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    XP Investimentos Card: How to apply and the advantages of using it

    XP Investimentos Card: How to apply and the advantages of using it

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 30, 2022 | Shopping |

    O XP Investments card is ideal for customers looking for an alternative without an annual fee and with exclusive benefits, such as personalized service, dynamic limit, security, among others.

    In this post, we will present the main advantages of this card and how to apply for it in the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access. Let's address the following points:

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    What are the advantages of the XP Investimentos card? 

    From now on, we are going to show you the benefits of the XP Investimentos Card and how they can impact your pocket. 


    XP Investimentos Card: How to apply and the advantages of using it

    It works like this: with each purchase that the customer makes with the XP Investimentos Card, 1% of the value is returned in the form of cashback. However, the refund is transferred in the form of an investment in a fixed income fund, which was developed exclusively for card customers. 

    The amount is invested in the Investback Fund. The most interesting thing is that it can be redeemed on D+0. In practice, this means that the customer can pick it up on the same day. That way, you have more autonomy to make rescues when you need to. In addition, you can leave the value saved. It is an interesting way to let the amount yield until the moment you are interested in using that money. 

    2% or more of Investback 

    XP Investimento's application is ideal for people looking for the best establishments that sell home and fashion products, among other segments. That's because, through partner links, you earn 2% or more of Investback. To account for this benefit, the customer must make purchases through the XP Investimentos card and the invoice cannot be overdue.  

    It is essential to make it clear that the Investback percentage may be different in other partners. The Xpeed business school, for example, offers the cardholder 5% or more on Investback. XP promises to add more partnerships to help the client fatten their Investback.

    no annuity

    The XP Investimentos card is a great alternative for customers who are tired of paying annuity fees. Here, you have access to Visa Infinite at no cost and can enjoy the benefits offered by the brand without the famous pranks on your bill. 

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    Visa Infinite Benefits

    Visa Infinite is one of the best services when it comes to credit cards. In this modality, you have benefits during travel, day to day, among other services. 

    For travel, tourists can rest easy with international medical emergency insurance, car rental insurance, free parking at airports, among others. On a day-to-day basis, you guarantee purchase and price protection, in addition to purchasing the guarantee on certain products. 

    The concierge service is another Visa Infinite differential. He is a great personal assistant for many life situations. The professional can help you with gifts, restaurants and even travel itineraries. The service is done through chat or telephone. 

    dynamic limit

    This is another interesting benefit of the XP Investimentos card. The dynamic limit analyzes how much the consumer invests with the company and what their spending profile is to define the credit card limit. 


    Security is one of the most valued items by consumers when purchasing a new credit card. XP has developed an alternative without a number that contains only the customer's name. Changing the password and locking and unlocking the digital and physical card can be done through the app. You don't need to contact support to run the process. Everything is done without bureaucracy. 

    For the customer to make safer purchases and with the objective of preventing cloning, the XP Investimentos card contains the technology of payment by approximation. Also, you have access to push notifications. It is a feature in which the user can monitor all transactions that are made with their credit card. 

    single application 

    XP Investimentos card customer can solve all credit card related issues with the application. It is free and takes up little memory on the mobile device. 

    You don't have to wait for the physical card to arrive at your home to make your first purchases. The virtual card allows you to make online transactions, without putting your personal data at risk. In the application, the user has access to other types of services:

    • Consultation of purchases made;
    • Investback balance inquiry;
    • Invoice consultation;
    • Details of cash and installment purchases;
    • Payment of invoices. 

    Gone are the days when it was complicated to manage your expenses and investments. In just one place, you can do this process in a simple, agile and practical way. 

    digital wallets

    If you are in the habit of using digital wallets, we have good news: you can add the XP card to Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Thus, the customer can leave their residence with only the mobile device to make purchases. It is a great opportunity to accumulate Investback with few clicks and security. 

    Exclusive call center 

    Unlike other options available on the market, the XP Investimentos card contains an exclusive customer service center. The service is not done by robots. On the contrary, communication is conducted by subject matter experts who are ready to serve consumers at Fale Conosco: (11) 4935-2720.

    additional cards

    The XP Investimentos card customer can request up to six additional cards. However, Investback will accrue only to the cardholder. 

    How to get XP card? 

    At the moment, the XP Investimentos card is only available to consumers who have at least R$50 invested. To approve the customer's registration, the bank performs an analysis of the customer's registration and credit. The product should be available to other users by the end of 2022.

    To apply for the credit card, the customer needs to open a digital account at the institution, transfer their investments to XP and guarantee the release of the credit. 

    After this process, just follow the step-by-step instructions to apply for the XP Investimentos card. First, you have to open your app and tap on the “Card” tab, which is located in the lower right corner. Afterwards, we recommend tapping the “Request my Card” button. This step is important to activate your card.

    The next step is to accept the terms and conditions before purchasing the card and confirming your address. Then define the name that will be printed on the card and the due date of the invoice. After the settings, choose a password for the card. 

    Before finalizing the process, review and validate the data. To complete the registration, we recommend doing a face authentication. To avoid being a victim of fraud, order your credit card only on the company's official website.

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    XP card worth it? 

    Yes. The XP Investimentos card is offered by one of the most respected companies in the financial market in our country. It is a company that has been operating in our country for over 19 years. She is a reference when it comes to advising on investment funds and finance.

    According to the organization, there are more than 2,3 million customers with assets. To give you an idea, the total amount in custody is R$436 billion.

    XP Investimentos has a good grade on Reclame Aqui, which proves the quality of the service. As of June 2022, the company's score was 8.6 out of 10.

    About XP Investimentos

    XP Investimentos works with five types of consultancy: on-demand consultancy, exclusive consultancy, unique consultancy, private consultancy and digital consultancy, in which the client can monitor their investments of up to R$50 thousand through the website or in the application.

    To help you control your finances more and more, you have access to live advice, virtual advice and the investment comparator. 

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