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    Who has the most followers on Instagram: Top 20 of 2022

    Who has the most followers on Instagram: Top 20 of 2022

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 21, 2022 | Instagram |

    Instagram is emerging as one of the main social networks today and having recognition in this social network is the desire of many people. One of the ways to measure this success is by the number of accounts that follow a profile. That's why you've probably already asked yourself who has the most followers on instagram.

    To solve this doubt, we list in this post which are the most followed accounts in our country and in the world in 2022.

    As might be expected, those who have the most followers on Instagram are usually more famous celebrities, mostly singers, actors and athletes.

    Who has the most followers on Instagram: our country

    We list here the 10 profiles of our country with the most followers on Instagram.

    10. Larissa Manoela

    The tenth place on the list is occupied by the actress and singer, Larissa Manoela. The teen phenomenon gathers no less than 34,6 million followers on its profile.

    09. Gustavo Lima

    In ninth place is the singer Gusttavo Lima. The countryman has 34,7 million accounts following his profile on Instagram.

    08. Marina Rui Barbosa

    In eighth place: Marina Rui Barbosa. The global actress is successful on social media and has 37 million followers on her account.

    07. Bruna Marquezine

    In seventh, Bruna Marquezine. The actress, who debuted in soap operas in 2003 in “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, has 39,9 million followers on her Instagram.

    06. Tatá Werneck

    In sixth position is the actress, comedian and presenter of Lady Night, Tatá Werneck. She has a total of 42,3 million followers.

    05. Whinderson Nunes

    Halfway up our list is Whinderson Nunes, with 43,5 million Instagram followers. The comedian, who has been successful on the internet since the days of Orkut, also owns one of the most followed channels on YouTube.

    04. Marcelo Vieira Junior

    In fourth place, with 45,2 million followers, is Marcelo Vieira Junior. Player of our national football team, who currently defends Real Madrid.

    03. Anitta

    With 48,3 million followers, Anitta is ranked third on the list of most followed profiles on Instagram. The singer, who is also a businesswoman and presenter, is successful inside and outside our country.

    02. Ronaldinho Gaucho

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho, football star who for years defended the shirt of our country's national team, occupies the second position on our list. Even involved in controversies, where he spent 5 months in prison in Paraguay, the player has 51,5 million followers.

    01. Neymar Jr.

    And with almost 3 times more followers than the second place, the first on the list of our most followed country profiles on Instagram is Neymar Jr. The football player, who defends Paris Saint-Germain and our national team, has a total of 141,3 million accounts following his profile.

    Who has the most followers on Instagram: World

    Now that you know the most followed profiles in our country, let's tell you who has the most followers in the world.

    Spoiler: there is none of our countryman (a) on the list.

    10 Justin Bieber

    Tenth, Justin Bieber. The singer and pop star has 145 million followers on Instagram.

    09. Beyonce

    One more pop reference on the list. Singer-songwriter Beyoncé is ranked ninth with 153 million followers.

    08 Lionel Messi

    With 164 million followers, Lionel Messi is the eighth most followed in the world. The Argentine football star currently plays for Barcelona.

    07. Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian is an American businesswoman, socialite, fashion designer and producer.
    With 185,5 million followers, the celebrity ranks seventh on our list.

    06. Selena Gomez

    The sixth position is occupied by Selena Gomez. The actress and singer, who started her career at Disney, has 188,6 million accounts following her profile.

    05.Kylie Jenner

    Seventh-placed sister Kylie Jenner is the owner of the Kylie Cosmetics brand. With 191,3 million followers, the businesswoman occupies the fifth position among the most followed.

    04 Dwayne Johnson

    The actor known worldwide as The Rock, has 194,6 million followers. With that, the star is in fifth place on our list.

    03 Ariana Grande

    With 198,7 million accounts following her publications, singer Ariana Grande is the owner of the third most followed Instagram profile in the world.

    02. Cristiano Ronaldo

    In second place is yet another football star. Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus and the Portuguese national team, is the most followed celebrity with 237 million followers.

    01. Instagram

    Yes! The account with the most followers worldwide is Instagram itself. To ensure the top of the list, the social network has 360 million followers.

    So, do you already follow or follow some of the profiles we list here? Tell us in the comments.

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