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    Wise Up Online: What is it and how does it work?

    Wise Up Online: What is it and how does it work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 2, 2022 | Shopping | 2

    It is essential to research and try to get used to the online course before choosing which one to follow. That's why we've prepared special content for you. Here you will discover the methodology, the environment and its positive and negative points of Wise up Online.

    If you are here, you are probably looking for a good English course and want to know everything before choosing. Finding a good course is very important for your learning and journey to fluency. For this reason, our team decided to analyze one of the most talked about courses during 2022: Wise Up Online. 

    What is Wise Up Online about? It's good? How it works? If questioning is normal, our role here is to analyze and help you. So don't worry, we're here for that. Check out the content we have prepared for you and see the most frequently asked questions.

    How does Wise Up Online work?

    As soon as you are directed to the panel, so that you can start the course, some modules will appear on your screen, it is important to pay attention to the order of the modules because the complexity can change between them.

    Source: Playback/Wise Up Online

    As soon as you finish a lesson, your grade will appear with feedback from the teachers. And speaking of them, the course offers teaching entirely taught by American or native teachers who have the option of teaching both in English and Portuguese.

    Another thing is that the course is rich in teaching materials such as handouts, documentaries, vocabulary lessons and word guides with listening.

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    How much does the Wise Up monthly fee cost?

    Initially, at Wise Up Online, the total amount for your semester is R$ 1.800 a R$ 3.600, this amount is divided into up to 6 monthly payments. The shared cost is between R$ 300,00 a R$600, 00. The course already offers material included, but registration does not.

    How to unsubscribe from Wise Up online?

    The course makes it possible to cancel the subscription through the official website, app or phone. It is common to see how many courses stall when the student wants to cancel. However, canceling at Wise Up Online is done quickly and conveniently, and of course, without any fuss.

    Here's where and how to unsubscribe:

    1- Via the official website

    The student who wants to interrupt the journey of the course, needs to request the cancellation before the end. Users who do not request cancellation may run the risk of being charged automatically. To cancel your subscription, just send a cancellation request by going to the chat page and talking to an agent. Then just wait for the attendant to return to finish the procedure.

    2- App Wise Up Online 

    It is also possible to cancel Wise Up Online through the app. The process is very similar to the one on the website. For this to happen, you need to start a conversation with the in-app chat and request to cancel your subscription. 

    3- Telefone Wise Up Online

    You can also do it by phone, just call the number: 3104-1608 and request cancellation. 

    4- Claim Here Online

    Another important tip is Reclame Aqui, an online complaints site, where consumers can place their complaints against companies and be attended to so that their problems can be solved. So here's the tip, the Complain here It is a good option for cancellation as well.

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    How much does the 18 month Wise Up course cost?

    The cost is 12 (twelve) installments of R$ 85,00. It is important to make it clear that the plan is annual. The user can choose to pay by credit card, once registered, the price paid will be divided into 12 (twelve) fixed installments. However, you can also choose to pay by bank transfer. Following with the expiration date always on the 5th (five) calendar days, always counted from the date of issue.

    Wise Up Online and Flavio Augusto

    Flávio Augusto da Silva is synonymous with success, one of the most influential entrepreneurs on social networks, with more than 3,5 million followers, he is the subject of political and economic discussions on Twitter. Flávio is an entrepreneur, writer, and CEO of Wise Up – founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wiser Educação.

    In addition to his online English business, businessman Flávio, 49, gives tips on sales and entrepreneurship on his Instagram account, on his Geração de Valor profile. 

    Today, Flávio lives in the United States and, of course, has much more contact with the English language. But his intention to live in another country meets security not only for him, but for his family – as he has become a public figure.

    Flávio says that Wiser has grown a lot, especially online, and that he expects an increase in the adhesion of the online platform in the coming years.

    Wise up online worth it? Is Wise Up Online Any Good?

    In 2022, Wise Up in person was stopped and, with it stopped, Wise Up Online gained all the prominence. The course has a striking feature through its platform, cinematographic quality documentaries and its teaching materials. You know very well how to invest and be attractive!

    One of its goals is to prepare students for the proficiency test, this test can enable you to study at an American university.

    Quality is always very important when analyzing criteria. Schools such as Wise Up Online, present a significant baggage of reliability, flexibility, methodology, price and duration. Each criterion is essential when choosing, so we recommend that you reread our post and research more about this much talked about course.

    Enjoy and good studies!

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