    The good news is that consumers can buy products without an international card through Assisted Purchase.

    In the system itself, the user must click on “New Purchase”. 

    Assisted purchase accepts payments in a variety of ways.

    Among the most common are: TED, PIX, PayPal and Bitpay (cryptocurrencies).

    Can the customer purchase products at multiple establishments? 

    There are no restrictions on this questioning.

    The customer can buy products in several different establishments or pages.

    The company organizes all items and ships orders in as few packages as possible.

    This concern has a direct impact on freight, ensuring more savings for the consumer. 

    What does the company not send to the consumer? 

    It is essential to make it clear that the company does not receive and forward items that do not comply with US and destination country laws.

    Follow the complete list below.

    • Currency;
    • Items that need to be kept refrigerated;
    • Firearms or ammunition;
    • perishable foods;
    • Animal skins;
    • Live animals;
    • human remains;
    • diamonds;
    • Ivory;
    • Postage stamp;
    • Controlled drugs or substances;
    • Alcoholic beverages;
    • Cigarettes/Tobacco;
    • Flammable or explosive.

    The company advises that any item that belongs to this list will be returned or discarded.

    It is the customer's responsibility to understand what product is authorized or not allowed.

    So be careful to avoid future problems. 

    What is the cost of redirecting orders in the US? 

    The company's transparency is also noticeable when we talk about the costs of services:

    • 4.99 USD from 1 to 5 lbs;
    • 9.99 USD from 5 to 26 lbs;
    • 14.99 USD from 26 to 66 lbs.

    To discover other varieties, you can use the Zip4Me Shipping & Consolidation & Shipping Simulator. 

    What services does Zip4Me offer? 

    The company offers different types of services to customers:

    • Support and Assisted Purchase; 
    • Receipt and Storage;
    • Assessment and testing;
    • Exchange and return;
    • Consolidation and Shipping;
    • DropShipping.

    One of Zip4Me's main services is “Learn and Refer”.

    It is an incredible possibility to learn to import and earn a good return by referring friends, co-workers and relatives.

    The platform offers a free course.

    While many companies market courses on the market, the company offers free and exclusive material.

    You will learn how to purchase products and save money in the United States. 

    After learning all the details, you will have enough inputs to recommend the service to your friends and increase your revenue.

    As soon as your friend sends you the first time, the system will reserve part of the amount for your account.

    The benefit is granted when he uses the following services: redirection, tests, among others. 

    Final review about Zip4Me

    With Zip4Me, the user can shop in the United States safely, without leaving their home.

    The most interesting thing is that the products are sent to your own home, and not to a distribution center that is located in your municipality. 

    The registration on the platform and the address in the USA are guaranteed without fees for customers.

    The system does not charge US tax. Customer support is another feature that cannot be ignored in this article. 

    The platform allows the customer to buy a new or used cell phone in the United States.

    It is possible to import from iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, among others.

    You can make the redirector for Amazon, Apple (US) and eBay. 

    Importing baby layette products abroad is generally more economical than in our country.

    In addition to the economy, the material is of quality.

    Therefore, Zip4Me is suitable for various types of customers. 

    Important alert about product purchases in the United States

    We need to be sincere. The internet contains several options for purchasing products in the United States.

    However, not all alternatives are suitable for customers, as they may not be safe. 

    You can be a victim of both data and money theft.

    Therefore, give preference to the reviews that are shared on this blog and to the services that are recommended by your friends. 

    In the market, it is possible to know other interesting alternatives, such as: WeGet2U, Box4World and MacMagazine. 

    Now that you know the main information about Zip4Me, it is worth knowing the services, testing the tool and enjoying the benefits that are offered by the company. 

    It is important to clarify that this material was not sponsored by Zip4Me.

    Our opinion is impartial and based on our experiences and the information that is shared by the company itself. 

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