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    Which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    Which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 30, 2022 | Shopping |

    Online courses have been on the market and on the rise for a long time. And today we are going to talk about two of the main ones to try to answer which best course Stoodi or Uncomplicate?

    Both have flexible schedules and payment plans and can help you prepare for the entrance exam in a practical and comfortable way.

    In addition, both options offer versatile, complete and organized education plans, with subscriptions ranging from the most basic to the most advanced.

    But between the two options, which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course? Both institutions are highly rated by their students, who have a very good pass rate. 

    To try to answer this question of which is the best Stoodi or Uncomplicated course, we made a comparison between the two, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages, plans of each and main features.

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    How to choose the best online course?

    Online courses have gained a lot of space, as they eliminate the need for expenses and investment in a physical structure.

    With this, they can invest more in resources, extra tools and more complete online platforms to facilitate student learning.

    These same reasons also allow for more affordable prices to be offered to the public.

    Before subscribing to any online course platform, you need to check to know which one is the best and which one will meet all your needs.

    Evaluate the available features and payment plans for your top options, taking into account both basic and more advanced subscriptions.

    Also see if the video classes have quality and didactics, after all, what's the point of paying dearly for your course if you don't understand the didactics of teachers?

    Keep in mind that the platform's function is to provide the student with an intuitive, effective and interactive learning environment, so that their learning experience is as complete and practical as possible.

    But don't go for the cheapest first option either, as it may be incomplete and not contain features that the slightly more expensive option had.

    Value for money is very important and you should base your choice on that.

    It is important to know if the platform you want to subscribe to offers live classes and tutoring, in addition to the quality of the classes, how many simulations are offered and how often, if it has writing support and several other important topics.

    Two of the best courses in this sense on the market are Stoodi and Descomplica. Thus, we will help you to define which is the best Stoodi or Uncomplicated course.

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    Sobre o Stoodi

    Which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    Stoodi is considered one of the top online schools on the market. It is a national startup that emerged in 2022 with the aim of providing access to quality education for all.

    Stoodi offers content from all school subjects, including current affairs and the arts.

    The platform has the differential of offering personalized schedules for students.

    When registering for the course, Stoodi sets up an exclusive study routine adapted to the course and college that the student plans to enter, in addition to having several other resources.

    Check out the main features of this teaching platform below.

    What resources are available?

    Which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    One of the main features of Stoodi is giving students the freedom to access classes whenever and wherever they want and as they see fit. For this, the student has the option to download the classes to be watched even offline. 

    In addition to this option, the platform also offers live classes weekly, where students can clarify their doubts with teachers, carry out monitoring, simulations to evaluate performance with complete correction, in addition to daily summaries of the contents.

    The teachers are considered great and the Stoodi team also offers lists of exercises, articles and other types of content that can help when fixing the material studied. 

    The essays are also taken very seriously by the institution and the writing classes follow the particularities of each exam that the student wants to take.

    As an example, we can mention the students who are studying for the National High School Exam (Enem), who have their essays focused on a more argumentative approach.

    Now who wants to enter a specific college/university, Stoodi has its writing classes following the characteristics of each institution's entrance exam.

    Stoodi also has an application that allows the student to fully monitor the study journey.

    The mobile platform allows the student to view the activities carried out, conclusions of the study modules, the percentage of correct answers in the proposed exercises and other functions.

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    Stoodi: Plans available

    Which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    Stoodi offers four plans for students to choose from when signing up.

    The first most basic is Plano Foco, which costs R$39,90 per month, divided into 4 installments. The platform has a promotion where this plan is for 4x of R$24,90.

    Focus entitles you to one essay correction per month, live classes focused on current events, more than 6 thousand video classes available, more than 30 thousand exercises to be solved, a personalized study schedule and monitoring of your progress in each teaching module and matter.

    The Essential Plan costs 4 installments of R$79,90. He also has the promotion, in which this value drops to 4x of R$41,90.

    In addition to the same features mentioned above, this subscription allows the correction of up to 2 essays per month, simulated with performance report and unlimited summaries for students.

    The third option is the Advanced Plan, worth 4 installments of R$89,90, but with the promotion, it costs 4 installments of R$49,90.

    In addition to focusing on current affairs, this plan also covers the areas of exact sciences and humanities, with the same resources as the Essential Plan, plus the possibility to ask questions with the monitors, with 4 credits per month for this and the correction of up to 4 essays per month.

    The last one is the StoodiMedi Plan, focused on studying current affairs, human and exact. The normal subscription is 4x of R$139,90. With the promotion, the value drops to R$89,90 for four months.

    What makes this plan different is unlimited writing corrections, exclusive content focused on medicine, live monitoring with Stoodi teachers and exclusive hard-level exercises, in addition to all the benefits already mentioned in the other plans.

    Main advantages and disadvantages

    But not all courses and schools are perfect, and they have their advantages and disadvantages. So it's always good to be aware of this when choosing your course.

    Among the main advantages of Stoodi, we can mention the personalized study plan based on your future goals, various free content on YouTube, as well as daily summaries of the content in PDF format.

    When it comes to the biggest disadvantages of the platform, we can talk about the basic plan, which allows only one correction per month, thus limiting the student's practice in writing, one of the most important in entrance exams, contests and etc.

    If you want to increase this number of corrections, the student needs to buy extra credits and each one costs R$9,90. In addition, the basic subscription does not offer simulations and monitoring to students. 

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    About Uncomplicated

    Which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    Considered the most popular adtech in our country, Descomplica has been on the market since 2022. In this course, students will have renowned professors at their disposal, in addition to the possibility of customizing study plans, with an assistant to help.

    Thus, the platform is suitable for both Enem students and for those who want to take the entrance exam.

    As with Stoodi, the study schedule can be adapted to suit students' wishes. In addition, the student has several tools at his disposal.

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    What resources are available?

    Among the main resources of Descomplica, we have thousands of online video classes, as well as totally exclusive material to help you when studying.

    The student can also count on specialists to have weekly monitoring and seminars applied periodically. Live classes also take place at Descomplica, with the teacher going deeper into the content and answering questions that students may have via chat.

    With the Enem standards as a basis, students can also send essays to be corrected by teachers.

    However, this is a credit dependent feature and the amount may vary depending on your subscription plan. With the same variables, the student can also count on exercises to improve their writing techniques and discussions on possible topics that will be charged. 

    One of the main features of Descomplica is the completely dynamic classes, using references to pop culture and the trend of the job market.

    That way, the classes are current and the student is less likely to have concentration problems, for example.

    This is even more evident since the didactics of teachers during classes is also one of the positive points of the platform.

    Descomplica also has a mobile app, where you can track your performance and the exam schedule. The student will also have access to the entire Enem feedback since 2009.

    Uncomplicated: Plans available

    Which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    Descomplica's main plans are three. The first is Descomplica Top Annual, which offers 12-month access and costs R$48,90 per month. With the promotional value, this value drops to R$14,90 per month. You will have the possibility to ask unlimited questions, have access to tools with exercises at your disposal, correction of six essays per month, live classes of all subjects, exercises in live classes, wellness and culture classes and a library with the recorded classes.

    The second plan is the Top Semestral, which gives access to the student for only six months. The value is 12 times of R$48,90. With the promotion, you will pay 12 times of R$12,90. The benefits are exactly the same as those mentioned in the Top Annual plan.

    Finally, we have the Medicine 2022 plan. As the name suggests, it is focused on students who want to study Medicine.

    The value of the plan is normally 12 times of R$44,90. With the promotion, the price drops to 12 times of R$11,90. The rights when signing are also exactly the same as mentioned above, however, the focus of the content is Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Portuguese classes.

    Descomplica also has other related and exclusive plans for Descomplica College, Graduate Studies and competitions, which you can check in more detail on the website.

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    Main advantages and disadvantages

    Despite the wide variety of features and plans, Descomplica, like Stoodi, also has its drawbacks.

    Among the main advantage of this platform, we have classes available live during the week, from Monday to Friday for students.

    In addition to the large number of writing corrections per month, specific writing classes are another point that deserves a positive highlight.

    Unlike Stoodi, Descomplica also offers simulations and monitoring regardless of the signed plan.

    However, the platform also has its downsides.

    We can mention the lack of performance reports in most of the simulations applied by Descomplica, a resource that could be fundamental for the student, so that he can see his strengths and weaknesses and where he should focus his studies. 

    But after all, which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    Now that we've seen all the key points from both platforms, which is better Stoodi or Uncomplicated course?

    When we compare both, we see that both are great choices and have their differences, such as benefits and disadvantages.

    Although Stoodi has more options for the student to customize their schedule and learning, with a unique grid for each subscriber, Descomplica offers more resources to users, even in its simplest plan, that is, it has a more complete plan.

    So, when it comes to which is the best Stoodi or Uncomplicated course, we can say that both are great choices that can meet your needs with great quality. Both alternatives are among the best cram schools on the market.

    In case you still have doubts about which one to choose, it is worth mentioning that both platforms have a free trial period. So you can evaluate in more detail which one you prefer and which will best suit your tastes.

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