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    Why is the Facebook Share button missing on some posts?

    Why is the Facebook Share button missing on some posts?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 3, 2022 | Facebook | 7

    Since last week, several users of the social network were intrigued and trying to understand why the Facebook Share button disappeared from some posts.

    Finally, the social network released information about this change. Facebook has modified the sharing rules on the social network to respect the audience restriction that is defined by the author of the post.

    In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said:

    “We respect the privacy of people's posts and are always looking to improve your Facebook experience. When someone posts a restricted post to their friends, those friends cannot share that content with others. So we launched an experience that makes that clearer for everyone who is using Facebook.”

    This change only interferes with the personal profile of users and not pages, ok? For example, if you want to post only for your friends, your friends' friends cannot share your post.

    Remembering that this happens based on your privacy rules. If you choose to leave the post “public”, then yes: friends of your friends can share this content.

    Facebook share button disappeared

    Image: Playback / Facebook

    All this was done to prevent restricted posts from being viewed, through shares, by an audience you don't want or don't even know. These rules are set by you in the privacy settings and tools.

    From now on, it will only be possible to share public posts or those that can be viewed by “friends of friends”. Therefore: only people added to your network and your friends' network will have access to your post. But attention: this update is gradual, until the moment we publish this text, the feature is not available to all users.

    Facebook share button disappeared because of the strike?

    A flurry of fake news about this appeared on Facebook. It was precisely on April 28, the day of the strike, that the update appeared. Many people speculated that the removal of the Facebook share button happened because of this.

    It's a lie, people! This information is unfounded and has been denied by Facebook itself.

    How do I make a public post on Facebook

    Image: Playback / Facebook

    There are two ways you can ensure that your posts can be shared by everyone. Just, when making a post, select the “public” option. Ready!

    Another way is to edit your privacy settings on Facebook. Go to Settings > Privacy > Who can see your future posts? > Public.

    Source: UOL

    Now tell us: did you get a fright when you no longer see the Facebook share button on your friends' posts? Is this update already available to you?


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